80+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with D

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Selecting a meaningful name for your baby boy is a special moment. In this guide, we explore a curated list of Chinese baby boy names, each beginning with the distinctive letter ‘D’. Discover names rich in tradition and significance for your little one.

80+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with D

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Da Wei Big and Powerful 大伟
2 Deng Jie Victory and Purity 登杰
3 Di Jun Emperor 帝俊
4 Ding Yi Stable and Righteous 定义
5 Dong Hai East Sea 东海
6 Du Lei Virtuous and Thunder 杜雷
7 Duan Wei Short and Powerful 短伟
8 De Sheng Virtuous and Lively 德生
9 Dai Chen Virtuous and Great 代臣
10 Dan Hong Red and Graceful 丹鸿
11 Da Long Big Dragon 大龙
12 Da Xing Big and Prosperous 大兴
13 Ding Feng Stable and Phoenix 定风
14 Di Rui Emperor and Sharp 帝锐
15 Dou Xian Combat and Virtuous 斗贤
16 Duan Ning Short and Tranquil 短宁
17 De Xin Virtuous and Heart 德心
18 Ding Sheng Stable and Victory 定胜
19 Dong Yue East and Joyful 东悦
20 Dou Zhi Combat and Intelligent 斗智
21 Di Wei Emperor and Great 帝伟
22 Du Heng Virtuous and Persistent 杜恒
23 Dai Yuan Virtuous and Far-reaching 代远
24 Ding Hao Stable and Auspicious 定豪
25 Da Zhi Big and Wise 大智
26 Di Sheng Emperor and Prosperous 帝盛
27 Da Peng Big and Roc 大鹏
28 Deng Chen Ascendancy and Morning 登晨
29 Da Qiang Big and Strong 大强
30 Du Jian Virtuous and Sharp 杜健
31 Deng Hao Ascendancy and Auspicious 登豪
32 Di Xuan Emperor and Mysterious 帝玄
33 Dai Ming Virtuous and Bright 代明
34 Dong Xin East and Faithful 东信
35 Duan Ran Short and Sharp 短冉
36 Du Jiang Virtuous and Firm 杜江
37 Ding Yan Stable and Flame 定炎
38 Da Chun Big and Pure 大纯
39 Duan Yu Short and Jade 短玉
40 Du Qiang Virtuous and Strong 杜强
41 Ding Xing Stable and Prosperous 定兴
42 Da Feng Big and Wind 大风
43 Dai Zhi Virtuous and Ambitious 代志
44 Dou Wei Combat and Powerful 斗威
45 Di Kun Emperor and Earth 帝坤
46 Deng Xian Ascendancy and Virtuous 登贤
47 Dong Cheng East and Accomplishment 东成
48 Da Xun Big and Order 大训
49 Di Yuan Emperor and Far 帝远
50 Deng Shuai Ascendancy and Handsome 登帅
51 Duan Jing Short and Calm 短静
52 Ding Kai Stable and Victorious 定凯
53 Du Xiang Virtuous and Auspicious 杜祥
54 Dai Chao Virtuous and Prosperous 代朝
55 Da Xiong Big and Brave 大雄
56 Dong Han East and Prosperity 东瀚
57 Duan Ming Short and Bright 短明
58 Di Long Emperor and Dragon 帝龙
59 Dai Wei Virtuous and Mighty 代伟
60 Dong Quan East and Full 东全
61 Da Yao Big and Eminent 大耀
62 Duan Yue Short and Eloquent 短悦
63 Deng Feng Ascendancy and Peak 登峰
64 Di Xing Emperor and Prosperous 帝兴
65 Duan Yi Short and Resolute 短毅
66 Di Cheng Emperor and Accomplishment 帝成
67 Dong Chen East and Morning 东晨
68 Dai Lin Virtuous and Forest 代林
69 Du Yang Virtuous and Sun 杜阳
70 Da Xin Big and Trustworthy 大信
71 Deng Quan Ascendancy and Authority 登权
72 Di Bo Emperor and Broad 帝博
73 Da Li Big and Beautiful 大丽
74 Di Ao Emperor and Proud 帝傲
75 Duan Liang Short and Excellent 短良
76 Ding Xiang Stable and Fragrance 定香
77 Du Hao Virtuous and Vast 杜浩
78 Da Ren Big and Benevolent 大仁
79 Dong Ming East and Bright 东明
80 Deng Wei Ascendancy and Greatness 登伟
81 Di Kang Emperor and Healthy 帝康
82 Ding Wei Stable and Greatness 定伟
83 Dai Feng Virtuous and Phoenix 代风
84 Da Chen Big and Accomplished 大臣
85 Duan Xian Short and Outstanding 短贤
86 Di Shuai Emperor and Handsome 帝帅
87 Dong Wei East and Greatness 东伟
88 Du Yu Virtuous and Jade 杜宇

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In conclusion

As we conclude our exploration of Chinese baby boy names starting with ‘D,’ we hope this curated list has inspired you in finding the perfect name for your little one. Each name carries its unique cultural and historical significance, adding a meaningful touch to your child’s identity. May your journey in selecting a name be as joyous as the arrival of your precious baby boy.

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