70+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with K

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a delightful journey through the rich tapestry of Chinese culture as we explore baby boy names beginning with the letter K. Each name tells a story, blending tradition and modernity to create a perfect moniker for your little one. Join us in discovering the essence and significance behind these unique Chinese names.

70+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with K

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Kai Open, Unlocked 凯 (Kǎi)
2 Kuan Wide, Broad 宽 (Kuān)
3 Kaiden Great Leader 凯登 (Kǎidēng)
4 Kefan Branching Out 克凡 (Kèfán)
5 Keliang Successful and Bright 克亮 (Kèliàng)
6 Kun Universe, Earth 坤 (Kūn)
7 Keshan Guest of Honor 克善 (Kèshàn)
8 Kefu Striving for Excellence 克夫 (Kèfū)
9 Kaiming Bright Future 凯明 (Kǎimíng)
10 Kewei Achieving Greatness 克伟 (Kèwěi)
11 Kexiong Brotherly 克雄 (Kèxióng)
12 Keda A Sage 克达 (Kèdá)
13 Kuang Broad, Extensive 匡 (Kuāng)
14 Kairui Open-Minded and Accomplished 凯瑞 (Kǎiruì)
15 Kaimin Quick and Clever 凯敏 (Kǎimǐn)
16 Kewen Cultured and Refined 克文 (Kèwén)
17 Kefeng Wise and Eloquent 克锋 (Kèfēng)
18 Kui Outstanding 奎 (Kuí)
19 Kuan-Yu Wide and Precious 宽裕 (Kuān-Yù)
20 Kebin Wide and Bright 克斌 (Kèbīn)
21 Kuang-Hui Broad-minded and Splendid 匡辉 (Kuāng-Huī)
22 Kening Cultivating Peace 克宁 (Kèníng)
23 Kaito Ocean Flying 海斗 (Hǎi Dòu)
24 Keyuan Wide and Far 克远 (Kèyuǎn)
25 Kangle Healthy and Happy 康乐 (Kānglè)
26 Kehan Harmonious 克汉 (Kèhàn)
27 Kesheng Overcoming Challenges 克胜 (Kèshèng)
28 Kaixin Happy and Joyful 开心 (Kāixīn)
29 Kefei Achieving Success 克飞 (Kèfēi)
30 Kaimu Ambitious and Intelligent 凯穆 (Kǎimù)
31 Kuan-Ting Broad and Distinguished 宽廷 (Kuān-Tíng)
32 Kezhen Broad and Virtuous 克贞 (Kèzhēn)
33 Kailani Triumph and Heavenly 凯拉尼 (Kǎilāní)
34 Kaining Triumph and Peaceful 凯宁 (Kǎiníng)
35 Kewan Triumph and Gracious 凯万 (Kǎiwàn)
36 Kuiying Broad and Heroic 奎英 (Kuíyīng)
37 Kaihui Triumph and Wisdom 凯辉 (Kǎihuī)
38 Keziah Fragrant and Virtuous 克洽 (Kèqià)
39 Kuiyi Broad and Righteous 奎义 (Kuíyì)
40 Kaidi Triumph and Virtue 凯迪 (Kǎidí)
41 Keli Triumph and Power 克力 (Kèlì)
42 Keyu Broad and Pleasant 克愉 (Kèyú)
43 Kedian Triumph and Virtuous 凯典 (Kǎidiǎn)
44 Kemin Adept and Clever 克敏 (Kèmǐn)
45 Kuocheng Broad and Sincere 阔诚 (Kuòchéng)
46 Kexin Wide and Heartfelt 克心 (Kèxīn)
47 Kewu Broad and Martial 克武 (Kèwǔ)
48 Keanu Cool Breeze 凯努 (Kǎinǔ)
49 Kuan-Jen Broad and Gentle 宽仁 (Kuān-Jén)
50 Kaili Triumph and Beauty 凯丽 (Kǎilì)
51 Kailing Triumph and Delight 凯铃 (Kǎilíng)
52 Kefang Wide and Square 克方 (Kèfāng)
53 Keren Rooted and Enduring 克仁 (Kèrén)
54 Kuan-yi Broad and Harmonious 宽怡 (Kuān-Yí)
55 Kehui Harmonious Wisdom 克慧 (Kèhuì)
56 Kaile Triumph and Joy 凯乐 (Kǎilè)
57 Kuixi Broad Happiness 奎喜 (Kuíxǐ)
58 Keyi Broad and Righteous 克义 (Kèyì)
59 Kailan Triumph and Orchid 凯兰 (Kǎilán)
60 Kexi Wide and Joyous 克喜 (Kèxǐ)
61 Kairan Triumph and Peace 凯然 (Kǎirán)
62 Kuanxin Broad and Heartfelt 宽心 (Kuānxīn)
63 Kailin Triumph and Forest 凯林 (Kǎilín)
64 Keying Broad and Brave 克英 (Kèyīng)
65 Kuihua Broad and Prosperous 奎华 (Kuíhuá)
66 Kaida Triumph and Prosperity 凯达 (Kǎidá)
67 Kailang Triumph and Bright 凯朗 (Kǎilǎng)
68 Kexuan Wide and Outstanding 克轩 (Kèxuān)
69 Kailun Triumph and Smooth 凯伦 (Kǎilún)
70 Kuanfang Broad and Square 宽方 (Kuānfāng)

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the world of Chinese baby boy names beginning with K offers a treasure trove of cultural depth and contemporary appeal. Whether you seek tradition, modernity, or a harmonious blend of both, these names carry stories and meanings that resonate. As you embark on the exciting journey of naming your little one, may the richness of Chinese heritage guide you to find the perfect name that encapsulates the essence of your family’s story.

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