60+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

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In the vast realm of Chinese culture, where tradition and symbolism intertwine seamlessly, the significance of a name carries profound weight. As we delve into the treasure trove of Chinese baby girl names, each syllable whispers tales of heritage, virtue, and aspirations. Among the plethora of options, names commencing with the letter “Z” stand as beacons of elegance and depth. From the melodious sound of “Ziyi” to the graceful resonance of “Zhilan,” these names not only evoke a sense of timeless beauty but also reflect the rich tapestry of Chinese heritage. Join us on a journey through the enchanting world of Chinese baby girl names, where each name is a testament to the enduring legacy of a vibrant culture.

60+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Zhen Virtuous
2 Ziyi Graceful 子怡
3 Zixuan Purple grace 子萱
4 Zhihui Intelligent 智慧
5 Zhiling Intelligent and beautiful 智玲
6 Ziyue Moon joy 子悅
7 Zhaoyun Morning cloud 趙雲
8 Zhiwei Ambitious 志偉
9 Zhijun Ambitious ruler 志君
10 Zhenzhen Precious 珍珍
11 Zixi Purple dawn 紫曦
12 Zhaodi Shining light 昭娣
13 Zhenya Elegant grace 珍雅
14 Zhiyu Resolute jade 志玉
15 Ziyao Sparkling gem 子瑤
16 Zitong Child of elegance 子彤
17 Zhilan Orchid grace 芝蘭
18 Zhiqin Pure-hearted 紫琴
19 Zixiao Purple dawn 紫曉
20 Zhimei Beautiful and graceful 芝美
21 Ziyang Gracious sun 子陽
22 Zhaohui Morning glory 趙輝
23 Zhiying Ambitious and brave 志英
24 Zhongyi Loyal and righteous 忠義
25 Zhiyuan Ambitious and far-reaching 志遠
26 Zhaorong Glorious and honorable 昭容
27 Zhishan Ambitious and virtuous 志善
28 Zhihong Ambitious and great 志宏
29 Ziyu Purple jade 子玉
30 Zhenwei Precious and great 珍瑋
31 Zhihao Ambitious and brave 志豪
32 Ziqi Purple and elegant 紫琪
33 Zhijie Ambitious and outstanding 志傑
34 Zhiwen Cultured and refined 志文
35 Ziyun Purple cloud 子雲
36 Zhaoyi Morning ceremony 趙儀
37 Zhenzhu Precious pearl 珍珠
38 Zixia Purple dawn 紫霞
39 Zhuying Pearl and flower 珠穎
40 Zhiyan Ambitious and graceful 志妍
41 Zhixuan Ambitious and graceful 志璇
42 Zhiqiang Ambitious and strong 志強
43 Ziyin Purple sound 子音
44 Zhiyun Ambitious and cloud-like 志雲
45 Zhiyong Ambitious and brave 志勇
46 Zhixi Ambitious and joyful 志喜
47 Zhihua Ambitious and splendid 志華
48 Ziyuan Purple garden 子源
49 Zhiyao Ambitious and proud 志堯
50 Zhixia Ambitious and heroic 志侠
51 Zhiqiu Ambitious autumn 志秋
52 Zihan Self-discipline 子涵
53 Zirui Graceful and sharp 子睿
54 Zifei Graceful and virtuous 子菲
55 Zijing Purple and quiet 子靖
56 Zixin Purple heart 子心
57 Zijun Purple and noble 子君
58 Ziling Purple and delicate 子玲
59 Zirong Graceful and honor 子融
60 Zifeng Graceful and sharp 子峰
61 Zixing Purple and prosperous 子興
62 Zilin Purple and graceful 子琳
63 Zihao Ambitious and heroic 子豪
64 Zihui Intelligent and graceful 子蕙
65 Ziting Purple and graceful 子婷

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the exploration of Chinese baby girl names beginning with “Z” unveils a kaleidoscope of cultural richness and linguistic beauty. Each name, carefully crafted with meanings that transcend mere phonetics, serves as a testament to the intricate tapestry of Chinese heritage. From the poetic allure of “Ziyue” to the profound simplicity of “Zirong,” these names encapsulate the essence of tradition, virtue, and aspirations. As parents embark on the journey of naming their daughters, may they find inspiration and resonance in the timeless elegance of these Chinese names, honoring both the past and the future with each syllable uttered.

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