100+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with D

by Sophia Roberts

In the vast tapestry of Chinese culture, names hold a special significance, often weaving together tradition, meaning, and a touch of poetic beauty. As we embark on a journey through the realm of Chinese baby girl names, our focus zeroes in on the letter ‘D,’ a letter that carries with it the promise of delightful choices. Each name, a brushstroke on the canvas of a child’s identity, resonates with the rich heritage and profound meanings that have been cherished for generations. Join me as we explore a collection of Chinese baby girl names that commence with the graceful and enigmatic letter ‘D.’

100+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with D

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Daiyu Elegant rain 代雨
2 Danhua Refreshing flower 丹花
3 Danni Beautiful jade 丹妮
4 Danying Autumn cherry 丹樱
5 Difen Elegant fragrance 帝芬
6 Doudou Little bean 豆豆
7 Duanfen Short-lived fragrance 短芬
8 Duanmei Short plum 短梅
9 Duying Virtuous cherry 独樱
10 Dandan Red silk 丹丹
11 Dapeng Virtuous and strong 大鹏
12 Dongmei Winter plum 冬梅
13 Diantha Heavenly flower 电葵
14 Dailan Dai orchid 黛兰
15 Dujuan Virtuous beauty 杜娟
16 Danyu Red jade 丹玉
17 Dingxiang Fragrant spice 丁香
18 Deshi Virtuous and gentle 德诗
19 Dixin Virtuous heart 帝心
20 Danzhu Cinnabar pearl 丹珠
21 Dengmei Autumn plum 登梅
22 Diqiu Earthly grace 地秋
23 Duyan Virtuous swallow 独燕
24 Daili Elegant and beautiful 黛丽
25 Dianchen Celestial morning 电晨
26 Diya Luminous grace 帝雅
27 Duomei Virtuous and beautiful 多美
28 Dishi Virtuous and poetic 帝诗
29 Duanzhi Short-lived wisdom 短智
30 Danli Fragrant jasmine 丹丽
31 Dianyu Heavenly rain 电雨
32 Daima Elegant horse 代马
33 Danrong Elegant and graceful 丹容
34 Dazhi Big wisdom 大智
35 Duoyi Virtuous and artistic 多艺
36 Dianhong Heavenly rainbow 电虹
37 Dianzi Electric purple 电紫
38 Dairong Elegant and graceful 黛容
39 Daiming Elegant brightness 代明
40 Daiman Elegant and gentle 黛曼
41 Dailian Elegant lotus 黛莲
42 Desheng Virtuous and victorious 德胜
43 Daolin Elegant forest 道林
44 Dongfang Eastern fragrance 东方
45 Dailü Elegant and virtuous 黛绿
46 Dawei Big greatness 大伟
47 Dayong Big courage 大勇
48 Dailin Elegant forest 黛林
49 Danru Sweet and gentle 丹如
50 Duyi Virtuous and righteous 独义
51 Danqing Elegant and clear 丹清
52 Duanrong Short-lived glory 短荣
53 Dannielle Feminine form of Daniel 丹妮尔
54 Duojie Virtuous and outstanding 多杰
55 Dailiang Elegant and bright 黛亮
56 Dianhua Electric flower 电花
57 Duyao Virtuous and elegant 独瑶
58 Dailing Elegant and delicate 黛玲
59 Dianrong Electric glory 电荣
60 Daya Big elegance 大雅
61 Dianxin Electric heart 电心
62 Daomei Elegant and beautiful 道美
63 Duojia Virtuous and good 多家
64 Danxi Elegant and refined 丹溪
65 Duanwen Short-lived warmth 短温
66 Deyue Virtuous and moon 德月
67 Danzi Elegant and graceful 丹姿
68 Daliang Elegant and bright 大亮
69 Dailu Elegant and smooth 黛露
70 Duoyue Virtuous and graceful 多月
71 Daqian Big simplicity 大谦
72 Dongyu Winter jade 冬玉
73 Dairui Elegant and auspicious 黛瑞
74 Dianlan Electric orchid 电兰
75 Duozhu Virtuous bamboo 多竹
76 Duohua Virtuous and splendid 多华
77 Daizhi Big wisdom 代智
78 Danlei Elegant and thunderous 丹雷
79 Dewen Virtuous and gentle 德文
80 Danyan Elegant and refined 丹燕
81 Dazhu Big pearl 大珠
82 Duanli Short-lived beauty 短丽
83 Dewei Virtuous and great 德伟
84 Dianxuan Electric mystery 电玄
85 Daizhu Big bamboo 代竹
86 Daoying Big harmony 道颖
87 Dianhui Electric wisdom 电慧
88 Deyi Virtuous and righteous 德义
89 Danyue Elegant and joyful 丹悦
90 Dafang Big fragrance 大芳
91 Danwen Elegant and gentle 丹雯
92 Duyun Virtuous cloud 独云
93 Dingxiu Stability and grace 定秀
94 Daimin Elegant and clever 代敏
95 Danyi Elegant and artistic 丹艺
96 Danmei Elegant and beautiful 丹美
97 Dianlu Electric road 电路
98 Dianzhu Electric pearl 电珠
99 Dianwei Electric greatness 电伟
100 Duanqing Short-lived clarity 短清

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In conslution,

In the symphony of Chinese baby girl names, those beginning with the letter ‘D’ have unfolded like petals, revealing a tapestry of meanings, traditions, and a timeless elegance. Each name, a cultural gem, carries a story, a heritage, and a promise for the future. From the poetic to the profound, the names we’ve explored beckon us to appreciate the artistry embedded in the Chinese language and its ability to encapsulate sentiments within a few characters. As we conclude our journey through this alphabetical odyssey, may these ‘D’-initiated names serve as a reminder of the depth and beauty ingrained in the tradition of Chinese nomenclature, an enduring legacy passed down through generations.

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