90+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with F

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a fascinating journey of discovery as we delve into Chinese baby boy names beginning with the letter “F.” In the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, names carry profound meanings and cultural significance. This curated collection of names starting with “F” blends traditional elegance with modern allure. From timeless classics to contemporary gems, each name paints a unique portrait, capturing the essence of strength, wisdom, and poetic beauty. Join us in unraveling the stories behind these names, as we guide you through a treasure trove of possibilities for your precious little one.

90+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with F

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Fai Radiance
2 Fan Ordinary
3 Feng Peak
4 Fu Blessing
5 Fuhua Wealthy and glorious 富華
6 Fusheng Blessed life 福生
7 Fei Flying
8 Fang Square
9 Fuzhou Prosperous city 福州
10 Fengbo Windy waves 風波
11 Fuyuan Rich source 富源
12 Fuhai Wealthy sea 富海
13 Fuxing Prosperity 福興
14 Fuchun Prosperous spring 富春
15 Fubo Rich cypress 富柏
16 Fulin Blessing forest 福林
17 Fawei Prosperous and great 發維
18 Fuyang Rich sunlight 富陽
19 Fudong Blessing east 福東
20 Fuzhong Blessing loyalty 福忠
21 Fuhang Wealthy and prosperous 富航
22 Fumin Rich and popular 富民
23 Fuyi Rich advantage 富益
24 Fudao Blessing path 福道
25 Fuchao Blessing surpass 福超
26 Fuyao Rich and dazzling 富耀
27 Fulong Blessing dragon 福隆
28 Fuxiang Blessing and auspicious 福祥
29 Fushan Blessing mountain 福山
30 Fuyu Rich and prosperous 富裕
31 Fucheng Prosperous city 富城
32 Fusheng Prosperous and flourishing 福盛
33 Fuyuan Rich and distant 富遠
34 Fulai Blessing comes 福來
35 Fuzhi Wealth and wisdom 富智
36 Fugui Wealthy and noble 富貴
37 Fuming Rich and bright 富明
38 Fuxuan Blessing selection 福選
39 Furen Wealth and kindness 富仁
40 Fudan Blessing cinnabar 福丹
41 Fulian Blessing continuous 福連
42 Fulin Blessing unicorn 福麟
43 Fuguo Wealthy country 富國
44 Fuchang Prosperous and flourishing 富昌
45 Fuxin Blessing and new 福新
46 Fuying Rich and prosperous 富英
47 Fuzhen Blessing and precious 福珍
48 Fuheng Prosperous and enduring 富恆
49 Fubin Prosperous and refined 富斌
50 Fushou Blessing and longevity 福壽
51 Fuying Abundant prosperity 富盈
52 Fuhao Wealthy and grand 福豪
53 Fulang Blessing and clear 福朗
54 Fuyun Rich clouds 富雲
55 Fuxi Blessing and joy 福喜
56 Fuzhou Wealthy and prosperous city 福洲
57 Fude Blessing and virtue 福德
58 Futian Blessing heaven 福田
59 Fumao Prosperous and luxuriant 富茂
60 Fuzhen Blessing and vigorous 福振
61 Furong Prosperous and flourishing 富榮
62 Fucheng Prosperous and successful 富成
63 Fuhui Wealthy and brilliant 富輝
64 Fuxin Blessing and joyous 福欣
65 Fuling Blessing and tomb 福陵
66 Fuxin Blessing and new 福鑫
67 Fuliang Wealthy and good 福良
68 Futao Blessing and waves 福濤
69 Fuzi Blessing and son 福子
70 Fuchao Blessing and morning 福朝
71 Fushan Prosperous mountain 富山
72 Futian Blessing heaven 福天
73 Fugao Blessing high 福高
74 Fuyuan Blessing source 福源
75 Fuhao Wealthy and grand 富豪
76 Fushui Blessing water 福水
77 Fuluo Blessing and happiness 福洛
78 Fuyang Rich sunlight 福陽
79 Fuping Blessing and peace 福平
80 Fulei Blessing thunder 福雷
81 Fuxuan Prosperous selection 富選
82 Fugang Blessing strong 福剛
83 Fuli Blessing and profit 福利
84 Fuzhan Prosperous battle 富戰
85 Fuyi Rich and righteous 富義
86 Fupeng Blessing and majestic 福鵬
87 Fuhua Wealth and splendor 福華
88 Fuxi Blessing and joy 福熙
89 Fuliang Wealthy and good 富良
90 Fuxian Blessing and virtuous 福賢
91 Fuquan Blessing complete 福全
92 Fushuo Blessing and robust 福碩
93 Fumao Prosperous and flourishing 富茂

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the exploration of Chinese baby boy names starting with “F” offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and tradition. Each name, carefully chosen for its unique meaning and resonance, becomes a timeless gift for your little one. Whether you opt for a name rooted in historical significance or a modern gem, the journey of selecting the perfect name is an enriching experience. May the name you choose carry the weight of heritage and the promise of a bright future. As you embark on this meaningful decision, may your child’s name be a source of joy, pride, and connection to a vibrant cultural legacy.

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