60+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with O

by Sophia Roberts

Exploring the vast and culturally rich world of Chinese names opens a gateway to a treasure trove of meanings, traditions, and unique linguistic beauty. In the continuation of our journey through the alphabet, let’s delve into the realm of Chinese baby boy names starting with the letter ‘O’. Each name not only carries a distinctive sound but also encapsulates profound meanings rooted in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. Join us as we unravel the elegance and significance behind a selection of captivating Chinese names for baby boys, providing a glimpse into the depth and diversity of this ancient naming tradition.

60+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with O

No Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Ouyang Gentle and ocean-like 欧阳
2 Ouwei Outstanding and extraordinary 欧威
3 Oujian Gentle and wise 欧健
4 Oufeng Gentle breeze 欧风
5 Ouzheng Gentle and upright 欧正
6 Ouhao Gentle and grand 欧豪
7 Oujun Gentle and handsome 欧俊
8 Ouxuan Gentle and elegant 欧轩
9 Oulin Gentle and forest 欧林
10 Oufan Gentle and refined 欧凡
11 Ouzhe Gentle and virtuous 欧哲
12 Ouxin Gentle and trustworthy 欧信
13 Oujie Gentle and outstanding 欧杰
14 Ouhui Gentle and wise 欧辉
15 Ouyi Gentle and happy 欧逸
16 Oubin Gentle and stable 欧彬
17 Oufei Gentle and fly 欧飞
18 Ouchen Gentle and morning 欧晨
19 Oudong Gentle and east 欧东
20 Ouxiang Gentle and fragrance 欧香
21 Oujia Gentle and family 欧家
22 Oumeng Gentle and dream 欧梦
23 Oukai Gentle and victory 欧凯
24 Oufu Gentle and prosperous 欧福
25 Oujin Gentle and gold 欧金
26 Oulei Gentle and thunder 欧雷
27 Ouxi Gentle and happy 欧喜
28 Ounan Gentle and peace 欧南
29 Ouyuan Gentle and far-reaching 欧远
30 Oudan Gentle and red 欧丹
31 Ouzhan Gentle and war 欧战
32 Ouxing Gentle and prosperous 欧兴
33 Oulang Gentle and wave 欧浪
34 Oukun Gentle and firm 欧坤
35 Ouchuan Gentle and river 欧川
36 Oubao Gentle and treasure 欧宝
37 Ouhang Gentle and lasting 欧航
38 Oulan Gentle and orchid 欧兰
39 Oumei Gentle and beautiful 欧美
40 Ouli Gentle and beautiful 欧丽
41 Ouxue Gentle and snow 欧雪
42 Oufang Gentle and fragrant 欧芳
43 Ouyue Gentle and moon 欧月
44 Ouzi Gentle and purple 欧紫
45 Oujiao Gentle and charming 欧娇
46 Ouxiao Gentle and small 欧笑
47 Ouyan Gentle and colorful 欧艳
48 Ouhong Gentle and red 欧红
49 Ouyao Gentle and handsome 欧耀
50 Oujing Gentle and quiet 欧静
51 Ouxia Gentle and summer 欧夏
52 Ouren Gentle and benevolent 欧仁
53 Ouhua Gentle and magnificent 欧华
54 Ouying Gentle and hero 欧英
55 Ouxian Gentle and virtuous 欧贤
56 Ouyu Gentle and jade 欧玉
57 Oufen Gentle and fragrance 欧芬
58 Ouling Gentle and spiritual 欧灵
59 Ouyun Gentle and cloud 欧云
60 Oucheng Gentle and city 欧城

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In conclusion

In conclusion, our exploration of Chinese baby boy names beginning with the letter ‘O’ has unveiled a spectrum of names that resonate with cultural depth and linguistic charm. Each name carries not just a phonetic beauty but also a profound meaning deeply rooted in Chinese traditions. From names symbolizing strength and resilience to those embodying grace and wisdom, the array of options showcases the richness of Chinese naming conventions. As we conclude this journey, it is evident that each name is more than a mere label; it is a vessel of heritage, history, and the enduring spirit of Chinese culture. The quest for the perfect name becomes a celebration of language, meaning, and the timeless traditions that continue to shape the lives of families across generations.

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