90+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with X

by Sophia Roberts

When it comes to choosing a name for your newborn baby girl, delving into the treasure trove of Chinese names can be both intriguing and meaningful. Each name carries its own unique significance, often rooted in centuries-old traditions and cultural beliefs. If you’re considering names starting with the letter “X” for your little one, you’re in for a journey through a selection of names that exude elegance, grace, and a deep connection to Chinese heritage. Let’s explore some enchanting Chinese baby girl names beginning with “X” that might just capture your heart and embody the hopes and dreams you hold for your precious daughter.

90+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with X

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Xia Summer
2 Xin Heart
3 Xiu Elegant
4 Xinyi Joyful 欣怡
5 Xinyu Joyful jade 欣宇
6 Xuan Beautiful
7 Xiang Fragrant
8 Xiaoyu Morning rain 晓雨
9 Xiaojie Morning purity 晓洁
10 Xue Snow
11 Xian Elegant
12 Xinyan Beautiful smile 欣妍
13 Xianyu Elegant jade 娴玉
14 Xiaoli Little beauty 小丽
15 Xiaohan Morning cold 晓寒
16 Xiaohui Morning brightness 晓辉
17 Xiaoling Little bell 小玲
18 Xiaoxiao Little small 小小
19 Xiaochen Morning dawn 晓晨
20 Xiaomei Little plum 小梅
21 Xiaohong Little red 小红
22 Xiaodan Little red 小丹
23 Xiaojun Little army 小军
24 Xiaofang Little fragrant 小芳
25 Xiulan Elegant orchid 秀兰
26 Xiuying Elegant and brave 秀英
27 Xiujuan Beautiful grace 秀娟
28 Xiumei Elegant and beautiful 秀美
29 Xiumin Elegant and quick-witted 秀敏
30 Xiangyu Fragrant jade 香玉
31 Xiangxi Fragrant west 湘西
32 Xianghua Fragrant flower 香花
33 Xiaowen Little culture 小文
34 Xiaoyan Little swallow 小燕
35 Xing Star
36 Xinyue Happy heart 心悦
37 Xiaohua Morning flower 小华
38 Xianyun Virtuous charm 娴韵
39 Xiaojing Little quiet 小静
40 Xiaorong Little glory 小蓉
41 Xinqi Heart’s joy 心琪
42 Xiaoping Little peace 小萍
43 Xiangjing Fragrant spirit 香菁
44 Xianzhen Virtuous and chaste 贤贞
45 Xiaolu Morning dew 晓露
46 Xianrong Virtuous glory 贤荣
47 Xiangrong Fragrant glory 香蓉
48 Xianhua Fairy flower 仙花
49 Xiangxiang Fragrant fragrance 香香
50 Xiyue Hopeful moon 希月
51 Xinying Heart’s charm 心莹
52 Xiuqing Elegant and clear 秀青
53 Xiaoxuan Little jade 小璇
54 Xiaorui Little flower bud 小蕊
55 Xueyan Snowy beauty 雪艳
56 Xingyu Star universe 星宇
57 Xingrong Prosperous glory 兴荣
58 Xiaofeng Morning breeze 晓风
59 Xiaofei Morning fragrance 晓菲
60 Xiangyun Fragrant cloud 香云
61 Xiaona Little elegant 小娜
62 Xiuqin Elegant zither 秀琴
63 Xiaoxue Morning snow 小雪
64 Xiaodong Morning winter 晓冬
65 Xiurong Elegant glory 秀蓉
66 Xiangyi Fragrant joy 香怡
67 Xiangli Fragrant and beautiful 香丽
68 Xiaolan Little orchid 小兰
69 Xiaoting Little graceful 小婷
70 Xiaojia Little good 小佳
71 Xianzhi Virtuous wisdom 贤芝
72 Xianqin Virtuous zither 娴琴
73 Xiaofen Morning fragrance 小芬
74 Xianghui Fragrant kindness 香惠
75 Xiaoyun Little cloud 小云
76 Xingyun Lucky star 幸运
77 Xiaoying Little clever 晓颖
78 Xialing Rosy bell 霞玲
79 Xiangxin Fragrant heart 香馨
80 Xiaolin Little jade 小琳
81 Xiaowan Morning grace 晓婉
82 Xinyuan Happy fate 欣媛
83 Xiangmei Fragrant plum 香梅
84 Xinghua Flourishing China 兴华
85 Xingxing Twin stars 星星
86 Xianwei Virtuous rose 娴薇
87 Xueqin Snowy zither 雪琴
88 Xingxi Happy harmony 幸禧
89 Xingyi Star joy 星怡
90 Xiaoxin Little heart 小心
91 Xiaowei Little graceful 晓薇

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the world of Chinese baby girl names starting with “X” offers a rich tapestry of options, each carrying its own special significance and beauty. Whether you’re drawn to names rooted in ancient mythology, cultural symbolism, or simply the lyrical sound of the letter “X,” there’s a name waiting to be discovered that perfectly resonates with your family’s hopes and aspirations for your little girl. From Xia to Xiu, Xin to Xue, each name invites you to embrace the depth of Chinese heritage and celebrate the joy of welcoming a new life into the world. May the journey of choosing a name for your daughter be filled with wonder, love, and the promise of a bright future ahead.

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