80+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with K

by Sophia Roberts

In Chinese culture, the naming of a baby girl is a significant and cherished tradition, steeped in rich symbolism and cultural heritage. Each name carries with it the hopes and aspirations of parents for their daughter, reflecting values, beliefs, and even family history. As we delve into Chinese baby girl names starting with the letter ‘K,’ we embark on a journey through a diverse array of options, each with its own unique meaning and charm. From traditional names passed down through generations to modern choices influenced by contemporary trends, the selection of a name is a deeply personal and meaningful decision for families.

80+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with K

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Kaiyun Open to the clouds 开云 (Kāi yún)
2 Kanghua Healthy and flourishing 康华 (Kāng huá)
3 Kaixi Happy and joyful 开喜 (Kāi xǐ)
4 Kailing Auspicious and graceful 凯玲 (Kǎi líng)
5 Kaiming Bright and shining 凯明 (Kǎi míng)
6 Kailan Elegant orchid 凯兰 (Kǎi lán)
7 Kexin Delicate and gentle 可心 (Kě xīn)
8 Keyi Gracious and harmonious 柯怡 (Kē yí)
9 Kexuan Delicate and beautiful 可璇 (Kě xuán)
10 Keyun Gracious and smooth 柯云 (Kē yún)
11 Kaili Auspicious and beautiful 凯丽 (Kǎi lì)
12 Kefang Gracious and fragrant 柯芳 (Kē fāng)
13 Keren Graceful and gentle 柯仁 (Kē rén)
14 Keya Elegant and graceful 柯雅 (Kē yǎ)
15 Kehan Gracious and generous 柯涵 (Kē hán)
16 Kehui Gracious and wise 柯慧 (Kē huì)
17 Kehua Gracious and magnificent 柯华 (Kē huá)
18 Kejun Gracious and pure 柯君 (Kē jūn)
19 Kelan Elegant and delicate 柯兰 (Kē lán)
20 Kewei Gracious and elegant 柯蔚 (Kē wèi)
21 Keyuan Gracious and far-reaching 柯远 (Kē yuǎn)
22 Keling Delicate and lovely 可铃 (Kě líng)
23 Kexing Delicate and prosperous 可兴 (Kě xīng)
24 Kezhen Gracious and virtuous 可贞 (Kě zhēn)
25 Kefei Gracious and flying 柯飞 (Kē fēi)
26 Keqin Gracious and respectful 柯勤 (Kē qín)
27 Kexi Gracious and happy 柯喜 (Kē xǐ)
28 Keying Gracious and graceful 柯颖 (Kē yǐng)
29 Kefan Gracious and ordinary 柯凡 (Kē fán)
30 Keting Gracious and graceful 柯婷 (Kē tíng)
31 Kexia Gracious and virtuous 柯霞 (Kē xiá)
32 Keqing Gracious and clear 柯清 (Kē qīng)
33 Kewen Gracious and cultured 柯文 (Kē wén)
34 Keyue Gracious and elegant 柯月 (Kē yuè)
35 Keyin Gracious and graceful 柯音 (Kē yīn)
36 Kehong Gracious and grand 柯红 (Kē hóng)
37 Kezhu Gracious and bamboo 柯竹 (Kē zhú)
38 Kejia Gracious and family 柯家 (Kē jiā)
39 Kexiao Gracious and laughing 可笑 (Kě xiào)
40 Kecheng Gracious and honest 柯诚 (Kē chéng)
41 Kemin Gracious and sensible 柯敏 (Kē mín)
42 Kebao Gracious and precious 柯宝 (Kē bǎo)
43 Kemei Gracious and beautiful 柯美 (Kē měi)
44 Keyu Gracious and rain 柯雨 (Kē yǔ)
45 Kelei Gracious and courteous 柯蕾 (Kē léi)
46 Keyang Gracious and sun 柯阳 (Kē yáng)
47 Keyan Gracious and rock 柯岩 (Kē yán)
48 Kewan Gracious and complete 柯婉 (Kē wǎn)
49 Keyao Gracious and deep 柯瑶 (Kē yáo)
50 Keli Gracious and beautiful 柯丽 (Kē lì)
51 Kexiang Gracious and fragrance 柯香 (Kē xiāng)
52 Kefeng Gracious and breeze 柯风 (Kē fēng)
53 Kaihua Open and flourishing 开华 (Kāi huá)
54 Kailin Auspicious forest 凯琳 (Kǎi lín)
55 Kaining Auspicious and peaceful 凯宁 (Kǎi níng)
56 Kairui Auspicious and bright 凯瑞 (Kǎi ruì)
57 Kaixin Happy and joyful 开心 (Kāi xīn)
58 Kun Universe and space 坤 (Kūn)
59 Kuiying Noble and heroic 魁英 (Kuí yīng)
60 Kunling Universe and clever 坤灵 (Kūn líng)
61 Keshi Can be master 可时 (Kě shí)
62 Kuai Quick and fast 快 (Kuài)
63 Kuaile Happy and joyful 快乐 (Kuài lè)
64 Keshia Can be master 科希亚 (Kē xī yà)
65 Keziah Fragrant and beautiful 凯莎 (Kǎi shā)
66 Kexue Gracious and learning 科学 (Kē xué)
67 Kerenhappuch Horn of antelope 可兰哈布 (Kě lán hā bù)
68 Kuimei Noble and beautiful 魁美 (Kuí měi)
69 Kuei Noble and respectful 贵 (Guì)
70 Kuifen Noble and fragrance 贵芬 (Guì fēn)
71 Kweilin Noble and forest 贵林 (Guì lín)
72 Kui Noble and heroic 奎 (Kuí)
73 Kuixiang Noble and fragrance 奎香 (Kuí xiāng)
74 Kuizhi Noble and wisdom 奎智 (Kuí zhì)
75 Kaitlyn Pure and beautiful 凯特琳 (Kǎi tè lín)
76 Keliang Beautiful and bright 克亮 (Kè liàng)
77 Kuan-yin Compassionate goddess 观音 (Guān yīn)
78 Kuang-hsu Expansive prosperity 光绪 (Guāng xù)
79 Kaiying Open and heroic 凯英 (Kǎi yīng)
80 Kaimi Open and beautiful 凯蜜 (Kǎi mì)
81 Kaini Open and gentle 凯妮 (Kǎi nī)

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In conslution,

In wrapping up our exploration of Chinese baby girl names starting with “K,” we unveil a tapestry of options blending tradition and modernity. Each name carries its own unique significance, resonating with the hopes and dreams of parents for their daughters. Whether rooted in ancient Chinese culture or influenced by contemporary trends, these names reflect the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of China. As families embark on the journey of choosing a name, may they find inspiration and joy in the diverse array of options available, ensuring that the chosen name becomes a cherished part of their daughter’s identity, representing love, heritage, and aspirations for a lifetime.

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