100+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with B

by Sophia Roberts

In the vast tapestry of Chinese culture, the art of naming holds a profound significance. Each name carries a unique melody, echoing the rich traditions and aspirations of generations past. As we embark on a journey to explore the beauty of Chinese baby girl names, we find ourselves at the threshold of the letter ‘B,’ where a symphony of meaningful and elegant names awaits discovery. These names are not mere combinations of sounds; they are threads woven into the cultural fabric, each telling a story and painting a portrait of heritage and hope. Join us in unraveling the charm and essence of Chinese baby girl names that commence with the letter ‘B,’ where tradition meets creativity in a harmonious blend.

100+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with B

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Baihua Elegant and delicate 百花
2 Baoyu Precious jade 宝玉
3 Beibei Precious 贝贝
4 Bingqing Pure and clear 冰晴
5 Bo Wave
6 Bohai Vast sea 渤海
7 Bohan Broad-minded 博涵
8 Bohui Gentle and virtuous 渤慧
9 Bowen Cultivated and refined 博文
10 Boya Precious and elegant 博雅
11 Baozhu Precious pearl 宝珠
12 Beilei Graceful and upright 贝蕾
13 Baomei Precious and beautiful 宝美
14 Bailan White orchid 白兰
15 Bailing White jasmine 白玲
16 Baozhen Treasure and precious 宝贞
17 Binru Gentle and graceful 彬如
18 Bixia Jade-like 碧霞
19 Bifang Fragrant and virtuous 碧芳
20 Baolin Precious jade forest 宝琳
21 Binhui Gentle and graceful 彬惠
22 Bixuan Jade mystery 碧璇
23 Bixue Jade snow 碧雪
24 Baiyun White cloud 白云
25 Bihui Graceful and kind 碧慧
26 Biyu Jasper 碧玉
27 Bingxin Pure heart 冰心
28 Bojia Gentle and beautiful 渤嘉
29 Baojing Precious and quiet 宝静
30 Baozhi Precious and wise 宝智
31 Baoxia Precious and delicate 宝霞
32 Binmei Gentle and beautiful 彬美
33 Baoqin Precious and gentle 宝琴
34 Binwei Gentle and graceful 彬蔚
35 Bailian White lotus 白莲
36 Baoqian Precious and modest 宝倩
37 Baowen Precious and gentle 宝文
38 Baiwei White rose 白薇
39 Baili White jasmine 白莉
40 Binghui Bright and graceful 冰慧
41 Baijing Clear and quiet 白静
42 Baizhen Precious and true 白真
43 Baojin Precious and gentle 宝津
44 Biyan Jade-like and beautiful 碧妍
45 Beili Gentle and graceful 贝丽
46 Binzhu Gentle and bamboo-like 彬竹
47 Baoxin Precious and happy 宝欣
48 Baohui Precious and kind 宝惠
49 Beina Gentle and graceful 贝娜
50 Bingyi Bright and harmonious 冰怡
51 Baihui White and kind 白惠
52 Baizhu Precious and bamboo 白竹
53 Biqin Jade-like and gentle 碧琴
54 Baoyun Precious cloud 宝云
55 Baojia Precious and beautiful 宝嘉
56 Bolin Gentle and elegant 渤琳
57 Bomei Precious and beautiful 博美
58 Boren Gentle and kind 渤仁
59 Bixi Jade-like and happy 碧喜
60 Baoli Precious and graceful 宝丽
61 Binlei Gentle and gracious 彬蕾
62 Beimei Beautiful and delicate 贝美
63 Bixiu Jade-like and refined 碧秀
64 Baolan Precious and graceful 宝兰
65 Bofang Abundant and fragrant 博芳
66 Bozhu Gentle and honest 渤珠
67 Baozhai Precious and elegant 宝斋
68 Beiyu Precious and jade-like 贝玉
69 Bolu Gentle and beautiful 渤露
70 Baofang Abundant and fragrant 宝芳
71 Bimei Beautiful and delicate 博美
72 Baina White and elegant 百娜
73 Bojue Broad-minded and outstanding 博觉
74 Binhai Gentle and peaceful 彬海
75 Baojiao Precious and charming 宝娇
76 Baozhong Precious and loyal 宝忠
77 Boqi Broad-minded and virtuous 博奇
78 Bosheng Broad-minded and accomplished 博生
79 Bolan Gentle and graceful 渤兰
80 Banyue Beautiful moon 班月
81 Baoxiang Precious and auspicious 宝祥
82 Bofei Abundant and graceful 博飞
83 Baoqiao Precious and clever 宝巧
84 Beiran Beautiful and gentle 贝然
85 Bixian Jade-like and virtuous 碧贤
86 Baohua Precious and splendid 宝华
87 Bozhen Broad-minded and noble 渤贞
88 Binhua Gentle and elegant 彬华
89 Baowei Precious and majestic 宝威
90 Bixun Jade-like and modest 碧训
91 Baolu Precious and beautiful 宝露
92 Binjie Gentle and outstanding 彬洁
93 Bingyan Bright and beautiful 冰妍
94 Bailin White orchid 白琳
95 Baocai Precious and colorful 宝彩
96 Beizhen Beautiful and precious 贝珍
97 Bojun Broad-minded and noble 渤君
98 Baowang Precious and majestic 宝旺
99 Biqiao Jade-like and clever 碧巧
100 Bingjie Bright and outstanding 冰洁
101 Bozhi Broad-minded and wise 渤智
102 Biao Elegant and outstanding
103 Binxi Gentle and happy 彬喜
104 Biyue Jade-like and happy 碧月
105 Baoshi Precious and thoughtful 宝诗
106 Baoxi Precious and joyful 宝喜
107 Bofeng Broad-minded and sharp 博风
108 Biwen Jade-like and refined 碧文

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In conclusion

As we conclude our exploration into the realm of Chinese baby girl names beginning with the letter ‘B,’ we find ourselves immersed in a world of timeless elegance and cultural resonance. The names we’ve uncovered are not just phonetic combinations; they are gateways to a rich heritage, carrying the whispers of ancient traditions and the dreams of generations yet to come. From Bai, meaning pure, to Bao, signifying precious treasures, each name unveils a tapestry of significance and beauty. Choosing a name for a baby is an intimate endeavor, and in this collection of ‘B’ names, we discover a fusion of tradition and modernity that resonates with both the past and the future. May these names inspire a sense of connection and admiration for the depth of Chinese cultural heritage, providing a meaningful foundation for the journeys these baby girls are destined to embark upon.

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