80+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with S

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Choosing a meaningful and auspicious name for your baby is a cherished tradition, and Chinese culture places significant importance on the symbolism behind each name. In the quest for the perfect name for your baby boy, exploring options that begin with the letter “S” can be a delightful journey. Each name carries a unique significance, often rooted in rich cultural or linguistic meanings. Join us as we embark on an exploration of Chinese baby boy names starting with “S”, uncovering the beauty and depth behind each carefully chosen name in this fascinating linguistic tapestry. Whether you seek traditional names or more modern options, this guide aims to provide insights into the diverse array of possibilities that the letter “S” holds within the realm of Chinese baby names.

80+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with S

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Sheng Prosperous
2 Shu Kind, gentle
3 Shuai Handsome
4 Shui Water
5 Shuo Talkative
6 Song Pine tree
7 Sen Forest
8 Si Thoughtful
9 Shang Up, above
10 Shan Mountain
11 Shun Smooth
12 Shou Longevity
13 Shengli Victory 勝利
14 Shuang Double
15 Sijie Thinking deeply 思解
16 Shijie World 世界
17 Shuming Intelligent and bright 書明
18 Shuyi Artistic talent 書藝
19 Shangwei Noble and great 尚偉
20 Shujun Gentle and handsome 淑俊
21 Shijun Scholarly and handsome 世俊
22 Shihao Heroic 士豪
23 Shixiang Lion-hearted 獅翔
24 Shitian Visionary 世天
25 Sida Four greatness 四達
26 Sidong Thinker 思動
27 Sixin Thinking heart 思心
28 Sifan Extraordinary 思凡
29 Sicheng Thinking success 思成
30 Sijia Scholarly home 思家
31 Silin Thinking forest 思林
32 Siming Thinking life 思明
33 Siquan Thinking spring 思泉
34 Sizhe Thinking wisdom 思哲
35 Suyang Simple and sunny 素陽
36 Suyi Simple and righteous 素義
37 Sujun Simple and handsome 素俊
38 Sunan Simple and graceful 素南
39 Sulong Simple and dragon 素龍
40 Suyuan Simple and far 素遠
41 Sufan Simple and sail 素帆
42 Suheng Simple and persistent 素恆
43 Sujian Simple and healthy 素健
44 Sulin Simple and forest 素林
45 Sulian Simple and lotus 素蓮
46 Suming Simple and bright 素明
47 Suning Simple and peaceful 素寧
48 Suyu Simple and jade 素玉
49 Suxin Simple and heart 素心
50 Suxuan Simple and graceful 素優
51 Suwei Simple and great 素偉
52 Sui Elegant
53 Suiyu Elegant and jade 隨玉
54 Suibao Elegant and precious 隨寶
55 Sufei Elegant and flying 隨飛
56 Suhao Elegant and heroic 隨豪
57 Suijing Elegant and quiet 隨靜
58 Sule Elegant and happy 隨樂
59 Sumei Elegant and beautiful 隨美
60 Sumo Elegant and ink 隨墨
61 Susheng Propitious life 俊生
62 Suxian Plain and simple 素贤
63 Suxiao Plain filial piety 素孝
64 Suyun Plain cloud 素云
65 Suying Plain and graceful 素英
66 Suyong Plain and brave 素勇
67 Suzhan Plain and virtuous 俊展
68 Suxing Plain and prosperous 素兴
69 Suzheng Plain and righteous 俊正
70 Sujing Plain and calm 俊静
71 Suyue Plain and elegant 素悦
72 Sufeng Plain and wind 俊风
73 Suwen Plain and cultured 俊文
74 Sushan Plain and mountain 俊山
75 Suhan Plain and cold 俊寒
76 Suqi Plain and cheerful 俊奇
77 Suqing Plain and clear 俊清
78 Suqiu Plain and earnest 俊求
79 Suyou Plain and leisurely 素悠
80 Suzhen Plain and genuine 俊真
81 Suzhi Plain and wise 俊智
82 Suzhong Plain and loyal 俊忠
83 Suxiang Plain and fragrant 素香
84 Suzhou Plain and gentle 俊舟
85 Suzhu Plain and bamboo 俊竹

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the realm of Chinese baby boy names starting with “S” unfolds like a poetic narrative, each name resonating with cultural significance and deep-rooted meanings. Whether you’re drawn to traditional names steeped in history or modern monikers that reflect contemporary trends, the choices are diverse and meaningful. From Sheng, symbolizing prosperity and vitality, to Shu, representing elegance and wisdom, these names embody the essence of Chinese culture and heritage. As you navigate the enchanting world of names beginning with “S” for your little one, remember that each choice is a reflection of hope, tradition, and a promising future. May this exploration guide you in finding the perfect name that encapsulates the beauty and aspirations you hold for your cherished baby boy.

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