80+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with E

by Sophia Roberts

Looking for the perfect name for your little one? Chinese baby girl names starting with “E” offer a blend of tradition, elegance, and meaning. From timeless classics to modern gems, these names carry a rich cultural significance that resonates through generations. Whether you’re drawn to names steeped in history or those that exude contemporary charm, exploring this collection of “E” names is sure to inspire you on your journey to finding the ideal name for your precious daughter. Join us as we delve into the world of Chinese baby girl names beginning with “E,” where every name tells a story waiting to be cherished.

80+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with E

No. Name Meaning
1 Emei (峨嵋) Beautiful mountain in Sichuan province
2 Enxi (恩喜) Graceful joy
3 Enya (恩雅) Graceful and elegant
4 Eryi (尔依) Relying on grace
5 Elisa (艾莉莎) God is my oath
6 Erya (尔雅) Elegant and refined
7 Enlai (恩来) Gracious arrival
8 Enping (恩平) Gracious peace
9 Eulogia (尤洛吉亚) Praise, blessing
10 Eupraxia (尤普拉克西娅) Good action
11 Enxin (恩欣) Gracious joy
12 Enran (恩然) Gracious tranquility
13 Enxiu (恩秀) Gracious elegance
14 Eshun (恩顺) Gracious obedience
15 Enmei (恩美) Gracious beauty
16 Enyin (恩音) Gracious sound
17 Enyan (恩言) Gracious words
18 Enzi (恩子) Gracious child
19 Enxuan (恩璇) Gracious jade
20 Enqi (恩琪) Gracious outstanding
21 Enying (恩英) Gracious flower
22 Enyuan (恩媛) Gracious beauty
23 Enzhen (恩珍) Gracious treasure
24 Enxue (恩雪) Gracious snow
25 Enli (恩丽) Gracious and beautiful
26 Elspeth (艾尔丝佩思) Consecrated to God
27 Enlan (恩兰) Gracious orchid
28 Enwei (恩伟) Gracious greatness
29 Elna (艾娜) Strong, shining light
30 Etsuko (悦子) Joyful child
31 Eula (优拉) Sweet-spoken, well-spoken
32 Eudora (优朵拉) Generous gift
33 Elaine (艾琳) Bright, shining light
34 Elina (艾丽娜) Beautiful torch
35 Elva (艾尔娃) Noble friend
36 Emily (艾米莉) Industrious, hardworking
37 Elise (艾丽丝) Devoted to God
38 Evangeline (伊凡吉琳) Messenger of good news
39 Eveline (伊芙琳) Pleasant, charming
40 Evonne (伊文) Archer, yew wood
41 Elodie (艾洛迪) Foreign riches
42 Elara (艾拉拉) Bright, shining light
43 Eileen (艾琳) Bright, shining light
44 Edith (伊迪丝) Prosperous in war
45 Eris (艾丽丝) Star
46 Esmé (爱丝梅) Loved, esteemed
47 Echo (回响) Sound reflection
48 Elowen (艾洛雯) Elm tree
49 Eunice (尤妮丝) Victorious
50 Elyse (艾莉丝) God’s promise
51 Elvire (艾尔维儿) Elf warrior
52 Elora (艾罗拉) Modern variant of Elenore
53 Ember (恩波) Spark, burning coal
54 Essence (爱森斯) Fundamental nature
55 Estelle (爱丝黛尔) Star
56 Esmei (爱思美) Beloved, esteemed
57 Evelina (艾薇琳娜) Life, living
58 Emmeline (艾美琳) Industrious, hardworking
59 Evita (艾薇塔) Life, living
60 Eliska (艾莉斯卡) Truthful
61 Elvia (艾薇雅) Friend
62 Enid (艾妮德) Soul
63 Eulalia (尤拉莉亚) Well-spoken
64 Elvita (艾尔维塔) Elf friend
65 Emery (艾梅丽) Industrious, hardworking
66 Eulalie (尤拉莉) Sweetly spoken
67 Evadne (艾娃德妮) Pleasure
68 Edeline (艾德琳) Noble, kind
69 Elvina (艾尔维娜) Friend of elves
70 Euphemia (尤菲米娅) Well-spoken
71 Elvyra (艾尔维拉) Elf friend
72 Estella (艾丝黛拉) Star
73 Evania (艾维妮亚) Peaceful
74 Eurydice (尤丽迪斯) Justice
75 Eudocia (尤多西亚) Good reputation
76 Enola (恩欧拉) Gracious light
77 Eilis (艾莉丝) God’s promise
78 Erisa (艾丽莎) Joyful
79 Eirene (爱琳) Peace
80 Emiko (艾美子) Blessed, beautiful child
81 Eulah (尤拉) Sweet-spoken
82 Eyre (艾尔) Fortification
83 Eilene (艾琳) Bright, shining light
84 Eleni (艾琳妮) Torch, light
85 Euphrosyne (尤弗罗西尼) Joy
86 Emilia (艾米莉亚) Industrious, hardworking

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, Chinese baby girl names starting with “E” offer a plethora of options that blend tradition, beauty, and meaning. Whether you’re captivated by the simplicity of “Enya” or the grace of “Eliana,” each name carries a unique charm that reflects the rich cultural heritage of China. From ancient dynasties to modern aspirations, these names weave a tapestry of identity and significance for your little one. As you embark on this journey of naming your daughter, may you find inspiration and joy in discovering the perfect name that resonates with your heart and soul. Embrace the beauty of Chinese culture and tradition as you welcome your precious “E”-named baby girl into the world.

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