110+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with L

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In the quest for the perfect name for your little one, exploring Chinese baby boy names can be a delightful journey filled with rich cultural significance. Among the myriad choices, let’s focus on names that commence with the letter ‘L.’ Each name carries its own unique charm, reflecting the profound cultural heritage and meaning embedded in Chinese nomenclature. Join us on this exploration of Chinese baby boy names starting with ‘L’, where tradition meets modernity in the art of naming.

110+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with L

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Liang Bright
2 Lian Lotus
3 Long Dragon
4 Lin Forest
5 Liu Willow
6 Lu Prosperous
7 Lei Thunder
8 Li Strength
9 Liwei Gift of reason 力伟
10 Lixin Establish trust 立信
11 Lijun Establish order 立军
12 Lirong Establish glory 立荣
13 Lisheng Establish life 立生
14 Lifeng Establish peak 立峰
15 Luxing Road of prosperity 路兴
16 Ling Delicate
17 Lixue Beautiful snow 丽雪
18 Liren Benevolent 丽人
19 Liqin Beautiful zither 丽琴
20 Lihua Beautiful flower 丽华
21 Lai Coming
22 Luwei Road of prosperity 路伟
23 Leshi Joyful and happy 乐时
24 Liangwei Greatness 良伟
25 Luoxi Happiness and joy 洛夕
26 Lianhua Lotus blossom 莲花
27 Lifu A fortunate man 立福
28 Lianxi Connect joy 连喜
29 Lingyu Delicate jade 玲玉
30 Liqiang Beautiful and strong 丽强
31 Lun Order
32 Lirui Establish wisdom 立睿
33 Laiqiang Coming with strength 来强
34 Liancheng Connected and honest 连诚
35 Luming Road of brightness 路明
36 Liangjie Outstanding 良杰
37 Lixiang Beautiful fragrance 丽香
38 Laijun Coming with purity 来君
39 Leishi Joyful and courteous 乐时
40 Linhui Wise and benevolent 临辉
41 Linxuan Forest and mist 林轩
42 Lingyun Delicate and cloud 玲云
43 Liqun Beautiful and noble 丽群
44 Lijie Beautiful and outstanding 丽杰
45 Lihong Beautiful rainbow 丽虹
46 Liujun Flowing like a river 流君
47 Liwen Beautiful and refined 丽文
48 Lianjun Connected and handsome 连君
49 Liping Beautiful and peaceful 丽平
50 Lilong Beautiful and majestic 丽龙
51 Lianghui Bright and wise 良辉
52 Liujie Flowing and outstanding 流杰
53 Liuyi Flowing and righteous 流义
54 Litao Standing waves 立涛
55 Lingkai Delicate and triumphant 玲凯
56 Lixing Beautiful and prosperous 丽兴
57 Lingfeng Delicate and peak 玲峰
58 Lifan Establish direction 立凡
59 Liangyu Bright and virtuous 良裕
60 Lianxiang Connected and auspicious 连祥
61 Laiyi Coming with joy 来怡
62 Luyi Prosperous and joyous 禄怡
63 Lingwei Delicate and mighty 玲威
64 Longwei Vast and mighty 龙威
65 Linwei Forest and mighty 林威
66 Licheng Establish achievement 立成
67 Lichuan Establish river 立川
68 Liangming Bright and clear 良明
69 Lishan Establish mountain 立山
70 Lizhong Establish loyalty 立忠
71 Liangrong Bright and glorious 良荣
72 Liyuan Beautiful garden 丽园
73 Liming Establish brightness 立明
74 Leilei Joyful and happy 乐乐
75 Lixuan Beautiful and graceful 丽轩
76 Lunhui Orderly and wise 仑辉
77 Longhao Vast and grand 龙豪
78 Lingzhong Delicate and loyal 玲忠
79 Lihang Establish grandeur 立航
80 Lesheng Joyful and victorious 乐胜
81 Luocheng Prosperous and honest 洛成
82 Luojun Prosperous and handsome 洛君
83 Longsheng Vast and victorious 龙胜
84 Limin Establish people 立民
85 Linqiang Forest and strong 林强
86 Lishuai Establish power 立帅
87 Longbo Vast and broad 龙博
88 Laiwei Coming with greatness 来伟
89 Luowei Prosperous and great 禄伟
90 Liangxun Bright and fast 良迅
91 Liuyang Flowing and radiant 流阳
92 Lilin Beautiful forest 丽林
93 Liguo Beautiful country 丽国
94 Lijiang Beautiful river 丽江
95 Liyong Beautiful and brave 丽勇
96 Lixun Beautiful and fast 丽迅
97 Linhan Forest and splendid 林翰
98 Lucheng Prosperous and sincere 禄诚
99 Lujun Prosperous and handsome 禄君
100 Lufeng Prosperous and sharp 禄锋
101 Lihe Establish harmony 立和
102 Lingxi Delicate and hopeful 玲希
103 Lidong Establish winter 立冬
104 Lianhui Connected and wise 连辉
105 Lianwei Connected and great 连伟
106 Linqing Forest and clear 林清
107 Liuwei Flowing greatness 流伟
108 Litian Standing firmament 立天
109 Luqiang Prosperous and strong 禄强
110 Longhui Vast and wise 龙辉
111 Liyu Beautiful and virtuous 丽玉
112 Luchuan Prosperous and flowing 禄川
113 Lianzhong Connected and loyal 连忠
114 Liuqing Flowing and clear 流清
115 Lingxu Delicate and orderly 玲旭

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the selection of a name for your baby boy is a momentous decision that resonates with cultural significance and personal meaning. As we explored Chinese baby boy names beginning with ‘L,’ we encountered a tapestry of choices that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary allure. Each name carries a unique story, reflecting the rich heritage and profound meanings embedded in Chinese culture. Whether you lean towards names that signify strength, wisdom, or carry a poetic essence, the journey of choosing the perfect name is an enriching experience. May the exploration of these ‘L’-initiated names inspire you in crafting a name that not only sounds pleasing but also encapsulates the essence of your aspirations for your little one. Embrace the beauty of linguistic artistry and cultural heritage as you bestow upon your baby boy a name that will resonate throughout his life’s journey.

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