50+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with A

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Embark on a delightful journey of naming as we explore a curated list of exquisite Chinese baby girl names that commence with the enchanting letter ‘A’. From timeless classics to contemporary gems, let’s delve into a collection that resonates with cultural richness and lyrical elegance. Whether you seek tradition or a touch of modern flair, these names promise to add a special charm to your little one’s identity. Join us in unraveling the beauty and significance behind each name, inviting you to celebrate the art of naming in Chinese culture.

50+ Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with A

No. Name Meaning
1 Aili (爱丽) Beautiful Love
2 Anwei (安薇) Safe and Graceful
3 Aiyi (爱仪) Beloved Ritual
4 Aizhu (爱珠) Loveable Pearl
5 Aixin (爱心) Loving Heart
6 Anran (安然) Peaceful
7 Aiyun (爱云) Loving Cloud
8 Aihua (爱华) Loving and Elegant
9 Aifei (爱菲) Loving and Fragrant
10 Anqi (安琪) Precious stone
11 Aolan (傲岚) Proud and Misty
12 Aimei (爱梅) Loving Plum Blossom
13 Ailing (爱玲) Loving and Exquisite
14 Anni (安妮) Peaceful and Elegant
15 Aiyu (爱玉) Beloved Jade
16 Aiwei (爱薇) Love and Rose
17 Aiping (爱萍) Love and Duckweed
18 Aixiu (爱秀) Loving Elegance
19 Aiyue (爱悦) Loving Joy
20 Anning (安宁) Peaceful and Calm
21 Aixia (爱霞) Loving Glow
22 Aisheng (爱胜) Love and Victory
23 An (安) Peaceful
24 Ailin (爱琳) Loving and Beautiful Jade
25 Aomei (傲美) Proud and Beautiful
26 Aizhen (爱珍) Loving Treasure
27 Anyi (安怡) Peaceful
28 Aiyong (爱勇) Loving Courage
29 Aixuan (爱璇) Loving Radiance
30 Aina (艾娜) Fragrant
31 Anya (安雅) Peaceful and elegant
32 Ailian (爱莲) Loving Lotus
33 Aohan (傲寒) Proud and cold
34 Aihong (爱红) Loving Red
35 Aixiang (爱香) Loving Fragrance
36 Aijie (爱洁) Loving Cleanliness
37 Aoifei (傲霏) Proud and abundant
38 Ai (爱) Love
39 Aiyin (艾音) Loving Melody
40 Aijiao (爱娇) Loving and Charming
41 Aifen (爱芬) Loving Fragrance
42 Aijun (爱君) Loving Lord/Ruler
43 Aiyang (爱阳) Loving Sun
44 Aixun (爱训) Loving Instruction
45 Ailan (爱兰) Loving Orchid
46 Aiqing (爱情) Loving Affection
47 Aixiao (爱晓) Loving Dawn
48 Aizhang (爱彰) Loving Manifestation
49 Aiyuan (爱媛) Loving Garden
50 Aixue (爱雪) Loving Snow
51 Aijing (艾静) Loving Quietness
52 Aizhuo (爱卓) Loving Outstanding
53 Aixi (爱曦) Loving Sunlight
54 Aizhi (爱芝) Loving Orchid

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the journey through Chinese baby girl names beginning with ‘A’ unveils a tapestry of cultural heritage and contemporary allure. Each name carries a unique resonance, blending tradition with a touch of modern sophistication. As you embark on the quest for the perfect name for your little one, may this collection inspire you, and may the chosen name become a cherished reflection of your family’s values and aspirations. Embrace the richness of Chinese culture in the beautiful gift of a name for your precious daughter, ensuring her journey begins with a name that echoes love, meaning, and timeless elegance.

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