90+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with C

by Sophia Roberts

In the vast tapestry of Chinese nomenclature, the choice of a name for a baby is a momentous decision, imbued with cultural significance and familial aspirations. As we embark on the exploration of Chinese baby boy names beginning with the letter ‘C,’ we delve into a realm where each character is a brushstroke, painting a vivid portrait of heritage and tradition. These names, resonating with linguistic elegance, carry meanings that echo through generations, shaping the identity and destiny of the child. Join us on this captivating journey as we unravel the beauty and depth behind Chinese names that commence with the letter ‘C,’ discovering the unique stories and aspirations they hold.

90+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with C

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Chen Morning
2 Cheng Accomplished
3 Chao Triumphant
4 Chu Gem
5 Cheung Good luck
6 Cai Wealth
7 Cang Prolonged
8 Cong Intelligent
9 Chang Flourishing
10 Chun Spring
11 Chuan River
12 Cui Jade
13 Cao Handsome
14 Cen Ancient
15 Ci Kind
16 Chenxi Morning sun 陈曦
17 Chuang Innovation
18 Chong Loyalty
19 Chunhua Spring flower 春华
20 Chenglong Achieving dragon 成龙
21 Cidian Scholarly 辞典
22 Cisheng Talented 慈生
23 Ciyuan Kind and benevolent 慈远
24 Cunxin Respected 存信
25 Cunguang Respected and broad-minded 存广
26 Cuiqin Graceful music 翠琴
27 Cuirong Graceful and glorious 翠荣
28 Cunzhong Steadfast and loyal 存忠
29 Cailan Colorful orchid 彩兰
30 Caihong Colorful rainbow 彩虹
31 Caixia Colorful glow 彩霞
32 Caimei Colorful and beautiful 彩美
33 Cailin Colorful forest 彩林
34 Caifeng Colorful phoenix 彩凤
35 Cailing Colorful and spiritual 彩灵
36 Caiyun Colorful cloud 彩云
37 Caihui Colorful wisdom 彩慧
38 Caiwei Colorful and great 彩伟
39 Chanyu Charismatic jade 蝉羽
40 Chia Harmony
41 Chuanmei Transmitting beauty 传美
42 Chunli Spring beauty 春丽
43 Cuifen Graceful fragrance 翠芬
44 Cuiying Graceful and clever 翠英
45 Cunzhen Steadfast and righteous 存贞
46 Cuixia Graceful glow 翠霞
47 Chushan Elegant mountain 楚山
48 Chulan Elegant orchid 楚兰
49 Chunmei Spring beauty 春梅
50 Chuyi Spring joy 春意
51 Chuxiu Spring grace 春秀
52 Chuli Spring strength 春力
53 Chunzhu Spring bamboo 春竹
54 Cuihua Colorful and elegant 翠华
55 Cuiyan Colorful and graceful 翠艳
56 Cuifang Colorful fragrance 翠芳
57 Cuihong Colorful rainbow 翠虹
58 Chunrong Spring glory 春荣
59 Chunlan Spring orchid 春兰
60 Cuixiang Colorful fragrance 翠香
61 Chengwei Achieving greatness 成伟
62 Changyu Flourishing and abundant 昌宇
63 Cuimei Colorful and beautiful 翠美
64 Chumei Graceful and beautiful 楚美
65 Cuiyun Colorful cloud 翠云
66 Chunyu Spring rain 春雨
67 Chuyan Spring swallow 春燕
68 Cuicui Colorful and elegant 翠翠
69 Cuiqing Colorful celebration 翠庆
70 Chuning Spring tranquility 春宁
71 Chujun Spring army 春军
72 Chunyan Spring swallow 春燕
73 Chuqiao Spring bridge 春桥
74 Chufang Spring fragrance 春芳
75 Chunzi Spring child 春子
76 Cuiwen Colorful and elegant 翠文
77 Caili Colorful and beautiful 彩丽
78 Chuxin Spring heart 春心
79 Cuijing Colorful essence 翠静
80 Chunzhen Spring righteousness 春贞
81 Chuwei Spring greatness 春伟
82 Cailian Colorful lotus 彩莲
83 Cuihui Colorful wisdom 翠慧
84 Chunlei Spring thunder 春雷
85 Cuilan Colorful orchid 翠兰
86 Chuyun Spring cloud 春云
87 Chunxi Spring joy 春喜
88 Cuixiu Colorful elegance 翠秀
89 Chunxiu Spring elegance 春秀
90 Chunan Spring tranquility 春安
91 Chunying Spring charm 春颖
92 Cuiqiao Colorful and skillful 翠巧
93 Chuyu Spring rain 春雨
94 Cuiyuan Colorful and far-reaching 翠远
95 Cuiping Colorful and peaceful 翠平

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In conclusion

In concluding our exploration of Chinese baby boy names starting with ‘C,’ we’ve uncovered a treasure trove of linguistic beauty and cultural significance. Each name, a carefully chosen character, weaves a tale of heritage and familial aspirations. As we bid farewell to this journey, we leave with a deep appreciation for the artistry in naming, recognizing that these names are not mere labels but threads connecting the past, present, and future. In the symphony of Chinese culture, names are harmonies, resonating through time, carrying the hopes and dreams of generations. May the ‘C’ names chosen for the little ones be echoes of tradition and promises for a vibrant future.

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