100+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with M

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Embark on a journey through the captivating world of Chinese baby girl names beginning with “M”. From timeless classics to modern gems, these names reflect the rich cultural heritage and profound meanings cherished in Chinese naming traditions. Explore the beauty and significance behind each carefully selected name, and discover the perfect name for your little one that resonates with grace, strength, and timeless charm.

100+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with M

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Ming Bright 明 (Míng)
2 Mei Beautiful 美 (Měi)
3 Min Sensitive 敏 (Mǐn)
4 Manling Manling 曼玲 (Màn líng)
5 Miao Delicate 苗 (Miáo)
6 Meng Dream 梦 (Mèng)
7 Meixiu Plum blossom 梅秀 (Méi xiù)
8 Mulan Magnolia 木兰 (Mù lán)
9 Mian Cotton 棉 (Mián)
10 Muyan Wood and mist 木烟 (Mù yān)
11 Meili Beautiful and elegant 美丽 (Měi lì)
12 Mia Beautiful and graceful 美娅 (Měi yà)
13 Mianmian Gentle and quiet 绵绵 (Mián mián)
14 Meihua Plum blossom 梅花 (Méi huā)
15 Muzi Wood and purple 木紫 (Mù zǐ)
16 Meirong Beautiful and graceful 美容 (Měi róng)
17 Meixiang Plum fragrance 梅香 (Méi xiāng)
18 Mianzi Cotton and purple 绵紫 (Mián zǐ)
19 Meifang Beautiful and square 美方 (Měi fāng)
20 Mengyao Dream and pride 梦媛 (Mèng yuán)
21 Meiyu Beautiful and jade 美玉 (Měi yù)
22 Meixing Plum and star 梅星 (Méi xīng)
23 Mengjie Dream and clean 梦洁 (Mèng jié)
24 Meiru Beautiful and gentle 美如 (Měi rú)
25 Mina Beautiful and graceful 美娜 (Měi nà)
26 Meiqi Beautiful and cheerful 美琦 (Měi qí)
27 Meixia Plum and summer 梅夏 (Méi xià)
28 Manyan Manyan 曼彦 (Màn yàn)
29 Misha Misha 米莎 (Mǐ shā)
30 Meiling Plum and elegant 梅玲 (Méi líng)
31 Muxin Wood and heart 木心 (Mù xīn)
32 Mengqi Dream and fine 梦琪 (Mèng qí)
33 Meizhen Plum and precious 梅珍 (Méi zhēn)
34 Mingmei Bright and beautiful 明美 (Míng měi)
35 Mengru Dream and gentle 梦茹 (Mèng rú)
36 Meiqin Beautiful and gentle 美琴 (Měi qín)
37 Meihong Beautiful and red 美红 (Měi hóng)
38 Mengting Dream and graceful 梦婷 (Mèng tíng)
39 Meizi Beautiful and purple 美紫 (Měi zǐ)
40 Manli Manli 曼丽 (Màn lì)
41 Mengjia Dream and good 梦佳 (Mèng jiā)
42 Minzhi Sensitive and straight 敏芝 (Mǐn zhī)
43 Minjun Sensitive and handsome 敏君 (Mǐn jūn)
44 Mingsha Bright and sand 明沙 (Míng shā)
45 Meimei Beautiful and beautiful 美美 (Měi měi)
46 Mingxuan Bright and mysterious 明璇 (Míng xuán)
47 Mingyu Bright and pleasing 明宇 (Míng yǔ)
48 Mengyun Dream and cloud 梦云 (Mèng yún)
49 Meifen Beautiful and fragrant 美芬 (Měi fēn)
50 Manrong Manrong 曼蓉 (Màn róng)
51 Meizhu Beautiful and bamboo 美竹 (Měi zhú)
52 Mingshu Bright and book 明书 (Míng shū)
53 Meiyun Beautiful and cloud 美云 (Měi yún)
54 Mingfang Bright and fragrant 明芳 (Míng fāng)
55 Mengxue Dream and snow 梦雪 (Mèng xuě)
56 Miaoyan Miao and Yan 苗艳 (Miáo yàn)
57 Mingzhu Bright and pearl 明珠 (Míng zhū)
58 Minglan Bright and elegant 明兰 (Míng lán)
59 Miaoqing Miao and clear 苗清 (Miáo qīng)
60 Minghui Bright and splendid 明辉 (Míng huī)
61 Meixue Plum and snow 梅雪 (Méi xuě)
62 Minmin Sensitive and sensitive 敏敏 (Mǐn mǐn)
63 Mingli Bright and beautiful 明丽 (Míng lì)
64 Minyi Sensitive and suitable 敏仪 (Mǐn yí)
65 Mianrong Cotton and prosperous 绵蓉 (Mián róng)
66 Mingxi Bright and rare 明曦 (Míng xī)
67 Meilin Beautiful and beautiful 美琳 (Měi lín)
68 Manying Manying 曼颖 (Màn yǐng)
69 Mingyan Bright and strict 明燕 (Míng yàn)
70 Manzhu Manzhu 曼珠 (Màn zhū)
71 Meiqing Beautiful and quiet 美青 (Měi qīng)
72 Meihui Beautiful and wise 美惠 (Měi huì)
73 Mingzhen Bright and true 明真 (Míng zhēn)
74 Mianyi Cotton and suitable 绵仪 (Mián yí)
75 Minzhen Sensitive and true 敏贞 (Mǐn zhēn)
76 Minhua Sensitive and flourishing 敏华 (Mǐn huá)
77 Mingqian Bright and before 明倩 (Míng qiàn)
78 Minxi Sensitive and happy 敏喜 (Mǐn xǐ)
79 Mingling Bright and clever 明玲 (Míng líng)
80 Mengwei Dream and greatness 梦薇 (Mèng wēi)
81 Mingjuan Bright and beautiful 明娟 (Míng juān)
82 Minfang Sensitive and square 敏芳 (Mǐn fāng)
83 Mingliang Bright and good 明亮 (Míng liàng)
84 Mingwei Bright and great 明伟 (Míng wěi)
85 Minghong Bright and red 明红 (Míng hóng)
86 Minyan Sensitive and beautiful 敏燕 (Mǐn yàn)
87 Mingya Bright and elegant 明雅 (Míng yǎ)
88 Mingting Bright and graceful 明婷 (Míng tíng)
89 Meina Beautiful and graceful 美娜 (Měi nà)
90 Manlin Manlin 曼琳 (Màn lín)
91 Mingyi Bright and art 明艺 (Míng yì)
92 Mingxin Bright and sincere 明欣 (Míng xīn)
93 Mingjie Bright and outstanding 明洁 (Míng jié)
94 Meixi Plum and rare 梅希 (Méi xī)
95 Mingru Bright and gentle 明茹 (Míng rú)
96 Mingjia Bright and good 明嘉 (Míng jiā)
97 Mingzhe Bright and firm 明哲 (Míng zhé)
98 Manmei Manmei 曼梅 (Màn méi)
99 Mingxia Bright and elegant 明霞 (Míng xiá)
100 Meilu Plum and green 梅绿 (Méi lǜ)
101 Mengxi Dream and joyous 梦喜 (Mèng xǐ)
102 Meixian Plum and virtuous 梅贤 (Méi xián)
103 Minwei Sensitive and graceful 敏薇 (Mǐn wēi)

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the collection of Chinese baby girl names beginning with “M” offers a glimpse into the deep-rooted traditions and cultural significance of names in Chinese society. Each name carries its own unique meaning and symbolism, reflecting values of beauty, strength, and virtue. Whether you’re drawn to a traditional name like Ming or a more contemporary choice like Mei, these names hold a special place in Chinese culture and can serve as a beautiful and meaningful choice for your daughter. May the process of choosing a name for your little one be filled with joy and significance as you embrace the rich tapestry of Chinese naming traditions.

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