100+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with T

by Sophia Roberts

In the vast landscape of Chinese culture, the significance of a name transcends mere identification—it embodies tradition, cultural values, and aspirations. Embarking on a journey through Chinese baby girl names beginning with “T” unveils a treasure trove of options, each imbued with profound meanings and symbolism. From timeless classics rooted in centuries-old traditions to modern names reflecting contemporary influences, the diversity of choices reflects the richness and depth of Chinese linguistic and cultural heritage. Let’s delve into this collection of names, each one a testament to the beauty and complexity of Chinese naming traditions.

100+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with T

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Ting Graceful, Slim
2 Tian Sky, Heaven
3 Tao Peach
4 Tiantian Sweet, Sweet 甜甜
5 Tien Field, Farmland
6 Tengfei Soaring 腾飞
7 Tong Unite, Connect
8 Tingting Graceful, Slim 婷婷
9 Tianyi Heavenly, Suitable 天宜
10 Tuo Expansive, Wide
11 Tianyu Heavenly, Universe 天宇
12 Teng Soar, Fly
13 Tengyun Soaring Clouds 腾云
14 Tiantai Heavenly Terrace 天台
15 Tianshi Heavenly Officer 天使
16 Tianran Heavenly Delight 天然
17 Tianshu Heavenly Book 天书
18 Tianshui Heavenly Water 天水
19 Tongwei Unite Power 统威
20 Tingshu Graceful Song 婷淑
21 Tianli Heavenly Reason 天理
22 Tianshuang Heavenly Frost 天霜
23 Tianhua Heavenly Splendor 天华
24 Tianmei Heavenly Beauty 天美
25 Tianwen Heavenly Culture 天文
26 Tianxin Heart of Heaven 天心
27 Tianxi Heavenly Happiness 天喜
28 Tiantang Heavenly Palace 天堂
29 Tiantong Heavenly Child 天童
30 Tianzi Son of Heaven 天子
31 Tonglu United and Pure 同禄
32 Tianrong Heavenly Honor 天荣
33 Tianya Heavenly Elegance 天雅
34 Tianzhu Heavenly Pearl 天珠
35 Tianxing Heavenly Star 天星
36 Tianying Heavenly Heroism 天英
37 Tiansheng Heavenly Born 天生
38 Tianzhen Heavenly Truth 天真
39 Tianjing Heavenly Serenity 天静
40 Tieling Iron Bell 铁铃
41 Tiannu Heavenly Girl 天女
42 Tianxiang Heavenly Fragrance 天香
43 Tianyue Heavenly Joy 天悦
44 Tianyun Heavenly Fortune 天运
45 Tiansi Heavenly Talent 天嗣
46 Tianyuan Heavenly Origin 天源
47 Tongxin United Heart 同心
48 Tongyun United Clouds 同云
49 Tuoqiang Expansive Strength 拓强
50 Tuoyu Expansive Jade 拓玉
51 Tulei Expansive Thunder 涂雷
52 Tulan Expansive Orchid 涂兰
53 Tulie Expansive Grace 涂丽
54 Tuling Expansive Spirit 涂灵
55 Tushan Expansive Mountain 涂山
56 Tuying Expansive Heroism 涂英
57 Tuzhu Expansive Bamboo 涂竹
58 Tuya Expansive Elegant 涂雅
59 Tuzi Rabbit 兔子
60 Tuyang Expansive Sunshine 涂阳
61 Tuli Expansive Graceful 涂丽
62 Tumeng Expansive Dream 涂梦
63 Tuni Expansive Girl 涂妮
64 Tunu Expansive Girl 涂女
65 Tuxin Expansive Heart 涂心
66 Tuxuan Expansive Grace 涂轩
67 Tuxiao Expansive Smile 涂笑
68 Tuxing Expansive Star 涂星
69 Tuxue Expansive Snow 涂雪
70 Tuyu Expansive Rain 涂雨
71 Tuyue Expansive Moon 涂月
72 Tuoyi Expansive Joy 涂怡
73 Tuer Expansive Happiness 涂尔
74 Tuolu Expansive Deer 涂鹿
75 Tuoran Expansive Grace 涂然
76 Tuozhi Expansive Ambition 涂志
77 Tupei Expansive Grace 涂佩
78 Tupeng Expansive Roc 涂鹏
79 Tuocheng Expansive City 涂城
80 Tuojia Expansive Family 涂家
81 Tuoyang Expansive Sun 涂阳
82 Tuoluo Expansive Joy 涂螺
83 Tuofan Expansive Sail 涂帆
84 Tuoye Expansive Happiness 涂叶
85 Tuhui Expansive Wisdom 涂慧
86 Tuxiu Expansive Elegant 涂秀
87 Tujia Expansive Family 涂家
88 Tujin Expansive Gold 涂金
89 Tushi Expansive Stone 涂石
90 Tutu Expansive Dance 涂涂
91 Tutong Expansive Child 涂童
92 Tuyan Expansive Swallow 涂燕
93 Tuyi Expansive Talent 涂艺
94 Tumao Expansive Luxuriant 涂茂
95 Tushui Expansive Water 涂水
96 Tuzhen Expansive Truth 涂真
97 Tuwei Expansive Gracious 涂伟
98 Tuxiang Expansive Fragrance 涂香
99 Tuolai Expansive Coming 涂来
100 Tuwen Expansive Culture 涂文
101 Tufeng Expansive Wind 涂风
102 Tucheng Expansive City 涂城
103 Tuhan Expansive Splendor 涂涵
104 Tumei Expansive Beautiful 涂美
105 Tulin Expansive Forest 涂林

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, exploring Chinese baby girl names starting with “T” offers a fascinating glimpse into the depth and diversity of Chinese culture. These names, whether traditional or modern, carry with them layers of meaning and significance, reflecting the values, aspirations, and heritage of Chinese families. From the elegant simplicity of “Ting” to the graceful charm of “Tianyi,” each name resonates with its own unique beauty and symbolism. As parents embark on the journey of naming their daughter, they are presented with a rich array of options, each carrying the promise of a bright and meaningful future. Ultimately, the selection of a name is a deeply personal and cherished decision, one that celebrates the richness of Chinese cultural heritage and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

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