Cute Girl Nicknames You’ll LOVE!

Naming a child is a huge responsibility. Do you choose a family name or something new? What about the initials? And are there creative (or, on the other hand, embarrassing) nicknames that can come from their own name? Sometimes it’s as important as a baby’s official name. Whether your cute baby girl nicknames is a shortened version of her name or a nickname that sums up her personality, these cute girl nicknames are the sweetest. If you have a long kid you want to go by a short nickname, we have a lot of fun ideas. With Old-Fashioned Nicknames like Dot or Birdie, or bold nicknames like Busy and Poppy, you’ll find exactly the right nickname for your baby girl. With these Baby Girl Names with Cute Nicknames, you will have the most memorable name of the class.

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cute girl nicknames
cute girl nicknames

10 Baby Girl Names with Cute Nicknames

1- Alexandra:

This Greek baby name is the female version of Alexander, meaning “defender of men”, and nicknames include:

Alex, Alexa, Alexis, Allie, Lexie, Xandra

2- Amelia:

The German origins of the name, along with nicknames such as “work”, “hardworking” and “fertility” :

Amy, Lia, Mia, Millie

3- Charlotte:

This French baby name can mean “petite” or “free man” and is perfect for nicknames such as:

Char, Charlie, Lottie

4- Clarissa

This baby name is of Latin origin and means “bright, clear or famous”. Perfect for nicknames such as:

Claire, Clarie, Clara, Rissa, Rissie

5- Danielle

It is a Hebrew name and means “God is my judge” and has many cute nicknames:

Dana, Dani, Dee, Elle, Ellie

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6- Eleanor

Tha’s a Greek girl’s name meaning “bright, shining one” with cute nicknames such as:

Elle, Ella, Ellie, Lenor, Nel, Nellie, Nora, Nori

7- Felicity

This cute British baby girl name means “happiness” “hope” or ” good luck.” Perfect for nicknames such as:

Fliss, Flossie, Flick, Fi, Fifi, Fizzy, Lissa

8- Giselle

This German baby girl name means “to be in debt or to be pawned.” Try aliases as follows:

Jill, Elle, Gise, Gigi, Jelly

9- Helena

This beautiful Greek baby girl name means “bright light” and is perfect for nicknames such as:

Elena, Ellie, Helen, Lena, Lennie, Nellie

10- Jasmine

I’ve been obsessed with the name ever since I saw Aladdin as a kid and I was sure that one day I would call my daughter. The name of this beautiful flower means “gift of God”. Perfect for nicknames such as:

Jaz, Jazzie, Jassa, Min, Mina, Minnie

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