50+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with S

by Sophia Roberts

In the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, the significance of a name extends far beyond mere identification—it encapsulates heritage, values, and aspirations. Among the myriad of options, names beginning with the letter “S” exude a special charm, evoking a sense of grace, strength, and tradition. From the timeless classics to the contemporary gems, Chinese baby girl names starting with “S” are imbued with layers of meaning and symbolism, offering a treasure trove of choices for parents seeking a name that resonates deeply and carries the essence of their hopes for their precious daughter. Let’s embark on a journey through this collection of names, each one a testament to the beauty and depth of Chinese linguistic and cultural heritage.

50+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with S

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Shanshan Double brightness 珊珊
2 Suyin Pleasant sound 素音
3 Sijia Thinking of family 思家
4 Shuyi Pleasant and Harmonious 舒怡
5 Suling Refreshing and exquisite 素玲
6 Suyan Pleasant eyes 素妍
7 Shujing Gentle and quiet 舒静
8 Sumei Beautiful and Plum-like 素梅
9 Suying Pleasant and Clever 素颖
10 Shufen Gentle fragrance 舒芬
11 Suhua Elegant and Splendid 素华
12 Shuling Refreshing and graceful 舒玲
13 Shuxian Elegant and virtuous 舒贤
14 Suyun Pleasant and Cloud-like 素云
15 Shuhui Gentle and Splendid 舒慧
16 Suxin Pure heart 素心
17 Shuyan Pleasant and Beautiful 舒妍
18 Shuyu Pleasant and Jade-like 舒玉
19 Suhong Elegant and Red 素红
20 Shumei Gentle and Beautiful 舒美
21 Suyue Pleasant and Joyful 素悦
22 Shuying Gentle and Clever 舒颖
23 Suyi Pleasant and Harmonious 素怡
24 Shulan Gentle and Orchid-like 舒兰
25 Shuwen Gentle and Cultured 舒雯
26 Suming Refreshing and Clear 素明
27 Shurong Gentle and Graceful 舒蓉
28 Shuxiang Fragrant and Auspicious 舒香
29 Suyu Pleasant and Jade-like 素玉
30 Suqin Gentle and Affectionate 素琴
31 Shuxin Gentle and Sincere 舒心
32 Shumin Gentle and Clever 舒敏
33 Sumin Refreshing and Clever 素敏
34 Suxia Gentle and Elegant 素霞
35 Suwen Gentle and Cultured 素雯
36 Shuhan Gentle and Graceful 舒涵
37 Shuxuan Gentle and Beautiful 舒璇
38 Sujie Gentle and Outstanding 素洁
39 Shujun Gentle and Handsome 舒君
40 Sunan Gentle and Peaceful 素楠
41 Shuang Gentle and Bright
42 Suning Gentle and Tranquil 素宁
43 Shuxia Gentle and Graceful 舒霞
44 Sujin Gentle and Tender 素津
45 Shuyun Gentle and Cloud-like 舒韵
46 Suwei Gentle and Graceful 素薇
47 Suxi Gentle and Happy 素喜
48 Shujie Gentle and Outstanding 舒洁
49 Suxuan Gentle and Graceful 素萱
50 Suna Gentle and Elegant 素娜
51 Sujing Gentle and Crystal-clear 素晶

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, exploring Chinese baby girl names starting with “S” reveals not only a wealth of linguistic beauty but also a profound connection to Chinese culture, history, and values. Whether rooted in ancient traditions or embracing modern influences, each name carries its own unique significance, resonating with meanings of grace, strength, and aspirations for the future. As parents embark on the journey of naming their daughter, they are presented with a rich tapestry of options, each name a reflection of their hopes and dreams for her. Ultimately, the selection of a name is a deeply personal and meaningful decision, one that celebrates the richness of Chinese heritage and the promise of a bright future for the newest member of the family.

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