100+ Most Popular Afghan Names for Girls

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Choosing a name for a daughter is a cherished tradition in Afghan culture, where names are imbued with beauty, meaning, and historical significance. This article explores over 100 of the most popular Afghan names for girls, offering insights into their origins and cultural importance. Whether you are looking for a traditional name with deep roots or a modern name that reflects contemporary values, this guide will help you find the perfect name for your daughter.

100+ Most Popular Afghan Names for Girls

No. Name Afghan Equivalent Meaning
1 Fatima فاطمه Captivating, Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad
2 Mariam مریم Beloved, Variant of Mary, Mother of Jesus
3 Zainab زینب Fragrant Flower, Daughter of Prophet Muhammad
4 Gul گل Flower
5 Nasrin نسرین Wild Rose
6 Parisa پریسا Like a Fairy
7 Farah فرح Happiness, Joy
8 Samira سمیرا Pleasant Companion
9 Roya رویا Dream
10 Shakila شکیلا Beautiful
11 Nargis نرگس Narcissus, Daffodil
12 Shabnam شبنم Dew
13 Sahar سحر Dawn
14 Mahnaz مهناز Beautiful Face
15 Zahra زهرا Radiant, Flower Blossom
16 Sultana سلطانه Queen
17 Laila لیلا Night, Dark-haired Beauty
18 Soraya ثریا Princess, Jewel
19 Yasmin یاسمین Jasmine
20 Leila لیلا Night, Dark-haired Beauty
21 Aziza عزیزه Beloved, Respected
22 Aisha عایشه Alive, Prosperous
23 Malalai ملالی Grief-stricken
24 Niloofar نیلوفر Water Lily, Lotus Flower
25 Zarmina زرمینه Gold Crown
26 Fereshteh فرشته Angel
27 Razia راضیه Agreeable, Satisfied
28 Jamila جمیله Beautiful
29 Marjan مرجان Coral
30 Fawzia فوزیه Successful
31 Sharifa شریفه Noble, Honorable
32 Shukria شکریه Grateful
33 Rabia رابعه Fourth
34 Nooria نوریا Light
35 Zohra زهرا Venus, Jewel
36 Gulshan گلشن Rose Garden
37 Parwana پروانه Butterfly
38 Mina مینا Precious, Blue Glass
39 Zeba زیبا Beautiful, Adorned
40 Farzana فرزانه Wise, Learned
41 Gulnaz گلناز Pride of Flowers
42 Farida فریده Unique, Precious
43 Saira سائره Traveler, Wanderer
44 Zarghona زرغونه Golden Voice
45 Mahbouba محبوبه Beloved
46 Mahsa مهسا Like the Moon
47 Parvin پروین Cluster of Stars
48 Roohi روحی Spiritual
49 Shirin شیرین Sweet
50 Tahmina تحمینه Strong, Brave
51 Farahnaz فرحناز Joyful
52 Nazanin نازنین Sweetheart
53 Sanam سنم Beloved, Idol
54 Friba فریبا Bewitching, Attractive
55 Marwa مروه Fragrant Plant, Name of a Mountain
56 Gulalai گلالی Flower-like
57 Malika ملیکا Queen
58 Farzaneh فرزانه Wise, Learned
59 Shahnaz شهناز Pride of the King
60 Zainap زینپ Daughter of Prophet Muhammad
61 Sana سنا Resplendence, Brilliance
62 Mastura مستوره Protected, Concealed
63 Shela شیلا Rock
64 Sima سیما Beautiful Face
65 Samina سمینه Healthy, Fatty
66 Khadija خدیجه Premature Child
67 Mahnoor ماہ نور Moonlight
68 Shahla شاهلا Famous, Princess
69 Shireen شیرین Sweet, Pleasant
70 Amina امینه Trustworthy, Faithful
71 Mahin ماهین Like the Moon, Related to Moon
72 Rabab رباب White
73 Haleema حلیمه Gentle, Patient
74 Marzia مرضیه Satisfied, Content
75 Layla لیلا Night, Dark Beauty
76 Tahira طاهره Pure, Chaste
77 Banafsha بنفشه Violet Flower
78 Nasima نسیمه Breeze, Soft Air
79 Sadia سعدیه Lucky, Fortunate
80 Ghazala غزاله Deer, Gazelle
81 Nazifa نظیفه Clean, Pure
82 Sabeen سبین Morning Breeze
83 Shakira شاکره Thankful
84 Suhaila سهیلا Gentle, Easy
85 Naila نائله Successful, Attainer
86 Sayeda سیده Mistress, Noble Lady
87 Saadia سعدیہ Lucky, Fortunate
88 Sanaullah سن الله Elevation of God
89 Safa صفا Purity, Serenity
90 Maroofa معروفه Well-Known, Famous
91 Najiba نجیبه Noble, Generous
92 Samila سمیلا Friend, Companion
93 Soran سوران Brave, Fearless
94 Shahina شاهینه Falcon, Royal
95 Neelab نیلاب Blue Water, Azure
96 Uzma عظمی Greatest, Highest
97 Shagufa شگفه Blossom, Flower
98 Roshanak روشنک Light, Brightness
99 Zarrin زرین Golden, Made of Gold
100 Nazia نازیه Pride, Princess
101 Shamim شمیم Fragrant, Aromatic
102 Noorjahan نورجهان Light of the World
103 Azra عذرا Virgin, Maiden
104 Maral مارال Deer
105 Maliha ملیحه Beautiful, Pretty
106 Ruqia رقیه Rise, Ascent
107 Nasira ناصره Victorious, Helper
108 Mahgul ماه گل Moon Flower
109 Marziya مرضیه Satisfied, Content
110 Mursal مرسال Messenger, Sent One
111 Marjana مرجانه Precious Coral
112 Samra سمراء Evening Conversation, Soft Light

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In conclusion,

Selecting the perfect name for a daughter is a significant and heartfelt decision. Afghan names for girls, rich in meaning and cultural heritage, offer a diverse array of beautiful choices. We hope this list of over 100 popular Afghan names has provided you with inspiration and insight, guiding you in finding a name that resonates with your family’s values and traditions. Whether you opt for a traditional name or a more contemporary one, the name you choose will carry a piece of Afghan culture and history, bestowing a unique and meaningful identity upon your child.

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