90+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with W

by Sophia Roberts

Welcome to a journey through the enchanting world of Chinese baby girl names, where each name carries a rich cultural significance and timeless beauty. In this exploration, we delve into names beginning with the letter “W,” each carefully crafted to evoke grace, strength, and elegance. Whether you’re seeking a name rooted in tradition or one that reflects modern sensibilities, you’re sure to find inspiration among these captivating choices. Join us as we unveil a selection of Chinese girl names that begin with the letter “W”, each holding the promise of a bright and auspicious future for your little one.

90+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with W

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Weiwei Greatness 伟伟
2 Wenjing Cultured and quiet 文静
3 Wanru Graceful as a willow 婉如
4 Wanyu Graceful jade 婉玉
5 Wenhui Cultured and wise 文慧
6 Weiying Heroic and brave 伟英
7 Wenxin Cultured and fragrant 文馨
8 Wenlan Orchid-like 文兰
9 Weilan Graceful orchid 薇蓝
10 Weiyi Artistic orchid 薇艺
11 Wanyan Graceful and beautiful 婉妍
12 Wencheng Cultured achievement 文成
13 Wenhao Cultured and good 文好
14 Wanning Graceful and peaceful 婉宁
15 Weiping Fragrant and duckweed 薇萍
16 Wenling Cultured and delicate 雯玲
17 Wenzhu Cultured pearl 文珠
18 Wendi Cultured and virtuous 文迪
19 Wenjuan Graceful and beautiful 雯娟
20 Wenxi Cultured and hopeful 雯希
21 Weifang Fragrant orchid 薇芳
22 Wenzhao Cultured and bright 文昭
23 Weiran Graceful orchid 薇然
24 Wanying Graceful and sparkling 婉莹
25 Weiqi Elegant and beautiful 薇琪
26 Wenqi Cultured and beautiful 文琦
27 Weilai Fragrant and elegant 薇莱
28 Wenzhe Cultured and wise 文哲
29 Wenya Cultured and elegant 文雅
30 Weixuan Fragrant orchid 薇萱
31 Weixiang Fragrant and fragrant 薇香
32 Wenyi Cultured and joyful 雯怡
33 Wenyan Cultured and beautiful 文妍
34 Wenhua Cultured and splendid 文华
35 Wenzhuo Cultured and outstanding 文卓
36 Weiling Graceful and clever 薇玲
37 Wenwen Cultured and gentle 雯雯
38 Wenzhou Cultured and gentle 文洲
39 Wanjing Graceful and quiet 婉静
40 Weiyu Graceful rain 薇雨
41 Wenli Cultured and beautiful 文丽
42 Wenyue Cultured and graceful 文月
43 Weimin Fragrant and quick-witted 薇敏
44 Wenfang Fragrant and virtuous 文芳
45 Wenzhong Cultured and loyal 文忠
46 Weihong Fragrant and red 薇红
47 Wenyuan Cultured and beautiful 文媛
48 Wenshu Cultured and comfortable 文舒
49 Weirong Fragrant and graceful 薇蓉
50 Wenchun Cultured and spring-like 文春
51 Wenxiu Cultured and beautiful 文秀
52 Weiyun Fragrant and cloudy 薇云
53 Wanyue Graceful and delightful 婉悦
54 Weiqin Fragrant and musical 薇琴
55 Weimei Fragrant and beautiful 薇美
56 Wenshuo Cultured and outstanding 文硕
57 Weina Fragrant and graceful 薇娜
58 Weijing Fragrant and refined 薇婧
59 Wenrong Cultured and pliable 文蓉
60 Weiqing Fragrant and clear 薇清
61 Wenqian Cultured and graceful 文倩
62 Weijia Fragrant and beautiful 薇佳
63 Weinan Fragrant and elegant 薇楠
64 Weifeng Fragrant breeze 薇风
65 Wenzhi Cultured and intelligent 文芝
66 Weirui Fragrant and graceful 薇蕊
67 Wenxuan Cultured and beautiful 雯璇
68 Weilin Fragrant and delicate 薇琳
69 Wenchao Cultured and surpassing 文超
70 Weiyao Fragrant and precious 薇瑶
71 Wenmei Cultured and beautiful 文美
72 Weixia Fragrant dawn 薇霞
73 Wenyong Cultured and brave 文勇
74 Weihua Fragrant and splendid 薇华
75 Wenming Cultured and bright 文明
76 Wenyao Cultured and precious 雯瑶
77 Weifan Fragrant and ordinary 薇凡
78 Weipeng Fragrant friend 薇朋
79 Weiyang Fragrant sun 薇阳
80 Weixing Fragrant star 薇星
81 Wenhong Graceful rainbow 雯虹
82 Weiqiang Fragrant and strong 薇强
83 Wenbo Cultured and broad 文博
84 Weiru Fragrant and tender 薇茹
85 Weihuan Fragrant and joyful 薇欢
86 Weihui Fragrant brightness 薇辉
87 Wenzi Cultured and son 文子
88 Weike Fragrant and able 薇可
89 Weihuang Fragrant wilderness 薇荒
90 Weiyue Fragrant and pleasing 薇悦
91 Wenlong Cultured and dragon-like 文龙
92 Weilong Fragrant and dragon-like 薇龙
93 Weixi Fragrant evening 薇夕

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the Chinese baby girl names starting with the letter “W” offer a delightful blend of tradition, meaning, and beauty. Each name carries its own unique charm and significance, representing the rich cultural heritage of China. Whether you’re drawn to names that exude elegance, strength, or grace, there is a perfect choice waiting to be discovered for your precious little girl. May the name you choose for her serve as a beacon of hope and prosperity, guiding her through a lifetime filled with love, happiness, and success. Embrace the journey of naming your daughter, and may it be a joyful celebration of heritage and new beginnings.

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