100+ Most Popular Afghan Names for Boys

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Choosing a name for a child is a meaningful tradition in Afghan culture. This article presents over 100 of the most popular Afghan names for boys, highlighting their meanings and cultural significance. Whether you seek a traditional or modern name, this guide will help you find the perfect choice for your child.

100+ Most Popular Afghan Names for Boys

No. Name Afghan Equivalent Meaning
1 Ahmad احمد Praiseworthy
2 Ali علی Elevated, noble
3 Aref عارف Knowing, wise
4 Arman ارمان Wish, desire
5 Asad اسد Lion
6 Asghar اصغر Smaller, younger
7 Bashir بشیر Bringer of good news
8 Bilal بلال Wetting, water
9 Daud داود David
10 Ehsan احسان Excellence, benevolence
11 Faheem فہیم Intelligent, wise
12 Farhad فرهاد Happiness, satisfaction
13 Farid فرید Unique, precious
14 Fawad فواد Heart
15 Ghulam غلام Servant, slave
16 Habib حبیب Beloved
17 Hakim حکیم Wise, learned
18 Hamid حمید Praiseworthy
19 Haroon هارون Aaron
20 Hassan حسن Beautiful
21 Hussain حسین Beautiful, good
22 Ibrahim ابراهیم Abraham
23 Idris ادریس Prophet mentioned in the Quran
24 Ismail اسماعیل Ishmael
25 Jamil جمیل Beautiful
26 Jawad جواد Generous
27 Karim کریم Generous, noble
28 Khalid خالد Eternal, immortal
29 Latif لطیف Gentle, kind
30 Mahdi مهدی Guided one, rightly guided
31 Mansoor منصور Victorious
32 Masood مسعود Fortunate, happy
33 Mirwais میرویس Leader
34 Mustafa مصطفی Chosen one
35 Najib نجیب Noble, excellent
36 Nasir ناصر Helper, supporter
37 Nisar نثار Sacrifice
38 Omar عمر Long-lived
39 Qasim قاسم Divider, distributor
40 Rahim رحیم Merciful, compassionate
41 Rashid راشد Rightly guided
42 Rauf رؤوف Compassionate
43 Saeed سعید Happy, fortunate
44 Saleem سلیم Sound, safe
45 Sameer سمیر Entertaining companion
46 Shahid شاہد Witness
47 Tahir طاہر Pure, clean
48 Tariq طارق Morning star
49 Wahid واحد Unique, peerless
50 Yasin یاسین A chapter of the Quran
51 Abbas عباس Frowning, looking austere
52 Abid عابد Worshipper, devotee
53 Adil عادل Just, fair
54 Ahsan احسان Beneficence, kindness
55 Akbar اکبر Greater, bigger
56 Amir امیر Prince, commander
57 Anwar انور Luminous
58 Azim عظیم Great, magnificent
59 Bahram بهرام Victorious
60 Baryalai بریالی Warrior
61 Danish دانش Knowledge
62 Dawood داوود David
63 Dilawar دلاور Brave, courageous
64 Emal عمل Hope
65 Farooq فاروق One who distinguishes truth from falsehood
66 Feroz فیروز Successful, victorious
67 Gulab گلاب Rose
68 Hameed حمید Praiseworthy
69 Hanif حنیف True believer
70 Ilyas الیاس Elijah
71 Imran عمران Prosperity
72 Jamal جمال Beauty
73 Javed جاوید Eternal
74 Kamal کمال Perfection
75 Kashif کاشف Discoverer, revealer
76 Khalil خلیل Friend
77 Khuram خرم Cheerful, happy
78 Luqman لقمان Name of a wise man mentioned in the Quran
79 Madjid مجید Glorious, praiseworthy
80 Majid ماجد Glorious, praiseworthy
81 Mamoon مامون Trustworthy, reliable
82 Mehdi مهدی Guided one, rightly guided
83 Naeem نعیم Comfort, ease
84 Naveed نوید Good news, glad tidings
85 Nemat نعمت Blessing, grace
86 Noor نور Light
87 Parwiz پرویز Victorious
88 Ramin رامین Sweet basil, basil leaves
89 Rashad راشد Rightly guided
90 Roshan روشن Bright, light
91 Salman سلمان Safe, secure
92 Shahbaz شہباز Royal falcon
93 Shams شمس Sun
94 Sharif شریف Noble, honorable
95 Shoaib شعیب A prophet’s name
96 Sikandar سکندر Alexander (the Great)
97 Sulaiman سلیمان Solomon (prophet)
98 Tahseen تحسین Praise, appreciation
99 Wali ولی Friend, protector
100 Zafar ظفر Victory
101 Zahir ظاهر Evident, apparent
102 Zaki ذکی Pure, virtuous
103 Zia ضیاء Light, splendor
104 Abdul عبدال Servant (of Allah)
105 Nasim نسیم Fresh breeze
106 Rafiq رفیق Companion, friend
107 Farzad فرزاد Descendant of a noble family
108 Ebrahim ابراهیم Abraham
109 Karwan کاروان Caravan
110 Ishaq اسحاق Isaac
111 Mujtaba مجتبی Chosen
112 Nadeem ندیم Friend, companion
113 Sohrab سهراب Red water
114 Raheem رحیم Merciful
115 Shafi شافی Healer, intercessor
116 Sultan سلطان Sultan, ruler
117 Jawed جاوید Eternal, everlasting
118 Wahidullah وحیدالله Unique to Allah
119 Ayoub ایوب Job (biblical figure)
120 Habibullah حبیب الله Beloved of Allah

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In conclusion,

Selecting the perfect name for a child is a deeply personal and significant decision. Afghan names for boys, rich in meaning and cultural heritage, offer a wide array of choices that reflect the values and traditions of Afghanistan. We hope this list of over 100 popular Afghan names has provided you with inspiration and insight, helping you to find a name that resonates with your family’s heritage and aspirations. Whether you choose a traditional name or a more contemporary one, the name you select will carry with it a piece of Afghan culture and history, bestowing a unique identity upon your child.

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