80+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

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Embark on a journey through the captivating world of Chinese baby girl names beginning with “Y”. Each name in this collection carries a unique cultural significance and timeless elegance, offering a wealth of options for parents seeking the perfect name for their little princess. Let’s delve into the beauty and tradition of these enchanting names, each one a reflection of the rich heritage and deep-rooted meanings found in Chinese culture.

80+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Yan Beautiful
2 Yuling Jade tinkling 玉玲
3 Yaqi Elegant pearl 雅琪
4 Yilan Beautiful orchid 怡兰
5 Yujie Jade purity 玉洁
6 Yuxin Rain fragrance 雨馨
7 Yuhuan Jade ring 玉环
8 Yufeng Rain phoenix 雨凤
9 Yumei Jade plum 玉梅
10 Yuying Jade grace 玉英
11 Yanyu Beautiful universe 妍宇
12 Yanni Peaceful child 燕妮
13 Yufei Rain fly 雨飞
14 Yunxia Cloud summer 云霞
15 Yulian Jade lotus 玉莲
16 Yixuan Joyful jade 怡萱
17 Yuting Jade graceful 雨婷
18 Yanchen Beautiful jade 妍琛
19 Yulan Jade orchid 玉兰
20 Yufang Rain fragrant 雨芳
21 Yajie Elegant and noble 亚洁
22 Yinhua Silver flower 银花
23 Yingchun Spring of life 迎春
24 Yujin Precious pearl 玉津
25 Yuelan Bright moon 月兰
26 Yun Cloud
27 Yuwei Jade grace 玉薇
28 Yanli Beautiful jasmine 艳丽
29 Yifan Beautiful sail 仪帆
30 Yanyan Gorgeous 艳艳
31 Ying Clever
32 Yuanyuan Round and full 圆圆
33 Yuyan Beautiful eyes 玉眼
34 Yiran Elegant and graceful 依然
35 Yuxi Jade hope 玉希
36 Yutong Rain child 雨彤
37 Yuhan Rain and cold 雨寒
38 Yijun Outstanding talent 依君
39 Yuxiang Jade fragrance 玉香
40 Yimei Elegant and beautiful 仪美
41 Yuhong Rain red 雨红
42 Yiyun Elegant cloud 怡云
43 Yijie Dependence 依洁
44 Yujiao Rain fine 雨娇
45 Yanying Beautiful flower 艳莹
46 Yuhua Rain flower 雨花
47 Yuzhen Jade true 玉真
48 Yueling Rain tinkling 雨铃
49 Yurong Rain lotus 雨蓉
50 Yuxia Jade glow 玉霞
51 Yurui Rain elegant 雨睿
52 Yunyun Cloud cloud 云云
53 Yushan Rain coral 雨珊
54 Yuxuan Jade beautiful 玉萱
55 Yuli Rain beautiful 雨丽
56 Yushu Rain calligraphy 雨书
57 Yuzhu Jade pearl 玉珠
58 Yuru Jade like 玉茹
59 Yuyang Jade sun 玉阳
60 Yusheng Rain rise 雨升
61 Yuzhi Jade ambition 玉志
62 Yunxi Cloud joy 云喜
63 Yunlei Cloud thunder 云雷
64 Yunzhu Cloud pearl 云珠
65 Yujia Rain beautiful 雨嘉
66 Yunmei Cloud beautiful 云美
67 Yihua Elegant and splendid 仪华
68 Yuezhen Beautiful pearl 悦珍
69 Yuer Jade grace 玉儿
70 Yanyi Beautiful and happy 艳怡
71 Yucheng Jade success 玉成
72 Yunying Cloud heroism 云英
73 Yuxue Jade snow 玉雪
74 Yulou Jade building 玉楼
75 Yujing Rain quiet 雨静
76 Yuchen Rain morning 雨晨
77 Yiqi Elegant and noble 仪琦
78 Yuerong Jade glory 玉荣
79 Yumin Jade cleverness 玉敏
80 Yunxiao Cloud laughter 云笑
81 Yunchang Cloud prosperity 云昌
82 Yunxuan Cloud grace 云轩
83 Yuhui Jade wisdom 玉慧
84 Yuchun Jade spring 玉春
85 Yuliang Jade good 玉良
86 Yujun Jade king 玉君
87 Yunyi Cloud benefit 云益

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the array of Chinese baby girl names starting with “Y” presents a tapestry of beauty, tradition, and cultural significance. From Yufei to Yujie, each name carries its own unique charm and embodies the hopes and dreams parents hold for their daughters. Whether rooted in mythology, nature, or virtues, these names offer a timeless connection to Chinese heritage while celebrating the individuality of each child. As you navigate the journey of parenthood, may you find the perfect name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations, welcoming your little one into a world filled with love and meaning.

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