100+ Most Popular American Boy Names

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As parents eagerly await the arrival of their bundle of joy, one of the most exciting decisions they face is choosing the perfect name for their little boy. With a plethora of options available, navigating through the vast sea of names can feel like an exhilarating yet daunting task. In this exploration of the most popular American boy names, we embark on a journey to uncover the timeless classics, trendy newcomers, and beloved favorites that grace birth certificates across the nation. From traditional monikers steeped in history to modern appellations inspired by pop culture, join us as we delve into the rich tapestry of names that define the essence of American boyhood.

100+ Most Popular American Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Liam Strong-willed warrior
2 Noah Rest, peace
3 William Resolute protector
4 James Supplanter
5 Oliver Olive tree
6 Benjamin Son of the right hand
7 Elijah Yahweh is God
8 Lucas Bringer of light
9 Mason Stone worker
10 Ethan Strong, firm
11 Alexander Defender of the people
12 Henry Ruler of the home
13 Jacob Supplanter
14 Michael Who is like God?
15 Daniel God is my judge
16 Jackson Son of Jack
17 Sebastian Revered
18 Aiden Fiery one
19 Matthew Gift of God
20 Samuel Heard by God
21 David Beloved
22 Joseph God will increase
23 Carter Cart driver
24 Wyatt Brave in war
25 John God is gracious
26 Owen Well-born, noble
27 Dylan Son of the sea
28 Luke Light-giving
29 Gabriel God is my strength
30 Isaac He will laugh
31 Anthony Priceless, praiseworthy
32 Grayson Son of the steward
33 Jack God is gracious
34 Julian Youthful, downy-bearded
35 Christopher Christ-bearer
36 Andrew Manly, brave
37 Lincoln Town by the pool
38 Joshua God is salvation
39 Nathan He gave
40 Ryan Little king
41 Aaron Exalted, strong
42 Levi Joined, attached
43 Eli Ascended, uplifted
44 Connor Lover of hounds
45 Hunter One who hunts
46 Christian Follower of Christ
47 Isaiah Salvation of the Lord
48 Thomas Twin
49 Jonathan God has given
50 Charles Free man
51 Adrian From Hadria
52 Dominic Belonging to the Lord
53 Evan Young warrior
54 Jordan To descend, to flow down
55 Xavier Bright, splendid
56 Cameron Crooked nose
57 Nicholas Victory of the people
58 Tyler Tile maker
59 Adam Man, earth
60 Zachary Remembered by God
61 Ian God is gracious
62 Cooper Barrel maker
63 Tristan Tumult, outcry
64 Chase Hunter
65 Blake Fair-haired
66 Carson Son of Carr
67 Cole Victory of the people
68 Landon Long hill
69 Miles Soldier
70 Austin Majestic
71 Jason Healer
72 Vincent Conquering
73 Ryder Mounted warrior
74 Maxwell Great spring
75 Brody Ditch
76 Seth Appointed
77 Brady Spirited
78 Colton Coal town
79 Eric Eternal ruler
80 Timothy Honoring God
81 Peter Rock
82 Patrick Noble, patrician
83 Tanner Leatherworker
84 Wesley Western meadow
85 Bryce Speckled
86 Declan Full of goodness
87 Harrison Son of Harry
88 Kingston King’s settlement
89 Bennett Blessed
90 Elias Yahweh is God
91 Shane God is gracious
92 Finn Fair or white
93 Jesse Gift
94 Roman Citizen of Rome
95 Kai Sea
96 Chance Fortune, luck
97 Edward Wealthy guardian
98 Oscar Divine spear
99 Peyton From the town of Paega
100 Silas Forest
101 Finnegan Fair or white
102 Griffin Strong lord
103 Beckett Bee cottage
104 Sawyer Woodcutter
105 Arlo Fortified hill
106 Micah Who is like Yahweh?
107 Emerson Son of Emery
108 Barrett Bear strength
109 Holden Deep valley
110 Sullivan Dark-eyed
111 Marshall Horse servant
112 Reid Red-haired
113 Kieran Dark-haired
114 Arthur Bear
115 Warren Enclosure
116 Gideon Destroyer
117 Atticus From Attica
118 Phoenix Dark red
119 Malcolm Disciple of Saint Columba
120 August Great, magnificent
121 Brooks Small stream
122 Franklin Free landowner
123 Daxton Warrior’s town
124 Magnus Great
125 Hendrix Son of Hendrick
126 Knox Round hill
127 Raphael God has healed
128 Orlando Famous throughout the land
129 Langston Long stone
130 Callum Dove
131 Lionel Lion-like
132 Quincy Estate of the fifth son
133 Ronan Little seal
134 Leonidas Lion-like
135 Caspian From the Caspian Sea region
136 Alaric Noble ruler
137 Cassius Hollow, empty
138 Sterling High quality
139 Thaddeus Courageous heart
140 Remington Settlement on a riverbank
141 Niko Victory of the people
142 Keegan Little fire
143 Armando Army man
144 Emilio Industrious

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular American boy names, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the power of a name to shape identity and leave a lasting impression. From the timeless classics like James and William to the trendy newcomers like Liam and Noah, each name carries its own unique story and significance. Whether rooted in tradition, inspired by cultural influences, or fueled by modern trends, these names reflect the diverse tapestry of American society. As parents embark on the journey of naming their sons, may they find inspiration and meaning in this rich collection of names that encapsulate the essence of American boyhood.

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