80+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with T

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a captivating journey as we delve into the rich tapestry of Chinese culture to discover an array of delightful and meaningful baby boy names starting with the letter ‘T’. Each name carries its own unique story and cultural significance, making the selection process a fascinating exploration into the depths of Chinese heritage. Join us in unraveling the beauty and symbolism behind these names that promise to add a touch of tradition and grace to your precious little one’s identity.

80+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with T

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Tao Peach
2 Tian Sky, Heaven
3 Teng Soar
4 Tengfei Soaring 腾飞
5 Tengyi Soaring to the sky 腾仪
6 Tiansheng Born in heaven 天生
7 Tianyu Heavenly feather 天宇
8 Tiantian Everyday 天天
9 Taishan Great mountain 泰山
10 Tenglong Soaring dragon 腾龙
11 Tengwei Soaring greatness 腾伟
12 Tengyue Soaring beyond 腾越
13 Tengyun Soaring cloud 腾云
14 Tianshu Divine book 天书
15 Tiansong Heavenly pine 天松
16 Tianhao Heavenly grandeur 天豪
17 Tianxiang Heavenly fragrance 天香
18 Tiantao Heavenly way 天涛
19 Taibo Great waves 太波
20 Tianbao Heavenly treasure 天宝
21 Taizhong Great loyalty 泰忠
22 Tianliang Heavenly brightness 天亮
23 Taidong Great east 泰东
24 Tiancheng Heavenly success 天成
25 Taiming Great brightness 泰明
26 Taian Great peace 泰安
27 Tianshuo Heavenly excellence 天硕
28 Tianxin Heavenly heart 天心
29 Tuoqiang Expansive strength 拓强
30 Tongxin Unified heart 统心
31 Tuoqing Expansive celebration 拓庆
32 Taidi Great emperor 泰帝
33 Tiantong Heavenly unity 天统
34 Tuoquan Expansive authority 拓权
35 Taikang Great health 泰康
36 Tianshui Heavenly water 天水
37 Taoyuan Peach garden 桃源
38 Tianming Heavenly brightness 天明
39 Taozhi Peach blossom 涛之
40 Tengshuo Soaring excellence 腾硕
41 Tengxin Soaring heart 腾心
42 Tianjian Heavenly sword 天剑
43 Tengjie Soaring hero 腾杰
44 Tengqi Soaring energy 腾奇
45 Tianlei Heavenly thunder 天雷
46 Tengchao Soaring dynasty 腾朝
47 Tengyu Soaring jade 腾玉
48 Tianyuan Heavenly origin 天源
49 Tengkai Soaring victory 腾凯
50 Tianlin Heavenly forest 天林
51 Tianzhe Heavenly wisdom 天哲
52 Tianyi Heavenly one 天一
53 Tengbo Soaring waves 腾波
54 Tianlong Heavenly dragon 天龙
55 Tengxiang Soaring fragrance 腾香
56 Tenghui Soaring wisdom 腾晖
57 Tianze Heavenly wisdom 天泽
58 Tianchang Unchanging heaven 天长
59 Tengda Soaring prosperity 腾达
60 Tianli Heavenly strength 天力
61 Tianran Heavenly grace 天然
62 Tengxun Soaring news 腾讯
63 Tianhe Heavenly harmony 天和
64 Tengen Soaring grace 腾恩
65 Tengxiao Soaring laughter 腾笑
66 Tengrui Soaring auspiciousness 腾瑞
67 Tengzhu Soaring bamboo 腾竹
68 Tengsheng Soaring vitality 腾盛
69 Tenghao Soaring grandeur 腾豪
70 Tengji Soaring season 腾季
71 Tianlun Heavenly wheel 天轮
72 Tianqi Heavenly spirit 天奇
73 Tengyuan Soaring yuan 腾元
74 Tengcheng Soaring achievement 腾成
75 Tianxun Heavenly inquiry 天询
76 Tianwei Heavenly greatness 天伟
77 Tianyang Heavenly sun 天阳
78 Tianzhu Heavenly pillar 天柱
79 Tianxing Heavenly star 天星
80 Tengjing Soaring serenity 腾静
81 Tenglin Soaring forest 腾林
82 Tianyun Heavenly cloud 天云
83 Tengkui Soaring honor 腾魁
84 Tianzong Heavenly lineage 天宗
85 Tengmeng Soaring dream 腾梦
86 Tianyue Heavenly joy 天悦
87 Tengyao Soaring elegance 腾瑶

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In conclusion

In concluding our exploration of Chinese baby boy names beginning with ‘T’, we’ve uncovered a trove of timeless appellations steeped in cultural significance. Whether rooted in ancient traditions or reflecting modern trends, these names carry the essence of a rich heritage. As you embark on the journey of naming your baby, may the chosen ‘T’ name be a source of pride, connecting your child to a legacy that transcends generations. Embrace the beauty of linguistic artistry and cultural depth as you welcome your little one into the world with a name that resonates with meaning and tradition.

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