90+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with L

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a journey into the captivating world of Chinese baby girl names starting with “L”. From elegant classics to contemporary favorites, these names reflect the rich cultural heritage and profound meanings cherished in Chinese naming traditions. Explore the beauty and significance behind each carefully selected name, and discover the perfect name for your little one that resonates with grace, strength, and timeless charm.

90+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with L

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Lan Orchid 兰 (Lán)
2 Lian Lotus 莲 (Lián)
3 Ling Delicate 玲 (Líng)
4 Liang Good 良 (Liáng)
5 Li Beautiful 丽 (Lì)
6 Lin Beautiful jade 琳 (Lín)
7 Lei Bud 蕾 (Lěi)
8 Lu Dew 露 (Lù)
9 Luoying Lotus and hero 洛英 (Luò yīng)
10 Lisha Beautiful sand 丽莎 (Lì shā)
11 Lixue Beautiful snow 丽雪 (Lì xuě)
12 Lirong Beautiful and graceful 丽蓉 (Lì róng)
13 Lihua Beautiful flower 丽华 (Lì huá)
14 Lifen Beautiful fragrance 丽芬 (Lì fēn)
15 Lina Beautiful and elegant 丽娜 (Lì nà)
16 Liting Beautiful and graceful 丽婷 (Lì tíng)
17 Liwen Beautiful and cultured 丽文 (Lì wén)
18 Lili Beautiful and graceful 丽丽 (Lì lì)
19 Lai Harvest 莱 (Lái)
20 Lanying Orchid and hero 兰英 (Lán yīng)
21 Luolan Falling orchid 落兰 (Luò lán)
22 Luoxi Falling seal 落玺 (Luò xǐ)
23 Lüsi Green silk 绿丝 (Lǜ sī)
24 Lüe Green 绿 (Lǜ)
25 Luoshen Goddess of Luo 洛神 (Luò shén)
26 Luojing Quiet and gentle 洛静 (Luò jìng)
27 Liying Beautiful and clever 丽颖 (Lì yǐng)
28 Lixia Beautiful glow 丽霞 (Lì xiá)
29 Liumei Willow and plum blossom 柳梅 (Liǔ méi)
30 Liyun Beautiful cloud 丽云 (Lì yún)
31 Liqing Beautiful and clear 丽清 (Lì qīng)
32 Liuqing Flowing and clear 流青 (Liú qīng)
33 Lihong Beautiful and red 丽红 (Lì hóng)
34 Lijuan Beautiful and graceful 丽娟 (Lì juān)
35 Lianhua Lotus flower 莲花 (Lián huā)
36 Liping Beautiful and even 丽萍 (Lì píng)
37 Lishan Beautiful and coral 丽珊 (Lì shān)
38 Lianzi Lotus seed 莲子 (Lián zǐ)
39 Lihuan Beautiful and round 丽环 (Lì huán)
40 Liming Beautiful and bright 丽明 (Lì míng)
41 Lixiang Beautiful fragrance 丽香 (Lì xiāng)
42 Luyi Precious and reliant 璐依 (Lù yī)
43 Liuyan Willow and graceful 柳妍 (Liǔ yán)
44 Lijun Beautiful and graceful 丽君 (Lì jūn)
45 Liujuan Flowing and graceful 柳娟 (Liǔ juān)
46 Liru Beautiful and gentle 丽茹 (Lì rú)
47 Lianzhen Continuous truth 连真 (Lián zhēn)
48 Lianyu Lotus and jade 莲玉 (Lián yù)
49 Lirui Beautiful and wise 丽瑞 (Lì ruì)
50 Lihui Beautiful and splendid 丽辉 (Lì huī)
51 Lingxi Clever and intuitive 灵犀 (Líng xī)
52 Laiyi Coming joy 来怡 (Lái yí)
53 Luxuan Precious and bright 璐璿 (Lù xuán)
54 Laiying Orchid and heroic 来英 (Lái yīng)
55 Liuyi Flowing memories 流忆 (Liú yì)
56 Liyan Beautiful and graceful 丽妍 (Lì yán)
57 Lijing Beautiful and quiet 丽静 (Lì jìng)
58 Liyue Beautiful and moon 丽月 (Lì yuè)
59 Luyao Precious and precious 璐瑶 (Lù yáo)
60 Lanzhi Orchid and fungus 兰芝 (Lán zhī)
61 Lisheng Beautiful and prosperous 丽盛 (Lì shèng)
62 Liheng Beautiful and constant 丽恒 (Lì héng)
63 Luxin Precious and fragrant 璐馨 (Lù xīn)
64 Lijia Beautiful and good 丽佳 (Lì jiā)
65 Linxi Jade and stream 琳溪 (Lín xī)
66 Luying Precious and clever 璐颖 (Lù yǐng)
67 Liwei Beautiful and graceful 丽薇 (Lì wēi)
68 Liqin Beautiful and qin 丽琴 (Lì qín)
69 Liangjing Good and quiet 良静 (Liáng jìng)
70 Liufang Willow and fragrant 柳芳 (Liǔ fāng)
71 Linying Beautiful and clever 琳颖 (Lín yǐng)
72 Lianmei Lotus and plum blossom 莲梅 (Lián méi)
73 Lingyun Surpassing the clouds 凌云 (Líng yún)
74 Liqian Beautiful and elegant 丽倩 (Lì qiàn)
75 Lixuan Beautiful and graceful 丽萱 (Lì xuān)
76 Lingxiu Clever and refined 玲秀 (Líng xiù)
77 Liqiu Beautiful and autumn 丽秋 (Lì qiū)
78 Lumei Dew and plum blossom 露梅 (Lù méi)
79 Linlin Beautiful and beautiful 琳琳 (Lín lín)
80 Lijiao Beautiful and charming 丽娇 (Lì jiāo)
81 Lüwen Green and cultured 绿雯 (Lǜ wén)
82 Lianxin Lotus and fragrance 莲馨 (Lián xīn)
83 Linhui Beautiful and splendid 琳辉 (Lín huī)
84 Lingwei Delicate and graceful 玲薇 (Líng wēi)
85 Liuli Glass and beautiful 琉璃 (Liú lí)
86 Lanyu Orchid and jade 兰玉 (Lán yù)
87 Liangmei Good and beautiful 良美 (Liáng měi)
88 Lingling Delicate and delicate 玲玲 (Líng líng)
89 Lianfang Lotus and fragrant 莲芳 (Lián fāng)
90 Lingxiao Surpassing the clouds 凌霄 (Líng xiāo)
91 Lianghui Good and wise 良慧 (Liáng huì)
92 Luoyi Falling and joyful 洛怡 (Luò yí)
93 Linjie Jade and clean 琳洁 (Lín jié)
94 Lingyan Delicate and swallow 玲燕 (Líng yàn)
95 Luofeng Falling wind 落风 (Luò fēng)
96 Lüxiang Green fragrance 绿香 (Lǜ xiāng)

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the selection of Chinese baby girl names starting with “L” offers a glimpse into the deep-rooted traditions and cultural significance of names in Chinese society. Each name carries its own unique meaning and symbolism, reflecting values of beauty, strength, and virtue. Whether you’re drawn to a classic name like Li or a more contemporary choice like Liling, these names hold a special place in Chinese culture and can serve as a beautiful and meaningful choice for your daughter. May the journey of choosing a name for your little one be filled with joy and meaning as you embrace the rich tapestry of Chinese naming traditions.

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