100+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with E

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a captivating journey as we unveil a curated list of over 100 Chinese baby boy names starting with ‘E’. Each name weaves a story of tradition and meaning, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of China. Discover the perfect name for your little one that resonates with both heritage and contemporary allure.

100+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with E

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Edison Son of Edward 艾迪生
2 Eric Ever kingly 艾瑞克
3 Ethan Strong 伊桑
4 Evan Young warrior 伊凡
5 Eason Blessed 伊莎恩
6 Enzo Rules the household 恩佐
7 Elvis All-wise 艾尔维斯
8 Emeric Work ruler 艾梅里克
9 Emil Industrious 艾米尔
10 Everett Strong as a boar 艾弗瑞特
11 Eddy Wealthy guardian 艾迪
12 Eli Ascended or uplifted 伊莱
13 Elliot The Lord is my God 艾略特
14 Elton From the old town 艾尔顿
15 Eden Delight 伊甸
16 Ewan Born of the yew tree 尤安
17 Enrico Ruler of the household 恩里科
18 Erwin Friend of the sea 厄温
19 Endy Brave and powerful 恩迪
20 Elvin Elf friend 艾尔文
21 Elio Sun 艾利奥
22 Edric Prosperous ruler 艾德瑞克
23 Elroy The king 埃尔罗伊
24 Eagan Fire 伊根
25 Elyas The Lord is my God 埃利亚斯
26 Eamon Wealthy guardian 伊蒙
27 Echo Sound 艾科
28 Eustace Fruitful 尤斯塔斯
29 Eugene Born to nobility 尤金
30 Everest Highest mountain 艾佛瑞斯特
31 Emery Industrious 艾默里
32 Ender Rare 恩德
33 Elden From the elves 艾尔登
34 Eliott The Lord is my God 伊略特
35 Ellis Benevolent 艾利斯
36 Ewen Youth 尤文
37 Elwin Friend of the elves 艾尔文
38 Elian My God has answered 伊利安
39 Elmer Noble and famous 艾尔默
40 Eldon Noble friend 艾尔顿
41 Errol Noble and respected 厄洛尔
42 Ephraim Fruitful 以弗莱姆
43 Emilio Industrious 艾米利奥
44 Elias The Lord is my God 伊莱亚斯
45 Edmund Prosperous defender 爱德蒙
46 Ezra Help 以斯拉
47 Enoch Dedicated 以诺
48 Elwood From the old forest 艾尔伍德
49 Ellery Alder tree 埃勒里
50 Egon Edge of a sword 艾贡
51 Erasmus Beloved 伊拉斯谟
52 Eadbald Wealthy ruler 伊德巴尔德
53 Eadric Prosperous ruler 伊德里克
54 Eldric Wise ruler 艾德瑞克
55 Eadwin Prosperous friend 伊德温
56 Eldwin Wise friend 艾尔德温
57 Eilif Descendant 艾利夫
58 Erskine High cliff 厄斯金
59 Eamonn Wealthy protector 伊蒙
60 Eilert Noble warrior 艾勒特
61 Embry Work ruler 恩布里
62 Elgin Noble 埃尔金
63 Enlai Favor and coming 恩来
64 Everard Strong as a boar 艾弗拉德
65 Ewart Hardy or brave 尤沃特
66 Eadred Prosperous counsel 伊德瑞德
67 Edsel Noble and kind 艾德塞尔
68 Eryk Ever-ruler 艾瑞克
69 Essex East Saxons 埃塞克斯
70 Euan Born of the yew tree 尤安
71 Eubert Bright prosperity 尤伯特
72 Euen Born of the yew tree 尤恩
73 Ewing Lawful ruler 尤因
74 Eddard Wealthy guardian 艾达德
75 Eldridge Wise counselor 艾尔德里奇
76 Elario Cheerful 艾拉里奥
77 Eustis Fruitful 尤斯蒂斯
78 Esmund Protected by God 艾斯蒙德
79 Eilam Forever 艾兰
80 Eryx Ruler of all 艾瑞克斯
81 Elric Ruler of all 艾尔里克
82 Enver Bright 恩维尔
83 Eliab My God is Father 以利亚伯
84 Eber Beyond 以伯
85 Erling Descendant 尔林
86 Eilian Second son 艾利安
87 Edvard Guardian of riches 艾德瓦德
88 Eudon Prosperous hill 尤东
89 Eanfrith Peaceful journey 安弗里斯
90 Endrik Ruler of the home 恩德里克
91 Ezar Helper 伊扎尔
92 Emerico Work ruler 埃梅里科
93 Eulogio Praise 尤洛吉奥
94 Elston Noble stone 艾尔斯顿
95 Ettore Loyal 埃托尔
96 Eusebio Devout 尤塞比奥
97 Eamann Wealthy protector 伊曼
98 Eddison Son of Edward 艾迪生
99 Elmir Noble and renowned 艾尔米尔
100 Ephrem Fruitful 以弗莱姆

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In conclusion

In conclusion, this compilation of 100+ Chinese baby boy names beginning with ‘E’ showcases the beauty of cultural diversity. Whether rooted in ancient traditions or embracing modern influences, these names carry a profound significance. May this list guide you in selecting a name that not only sounds melodious but also resonates with the rich heritage of Chinese culture, creating a meaningful connection for your precious little one.

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