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If you have not chosen the name for your future baby here we propose these ten ideas of names of Hebrew origin that can help you find what you are looking for. They are different and original names of Jewish origin and their meaning is usually linked to life, with positive virtues and feelings.Hebrew is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asian family that is currently spoken in Israel and in Jewish communities around the world. For centuries it was a practically dead language spoken only by Bible scholars but since the end of the 19th century, coinciding with the birth of Zionism, it began to revitalize until it became a living and spoken language by millions of people. It is the language of the Jewish religion, so many texts of the Bible are written in this language and most of the Hebrew names are directly related to Judaism and / or Christianity, such as Daniel, David, Moses, Elizabeth, etc. In this sense, the impact on other languages is very important and it could be said that many of the names used in the West come from Hebrew.

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Child names of Hebrew origin

Therefore, parents do not usually tell anyone what name they will put their baby and are expected to do so at a certain ritual where they communicate publicly, marking the entrance of the little or the small in the town of Israel. This ritual, in the case of men, is called Brit Milá and takes place eight days after birth coinciding with their circumcision. If it is a woman, the ritual is called Simjat Bat and is celebrated in different ways depending on whether it is a current or another of Judaism, but they all have in common that God is grateful for the arrival of the little girl at the first opportunity the parent have to read the Torah.

Unique Hebrew Names for Girls and Boys

While they do not have an official name, parents name their children tinok or tinoket (baby boy or baby girl). The process of selecting a Jewish name is usually long and laborious as the rabbis advise that the decision be made in a conscious way, understanding the meaning of each Hebrew name, what characters in the Bible have taken it and their attributes or repairing if any Family member has already taken him in the past to honor him. If the baby is born on a date that matches one of the many Jewish holidays, some families decide to look for a biblical name related to this circumstance. Thus, if the baby is born at Easter and is a man, he could choose the name of Moises or Aaron and, if it is a woman, that of Sefora or Miriam. Within the Jewish names there are proper biblical names (Abraham, Isaac, James, etc.), Talmudic (Hilel, Chaim, etc.), which include the name of God (Rachel, Daniel, Ariel, etc.), names of angels (Raphael, Uriel, etc.) or related to nature and listed in the bible (Tamar, Aryeh, etc.) Given the importance that Jews give to the meaning of a person's Hebrew name in defining their character, traits and even destiny, there is a belief that in the face of an adverse circumstance such as a disease it is advisable to change the name thus enabling a new beginning. If you are looking for the meaning of Hebrew names, here you will find inspiration to choose the perfect name for your baby.

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On this occasion we bring 800 Jewish names for children. We have created this great list with names that share a great story. You will find Hebrew names with an important role in the history of Christianity and that have in some cases appeared in the Bible. Now is your time to know the Hebrew names of a child and find that special name so looking for.

5 proposals of Jewish names for children

      Amiel Amiel has a Hebrew and biblical origin and means 'God of my people'.
      Gamal This is a name of Hebrew origin that means camel . The Gamaliel variant is also used , and in other languages such as Chechen or Turkish it is called Dzhamal and Cemal respectively.
      Chaim The meaning of this name of Hebrew origin is life . In addition to its sweet sonority, there is a symbology that is certainly worthy of praise.
      Jeziel 'God gathers or assembly of God' is the meaning of this Jewish name that also has a sweet pronunciation.
      Jared This name means 'ruler' refers to the name of a biblical character, son of Mahaleel.
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