60+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with C

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a delightful journey through the world of Chinese baby girl names, as we unravel the beauty and significance of names starting with the elegant letter C. Each name is a brushstroke painting a unique story of culture, tradition, and timeless grace.

60+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with C

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Chenxi Morning sun 晨曦
2 Caiyun Colored clouds 彩云
3 Cuihua Colorful flowers 翠花
4 Chunhua Spring flowers 春华
5 Cuifen Elegant fragrance 翠芬
6 Cailing Colorful and delicate 彩玲
7 Chunmei Spring beauty 春美
8 Caihong Rainbow 彩虹
9 Cuiying Colorful and smart 翠颖
10 Caiwei Colorful and graceful 彩薇
11 Chunlan Spring orchid 春兰
12 Chuying Elegant and clever 翠莺
13 Cailin Colorful and delicate 彩琳
14 Cuiyun Colorful clouds 翠云
15 Chunjing Spring scenery 春景
16 Caixia Colorful glow 彩霞
17 Cuixiang Elegant fragrance 翠香
18 Chunxiu Beautiful and refined 春秀
19 Caizhen Colorful and precious 彩珍
20 Chunli Beautiful and graceful 春丽
21 Chuyi Elegant and righteous 翠仪
22 Chuling Elegant and delicate 翠玲
23 Caiqing Colorful and clear 彩晴
24 Chunzhu Bamboo in spring 春竹
25 Cuiwei Colorful and graceful 翠薇
26 Cailian Colorful lotus 彩莲
27 Cuiyan Colorful swallow 翠燕
28 Chuxin Elegant and fresh 翠欣
29 Caihui Colorful wisdom 彩晖
30 Caihua Colorful flowers 彩花
31 Chunxiao Spring laughter 春笑
32 Cuifang Elegant and fragrant 翠芳
33 Chunzi Spring child 春子
34 Cuiqing Elegant and clear 翠清
35 Caili Colorful and beautiful 彩丽
36 Chufang Elegant and fragrant 翠芳
37 Caixiu Colorful and graceful 彩绣
38 Chunxue Spring snow 春雪
39 Cailan Colorful orchid 彩兰
40 Chunzhen Truly precious 纯珍
41 Cuihuan Colorful and happy 翠欢
42 Caiyan Colorful swallow 彩燕
43 Chuyun Elegant and cloud-like 翠云
44 Chunyu Jade-like and pure 纯玉
45 Chuli Elegant and beautiful 翠丽
46 Caimei Colorful and beautiful 彩美
47 Chunyan Spring swallow 春燕
48 Chunxi Beautiful and refined 春熙
49 Chuyan Elegant and beautiful 翠艳
50 Chulan Elegant and blue 翠蓝
51 Cuizhen Elegant and precious 翠珍
52 Cuiyu Elegant and jade-like 翠玉
53 Cuiping Elegant and serene 翠萍
54 Caifeng Colorful phoenix 彩凤
55 Cuilan Elegant and orchid 翠兰
56 Cuihui Colorful wisdom 翠慧
57 Caijing Colorful and quiet 彩静
58 Chunwei Elegant and graceful 翠薇
59 Cuizhu Elegant and bamboo-like 翠竹
60 Chunying Spring shadows 春影
61 Cuijuan Elegant and beautiful 翠娟
62 Caiyi Colorful and happy 彩仪
63 Chunxuan Spring mystery 春璇
64 Cuilian Elegant and graceful 翠莲
65 Cuixia Elegant and summer 翠夏
66 Cuihong Colorful and red 翠红
67 Cuijian Elegant and simple 翠简
68 Cuijing Elegant and quiet 翠静

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In conclusion

In conclusion, these Chinese baby girl names beginning with C are not just phonetic sounds; they are whispers of tradition, echoes of heritage, and promises of a beautiful future. Choosing a name is like crafting a poetic masterpiece, a timeless gift that intertwines the past, present, and the dreams that lie ahead. May the names you choose for your little ones carry the weight of a thousand stories and the grace of a thousand years.

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