90+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

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Embark on a captivating exploration of Chinese culture as we delve into a curated collection of baby boy names starting with Z. Rooted in centuries-old traditions, these names not only carry historical significance but also resonate with modern charm. From Zhou, symbolizing wisdom, to Zhi, embodying ambition, each name reflects a rich tapestry of values and aspirations. Join us on a journey through the alphabet’s final letter, where the beauty of Chinese nomenclature unfolds, offering parents a spectrum of choices to bestow upon their newborns a name that is both meaningful and culturally resonant.

90+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Zhan War
2 Zhong Loyalty
3 Zhen Genuine
4 Zhijie Quick-witted 智杰
5 Zhaoyang Morning sun 昭阳
6 Zhibo Knowledgeable and broad-minded 智博
7 Ziyang Resolute sun 自阳
8 Zhihao Heroic 志豪
9 Zhimin Aspiring people 志民
10 Zihao Aspiring and heroic 子豪
11 Zhisheng Aspiring and victorious 志胜
12 Ziyu Aspiring and jade-like 子瑜
13 Zonghan Respected and dignified 宗翰
14 Zixuan Purple grace 子轩
15 Ziren Benevolent person 子仁
16 Zifan Aspiring and benevolent 子凡
17 Zijing Grand and noble 子敬
18 Zhiming Aspiring and bright 志明
19 Zhaoming Morning brightness 昭明
20 Zhixiang Aspiring and auspicious 志祥
21 Zirui Aspiring and sharp 子睿
22 Zidane Heroic and strong 子丹
23 Zirong Aspiring and glorious 子荣
24 Zhiqiang Aspiring and strong 志强
25 Ziyi Aspiring and outstanding 子艺
26 Zicheng Aspiring and accomplished 子成
27 Zixiao Aspiring and filial 子孝
28 Ziheng Aspiring and persistent 子恒
29 Ziming Aspiring and bright 子明
30 Zelin Aspiring and elegant 泽林
31 Zeyu Aspiring and virtuous 泽宇
32 Zilan Aspiring and blue 子兰
33 Zihang Aspiring and brave 子航
34 Zitian Aspiring and graceful 子天
35 Ziquan Aspiring and virtuous 子权
36 Zifeng Aspiring and phoenix-like 子风
37 Zijian Aspiring and outstanding 子健
38 Zixing Aspiring and flourishing 子兴
39 Zhaohan Grand and majestic 昭翰
40 Zhixuan Aspiring and mysterious 志轩
41 Zihui Aspiring and wise 子辉
42 Zhongwei Loyal and mighty 忠伟
43 Zitong Aspiring and unified 子统
44 Zhirui Aspiring and graceful 志锐
45 Zitao Aspiring and accomplished 子涛
46 Zhiwei Aspiring and extraordinary 志伟
47 Zijun Aspiring and noble 子俊
48 Zhiyu Aspiring and abundant 志宇
49 Zhixing Aspiring and thriving 志兴
50 Zichuan Aspiring and profound 子川
51 Ziteng Aspiring and firm 子腾
52 Zhiqian Aspiring and modest 志谦
53 Zhilong Aspiring and dragon-like 志龙
54 Zihong Aspiring and red 子宏
55 Ziyue Aspiring and moon-like 子月
56 Zijiang Aspiring and river-like 子江
57 Zhonghao Loyal and grand 忠豪
58 Ziqi Aspiring and intelligent 子奇
59 Zilong Aspiring and majestic 子龙
60 Ziran Natural and unspoiled 自然
61 Zehao Wise and grand 泽豪
62 Zixiong Aspiring and brave 子雄
63 Zisheng Aspiring and sage-like 子生
64 Zixiang Aspiring and auspicious 子翔
65 Ziyuan Aspiring and far-reaching 子远
66 Zixu Aspiring and noble 子旭
67 Zhichen Wise and accomplished 志臣
68 Zihua Aspiring and magnificent 子华
69 Zikai Aspiring and open-minded 子凯
70 Zhenyu True and precious 振宇
71 Zhehan Wise and resolute 哲翰
72 Zhijun Wise and handsome 志俊
73 Zixian Aspiring and virtuous 子贤
74 Zikun Aspiring and accomplished 子坤
75 Zonghao Grand and heroic 宗豪
76 Zongwei Grand and mighty 宗伟
77 Zexin Aspiring and trustworthy 泽信
78 Zichao Aspiring and distinguished 子超
79 Zhiyong Aspiring and brave 志勇
80 Zhaohui Grand and wise 昭辉
81 Zixun Aspiring and respectful 子勋
82 Zhikai Wise and open-minded 志凯
83 Zhihui Wise and accomplished 志辉
84 Zherui Wise and kind-hearted 哲瑞
85 Zhihan Wise and resolute 志翰
86 Zhenzhen Genuine and precious 珍珍
87 Zheran Wise and graceful 哲然
88 Zhewei Wise and majestic 哲伟
89 Zherong Wise and harmonious 哲荣
90 Zhongyuan Grand and far-reaching 忠远
91 Zhihong Wise and red 志鸿
92 Zhiliang Wise and bright 志良
93 Zhiqing Wise and clear 志清
94 Zhixiong Wise and mighty 志雄

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In conclusion

In conclusion, exploring Chinese baby boy names beginning with Z offers a delightful journey of cultural richness and contemporary appeal. Each name carries a unique blend of tradition and modernity, allowing parents to bestow upon their sons not just a name, but a meaningful and auspicious identity rooted in Chinese heritage. Whether seeking a name with historical significance or a modern twist, the options abound, ensuring a perfect fit for every family’s aspirations.

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