80+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with V

by Sophia Roberts

In the vast tapestry of Chinese culture, the significance of names transcends mere identification; it encapsulates a rich history, cultural values, and aspirations. As we explore the realm of Chinese baby boy names, our focus turns to the distinctive and intriguing realm of names beginning with the letter ‘V.’ In a landscape where each character carries profound meaning and tradition, these names beckon us to delve into a world where linguistic artistry intertwines with cultural depth. Join us on this journey as we unravel the charm and significance behind Chinese baby boy names starting with ‘V’.

80+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with V

No Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Vaijun Eternal ruler 伟君
2 Vanchen Gracious 万臣
3 Vayu Wind
4 Vaojun Lord of grace 皓君
5 Vaylin Noble jade 伟琳
6 Vecheng Virtuous 德成
7 Vinghao Prosperous 永豪
8 Vianwei Outstanding 伟伟
9 Votan Supreme ruler 佑坦
10 Vengxin Prosperous 旺信
11 Vayong Forever brave 伟勇
12 Vensheng Virtuous 文盛
13 Vairui Great wisdom 伟睿
14 Vanchi Gracious 万驰
15 Vayen Gracious 伟恩
16 Vexin Virtuous 德新
17 Vayao Handsome 伟耀
18 Venshan Virtuous 文善
19 Vairen Virtuous 伟仁
20 Vongwei Forever great 永威
21 Veshan Virtuous 德善
22 Vailin Handsome forest 伟林
23 Vunchen Gracious 万臣
24 Vanzhong Admirable 万忠
25 Vayi Gracious 伟意
26 Vinghui Prosperous 永辉
27 Viren Gracious 伟仁
28 Vatian Supreme 佑天
29 Vonyu Gracious 伟宇
30 Vanchu Gracious 万楚
31 Vexun Virtuous 德迅
32 Vianchu Gracious 伟楚
33 Vunwei Gracious 万威
34 Veyan Gracious 伟彦
35 Vinxin Trustworthy 信心
36 Vonghao Grandeur 常豪
37 Vuishan Virtuous 德山
38 Vuyi Gracious 伟意
39 Veyu Gracious 伟裕
40 Vesheng Virtuous 德盛
41 Vianxin Gracious 伟心
42 Vayang Gracious 伟阳
43 Vushan Virtuous 德山
44 Vailong Handsome dragon 伟龙
45 Vicheng Virtuous 德成
46 Vaiwei Great power 伟伟
47 Vushuo Virtuous 德硕
48 Vianyuan Gracious 伟远
49 Vixiang Virtuous 德翔
50 Veyi Gracious 伟毅
51 Vunchi Gracious 万驰
52 Voshan Virtuous 德山
53 Vongxin Forever happy 永欣
54 Vuisheng Virtuous 德盛
55 Vianyu Gracious 伟宇
56 Vayun Gracious 伟云
57 Vairong Gracious glory 伟荣
58 Vanchao Gracious 万潮
59 Vuyang Gracious 伟阳
60 Vingxin Trustworthy 信心
61 Vaihan Great leader 伟翰
62 Veyong Gracious 伟勇
63 Vonghui Forever wise 永晖
64 Vianhao Gracious 伟豪
65 Vixun Virtuous 德迅
66 Vuyong Forever brave 永勇
67 Vien Gracious 伟恩
68 Vinxun Trustworthy 信迅
69 Vochi Gracious 伟驰
70 Vujian Virtuous 德坚
71 Vuchuan Virtuous 德川
72 Vianli Gracious 伟力
73 Vunguang Shining glory 闻光
74 Vonyan Gracious 伟彦
75 Vuyan Gracious 伟彦
76 Vocheng Gracious 伟成
77 Vianxun Virtuous 德迅
78 Vongyi Forever righteous 永义
79 Vangwei Gracious greatness 万伟
80 Veyuan Gracious 伟远
81 Vansheng Gracious 万生
82 Vushen Virtuous 德身
83 Vayin Gracious 伟音
84 Vaihao Great hero 伟豪
85 Vucheng Virtuous 德成
86 Vuyao Gracious 伟耀

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In conclusion

In concluding our exploration of Chinese baby boy names beginning with the letter ‘V,’ we find ourselves immersed in the beauty of language, tradition, and cultural resonance. Each name, carefully chosen and steeped in meaning, serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Chinese heritage. From the poetic to the profound, these names not only grace individuals with unique identities but also carry forward the wisdom and aspirations of generations past. As we celebrate the richness of Chinese nomenclature, may the exploration of ‘V’ names inspire a deeper appreciation for the intricate tapestry that is Chinese culture, where every character and syllable weaves a story of its own.

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