80+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with R

by Sophia Roberts

In the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, the naming of a newborn holds special significance, often reflecting the hopes, aspirations, and values cherished by the family. As we delve into the exploration of Chinese baby boy names, we embark on a journey through the alphabet, starting with the letter ‘R.’ Each name, meticulously chosen, carries a unique essence and meaning that adds depth to the cultural heritage. Join us in unveiling a collection of Chinese baby boy names that begin with ‘R’, where tradition meets creativity, and each name tells a story of its own.

80+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with R

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Rong Prosperous
2 Run Sharp
3 Rui Sharp
4 Ren Benevolent
5 Rongjie Glorious 荣杰
6 Ruijie Sharp and Outstanding 睿杰
7 Rulan Like an Orchid 如兰
8 Ruiwen Sharp and Cultured 睿文
9 Ruyi As one wishes 如意
10 Rujia Gentle and Harmonious 儒佳
11 Rucheng Like a City 如城
12 Ruming Wise and Bright 如明
13 Rulai Like coming from a good family 如来
14 Ruyang Like the sun 如阳
15 Runze Sharp and Zealous 润泽
16 Runyi Sharp and Intelligent 润逸
17 Runde Sharp and Virtuous 润德
18 Rujun Gentle and Handsome 儒俊
19 Ruochen Like morning mist 若晨
20 Ruohan Like the ocean 若寒
21 Ruping Like calm and peaceful water 如平
22 Rulin Like a forest 如林
23 Ruxuan Like a graceful bird 如璇
24 Ruzhi Like wisdom 如智
25 Rukai Like triumph 如凯
26 Rongxing Prosperous and flourishing 荣兴
27 Ruyan Like a cliff 如岩
28 Ruheng Like eternity 如恒
29 Ruiyang Bright and sunny 睿阳
30 Runlong Sharp and dragon-like 润龙
31 Ruiheng Wise and persistent 睿恒
32 Ruzhou Like a continent 如洲
33 Ruoxi Like happiness 若喜
34 Ruyuan Like a garden 如园
35 Ruhao Like a hero 如豪
36 Ruyu Like jade 如玉
37 Ruiqi Sharp and talented 睿奇
38 Rulian Like a lotus 如莲
39 Ruyao Like elegance 如瑶
40 Runlin Sharp and forest-like 润林
41 Rujie Gentle and outstanding 儒杰
42 Ruikai Wise and triumphant 睿凯
43 Rongrong Prosperous and lively 荣荣
44 Rufei Like splendor 如飞
45 Runan Sharp and peaceful 如南
46 Ruyue Like a full moon 如月
47 Rujin Gentle and golden 儒金
48 Ruke Like a guest 如客
49 Runwei Sharp and majestic 润威
50 Rurui Like wisdom and auspiciousness 如瑞
51 Ruzhan Sharp and resolute 如战
52 Runsheng Sharp and victorious 润胜
53 Ruiyuan Wise and gracious 睿远
54 Rupeng Like a friend 如朋
55 Rufeng Like the wind 如风
56 Rujian Gentle and sharp 儒坚
57 Runqi Sharp and energetic 润奇
58 Ruixing Sharp and prosperous 睿兴
59 Ruiting Sharp and graceful 睿婷
60 Ruitian Sharp and heavenly 睿天
61 Rongxin Prosperous and trustworthy 荣信
62 Runzhe Sharp and wise 润哲
63 Ruoyu Like jade 若玉
64 Ruoxuan Like mystery 若璿
65 Ruihui Wise and splendid 睿辉
66 Ruitong Sharp and harmonious 睿通
67 Runjie Sharp and outstanding 润杰
68 Ruihan Wise and glorious 睿翰
69 Ruzheng Like righteousness 如正
70 Ruolin Like a forest 若林
71 Rukang Like health 如康
72 Ruxin Like trust 如信
73 Ruyun Like clouds 如云
74 Runyu Sharp and abundant 润宇
75 Ruocheng Like a city 若城
76 Ruoyi Like art 若艺
77 Ruhui Like wisdom 如慧
78 Ruogu Like the harvest 若谷
79 Ruozhe Like wisdom 若哲
80 Ruochong Like deep respect 若崇
81 Ruozhi Like wisdom 若智
82 Ruzhong Like loyalty 如忠

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In conclusion

In concluding our exploration of Chinese baby boy names beginning with the letter ‘R,’ we’ve uncovered a tapestry of timeless and meaningful names deeply rooted in Chinese culture. Each name, carefully crafted with symbolism and tradition, resonates with the aspirations and blessings of the families who bestow them upon their newborn sons. From names signifying strength and resilience to those carrying the essence of prosperity and virtue, the ‘R’ names encapsulate a diverse range of qualities. As we celebrate the cultural richness embedded in these names, we are reminded of the enduring significance of language and heritage in shaping the identities of the next generation. May these names continue to echo with meaning and bring joy to the families who embrace them, weaving new stories into the vibrant fabric of Chinese traditions.

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