80+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with J

by Sophia Roberts

In Chinese culture, the naming of a baby girl is a momentous occasion, steeped in tradition and meaning. Each name carries with it the hopes and aspirations of parents for their precious daughter, reflecting the beauty of Chinese language and culture. As we explore Chinese baby girl names beginning with the letter ‘J,’ we uncover a treasure trove of options, each with its own unique significance and charm. From traditional names passed down through generations to modern choices influenced by contemporary trends, the selection of a name is a deeply personal and meaningful journey for families.

80+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with J

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Jiayi Auspicious 佳怡 (Jiā yí)
2 Jiaxin Beautiful heart 佳欣 (Jiā xīn)
3 Jingyi Quiet beauty 静怡 (Jìng yí)
4 Jiali Beautiful and graceful 佳丽 (Jiā lì)
5 Jinjing Crystal clear 津津 (Jīn jīn)
6 Jiarui Auspicious and sharp 佳睿 (Jiā ruì)
7 Jiahui Beautiful wisdom 佳慧 (Jiā huì)
8 Jialin Beautiful jade 佳琳 (Jiā lín)
9 Jinfeng Golden phoenix 金凤 (Jīn fèng)
10 Jiaying Auspicious and graceful 佳颖 (Jiā yǐng)
11 Jiayu Beautiful and pure 佳宇 (Jiā yǔ)
12 Jiao Delicate and charming 娇 (Jiāo)
13 Jiawei Auspicious and elegant 佳薇 (Jiā wēi)
14 Jiamei Beautiful and charming 佳美 (Jiā měi)
15 Jiayun Auspicious and charming 佳韵 (Jiā yùn)
16 Jie Pure and clean 洁 (Jié)
17 Jiandan Simple and pure 简单 (Jiǎn dān)
18 Jianing Quiet peace 安静 (Ān jìng)
19 Jianshi Quiet poetry 静诗 (Jìng shī)
20 Jialing Beautiful and delicate 佳玲 (Jiā líng)
21 Jieyu Pure jade 洁玉 (Jié yù)
22 Jieyan Pure and beautiful 洁艳 (Jié yàn)
23 Jinyan Gold and beautiful 金燕 (Jīn yàn)
24 Jinxin Gold and heart 金心 (Jīn xīn)
25 Jiexin Auspicious heart 佳欣 (Jiā xīn)
26 Jiemei Beautiful and charming 姣美 (Jiāo měi)
27 Jieqiong Pure and clear 洁琼 (Jié qióng)
28 Jiexi Auspicious and happy 佳禧 (Jiā xǐ)
29 Jieling Auspicious and delicate 佳玲 (Jiā líng)
30 Jiexiu Auspicious and elegant 佳秀 (Jiā xiù)
31 Jieshu Auspicious and gentle 佳舒 (Jiā shū)
32 Jiayang Auspicious sun 佳阳 (Jiā yáng)
33 Jieyi Auspicious and beautiful 佳仪 (Jiā yí)
34 Jieying Auspicious and graceful 佳颖 (Jiā yǐng)
35 Jiayao Auspicious and precious 佳瑶 (Jiā yáo)
36 Jiazhen Auspicious and precious 佳珍 (Jiā zhēn)
37 Jiahao Auspicious and grand 佳豪 (Jiā háo)
38 Jiewen Auspicious and graceful 佳雯 (Jiā wén)
39 Jiaran Auspicious and graceful 佳然 (Jiā rán)
40 Jiacheng Auspicious and sincere 佳诚 (Jiā chéng)
41 Jiayue Auspicious and elegant 佳悦 (Jiā yuè)
42 Jiaming Auspicious and bright 佳明 (Jiā míng)
43 Jialiang Auspicious and bright 佳良 (Jiā liáng)
44 Jiyue Auspicious and graceful 佳月 (Jiā yuè)
45 Jiaqi Auspicious and auspicious 佳祺 (Jiā qí)
46 Jiayin Auspicious and graceful 佳音 (Jiā yīn)
47 Jiawen Auspicious and graceful 佳雯 (Jiā wén)
48 Jiasu Auspicious and simple 佳素 (Jiā sù)
49 Jiezhi Auspicious and auspicious 佳致 (Jiā zhì)
50 Jielin Auspicious and elegant 佳琳 (Jiā líng)
51 Jianning Auspicious and peaceful 佳宁 (Jiā níng)
52 Jiashu Auspicious and comfortable 佳舒 (Jiā shū)
53 Jiaxuan Auspicious and bright 佳轩 (Jiā xuān)
54 Jialu Auspicious and beautiful 佳璐 (Jiā lù)
55 Jianyu Auspicious and peaceful 佳玉 (Jiān yù)
56 Jiaozi Auspicious and auspicious 佳子 (Jiāo zǐ)
57 Jiehua Auspicious and beautiful 洁华 (Jié huá)
58 Jiamin Auspicious and gentle 佳敏 (Jiā mín)
59 Jiehui Auspicious and graceful 洁慧 (Jié huì)
60 Jiachen Auspicious and sincere 佳晨 (Jiā chén)
61 Jiaojiao Auspicious and auspicious 佳娇 (Jiā jiāo)
62 Jiaheng Auspicious and prosperous 佳恒 (Jiā héng)
63 Jiameng Auspicious and dreamy 佳梦 (Jiā mèng)
64 Jieting Auspicious and graceful 佳婷 (Jiā tíng)
65 Jiahong Auspicious and grand 佳虹 (Jiā hóng)
66 Jiayuan Auspicious and round 佳媛 (Jiā yuán)
67 Jiahua Auspicious and splendid 佳华 (Jiā huá)
68 Jiana Auspicious and elegant 佳娜 (Jiā nà)
69 Jinxuan Auspicious and bright 佳璇 (Jiā xuán)
70 Jinyi Auspicious and beautiful 金懿 (Jīn yì)
71 Jingshu Auspicious and gentle 静舒 (Jìng shū)
72 Jiani Auspicious and graceful 佳妮 (Jiā nī)
73 Jiezhen Auspicious and precious 佳珍 (Jiā zhēn)
74 Jifeng Auspicious and phoenix 吉凤 (Jí fèng)
75 Jihong Auspicious and red 吉虹 (Jí hóng)
76 Jilei Auspicious and thunder 吉雷 (Jí léi)
77 Jiling Auspicious and cold 吉凌 (Jí líng)
78 Jilong Auspicious and dragon 吉龙 (Jí lóng)
79 Jimei Auspicious and beautiful 吉美 (Jí měi)
80 Jinlan Auspicious and orchid 吉兰 (Jí lán)
81 Jinli Auspicious and beautiful 金丽 (Jīn lì)
82 Jinling Auspicious and clever 金铃 (Jīn líng)
83 Jinrong Auspicious and prosperous 金荣 (Jīn róng)
84 Jinxi Auspicious and happy 金喜 (Jīn xǐ)
85 Jinxia Auspicious and summer 金夏 (Jīn xià)
86 Jinying Auspicious and charming 金莹 (Jīn yíng)

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the exploration of Chinese baby girl names starting with the letter “J” reveals a rich tapestry of options that blend tradition, beauty, and meaning. Whether rooted in ancient Chinese culture or reflecting modern influences, each name holds its own special significance, embodying the hopes and dreams of parents for their daughters. As families embark on the joyful journey of selecting a name, may they find inspiration and delight in the diverse array of options available, and may the chosen name become a cherished part of their daughter’s identity, reflecting love, heritage, and aspirations for a lifetime.

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