100+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with H

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is an exciting and meaningful endeavor. If you’re drawn to Chinese culture and looking for a unique and auspicious name for your baby boy, exploring names starting with the letter “H” can be a great starting point. In Chinese culture, names are often chosen based on their auspicious meanings and cultural significance. From traditional names that carry centuries of history to more modern and trendy options, there’s a diverse range of choices. Join us on a journey through the rich tapestry of Chinese baby boy names that begin with “H,” each carrying its own unique charm and significance.

100+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with H

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Hao Good, Perfect
2 Han Swift
3 Hong Vast, Great
4 Huan Happiness
5 Huo Fire
6 He Harmony
7 Heng Eternal
8 Hui Intelligent
9 Hai Ocean
10 Hu Tiger
11 Haochen Good Morning 浩晨
12 Hang To Flourish
13 Huixin Splendid 慧欣
14 Hanyu Chinese Language 汉宇
15 Huiming Wise and Bright 晖明
16 Hua Flower
17 Huilong Wise Dragon 慧龙
18 Haoran Brave and Refined 浩然
19 Hengxin Eternal Happiness 恒信
20 Huayang Splendid Sun 华阳
21 Huijie Harmonious 慧洁
22 Hualin Successful Forest 华林
23 Hesheng Harmonious Voice 和声
24 Hengwei Eternal greatness 恒伟
25 Huiquan Wise and Strong 慧权
26 Huazhong Splendid and Loyal 华忠
27 Haohui Good and Splendid 浩辉
28 Huiyuan Wise and Far-reaching 慧远
29 Hucheng Prosperous City 滹城
30 Haotian Grand Sky 昊天
31 Hongwei Vast and Great 弘伟
32 Hushi Lake Stone 湖石
33 Haohao Good and Pleasant 浩浩
34 Huixiang Wise and Auspicious 慧祥
35 Huifeng Wise and Wind 慧风
36 Huitong Wise and Smooth 慧通
37 Hongyu Vast and Jade 弘玉
38 Hualiang Splendid and Good 华良
39 Haiming Sea and Bright 海明
40 Hengyu Eternal and Jade 恒宇
41 Husheng Lake and Prosperity 湖盛
42 Hanzhong Prosperous Center 汉中
43 Huirong Wise and Glorious 慧荣
44 Honghao Vast and Grand 弘豪
45 Haoliang Good and Bright 浩亮
46 Huiting Wise and Graceful 慧婷
47 Huaqing Splendid and Pure 华清
48 Heping Peaceful 和平
49 Huayu Splendid and Jade 华宇
50 Hailong Sea Dragon 海龙
51 Huxin Tiger Heart 虎心
52 Heshan Harmonious Mountain 和山
53 Haibin Sea and Waves 海滨
54 Huiwen Wise and Cultured 慧文
55 Hongjie Vast and Outstanding 弘杰
56 Hanzhou Prosperous Prefecture 汉州
57 Huachen Splendid Morning 华晨
58 Huibao Wise and Precious 慧宝
59 Haokai Good and Victorious 浩凯
60 Hengsheng Eternal Prosperity 恒盛
61 Huaxing Splendid and Prosperous 华兴
62 Hanzhi Prosperous Will 汉志
63 Hengrui Eternal and Auspicious 恒瑞
64 Huibo Wise and Precious 慧博
65 Haibao Sea Treasure 海宝
66 Huali Prosperous and Elegant 华丽
67 Hongkai Vast and Victorious 弘凯
68 Huitao Wise and Amiable 慧涛
69 Huanzhu Happy and Pearl 欢珠
70 Huxuan Tiger and Beautiful 虎璇
71 Haomeng Good and Sprout 浩萌
72 Hengji Eternal and Lucky 恒吉
73 Huilin Wise Forest 慧林
74 Hanzheng Prosperous and Upright 汉正
75 Huaizhong Splendid Loyalty 怀忠
76 Hongchao Vast and Prosperous 弘超
77 Haixing Sea Star 海星
78 Huchu Lake Bamboo 湖楚
79 Huarui Splendid Wisdom 华睿
80 Hanzhe Prosperous and Virtuous 汉哲
81 Huitian Wise and Heavenly 慧天
82 Huaiming Wise and Bright 怀明
83 Haoyang Good and Sunshine 浩阳
84 Hengyi Eternal and Righteous 恒毅
85 Hancheng Prosperous City 汉城
86 Hushan Lake Mountain 湖山
87 Hengda Eternal and Prosperous 恒达
88 Huixuan Wise and Gracious 慧轩
89 Haowen Good and Cultured 浩文
90 Huilun Wise and Orderly 慧伦
91 Hantao Prosperous and Eminent 汉涛
92 Huitang Wise and Resolute 慧堂
93 Hanyang Prosperous and Yang 汉阳
94 Huairen Wise and Benevolent 怀仁
95 Heliang Harmony and Bright 和亮
96 Huayi Splendid and Righteous 华义
97 Hanyi Prosperous and Righteous 汉义
98 Huxiang Tiger Fragrance 虎香
99 Haifeng Sea Wind 海风
100 Huiran Wise and Gracious 慧然

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In conclusion

In conclusion, exploring Chinese baby boy names that start with the letter “H” unveils a fascinating array of choices deeply rooted in cultural significance and historical richness. The journey through these names reveals a blend of traditional and contemporary options, each carrying its unique charm and meaning. Whether you’re drawn to names with ancient roots or those reflecting modern trends, the diversity within the “H” category allows for a thoughtful and personalized choice for your little one. Embracing a name with cultural resonance not only adds a touch of tradition to your child’s identity but also reflects the enduring beauty of Chinese heritage. As you embark on this meaningful naming journey, may you find the perfect name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations.

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