100+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with B

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In the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, the significance of a name goes beyond mere identification; it is a reflection of heritage, values, and aspirations. Choosing a name for a baby is a thoughtful process, filled with cultural nuances and traditional significance. In the vast realm of Chinese baby names, each character carries a profound meaning, contributing to the child’s identity and shaping their destiny. In this exploration, we delve into the realm of names beginning with the letter ‘B,’ discovering the beauty, depth, and cultural resonance behind Chinese baby boy names that start with this distinctive consonant. Join us on a journey of linguistic elegance and cultural exploration as we unravel the charm of these carefully chosen names.

100+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with B

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Bai White
2 Bao Treasure
3 Bin Clever
4 Bo Wave
5 Bing Ice
6 Bu Not Available
7 Buxi Not Available 不喜
8 Baishan White Mountain 白山
9 Bolin Gentle Forest 柏林
10 Bowen Gentle and Cultured 博文
11 Bojing Broad and Upright 博敬
12 Boming Broadly Bright 博明
13 Beiming North Star 北明
14 Bohan Broad and Handsome 博翰
15 Baiyun White Cloud 白云
16 Baiqian Thousand Years 百千
17 Baosheng Protect Life 保生
18 Boyu Abundant Rain 柏雨
19 Boren Broad and Benevolent 博仁
20 Buyi Not Available 不宜
21 Binyu Gentle Jade 斌玉
22 Baolong Treasure Dragon 宝龙
23 Bokai Broad and Open 博开
24 Baozheng Preserving Righteousness 保正
25 Bosheng Broad and Prosperous 博盛
26 Bofeng Broad and Abundant Wind 博风
27 Bochang Broad and Flourishing 博昌
28 Bozhong Broad and Loyal 博忠
29 Baozhi Treasure and Wisdom 宝智
30 Baotian Precious Sky 宝天
31 Baiwei Hundred Tastes 百味
32 Binsheng Clever and Lively 彬生
33 Bolai Broad and Beautiful 博丽
34 Bowei Broad and Great 博伟
35 Baike Hundred Lessons 百科
36 Bolong Broad and Prosperous Dragon 博龙
37 Baofeng Precious Wind 宝风
38 Bolun Broad and Smooth 博伦
39 Bowu Broad and Martial 博武
40 Baolin Precious Gem Forest 宝林
41 Bairui Hundred Wisdom 百瑞
42 Boshu Broad and Virtuous 博舒
43 Bailin Hundred Forests 百林
44 Bowang Broad and Grand 博望
45 Boxun Broad and Fast 博迅
46 Baiqi Hundred Achievements 百奇
47 Bingjie Bright and Outstanding 兵杰
48 Bozhi Broad and Wise 博智
49 Bohui Broad and Splendid 博辉
50 Baisheng Hundred Achievements 百胜
51 Baiyi Hundred Benefits 百益
52 Boling Broad and Elegant 博领
53 Baiming Hundred Brightness 百明
54 Bofan Broad and Luxuriant 博繁
55 Borui Broad and Auspicious 博瑞
56 Baowen Treasured Literature 宝文
57 Baodong Broad and East 博东
58 Bole Not Available 伯乐
59 Baidi Hundred Achievements 百迪
60 Baijia Hundred Houses 百家
61 Baoku Broad and Ancient 博古
62 Boshi Broad and Exquisite 博世
63 Borun Broad and Diligent 博润
64 Baijun Hundred Armies 百军
65 Baozhong Treasured Bell 宝钟
66 Baohui Hundred Splendors 百辉
67 Bailong Hundred Dragons 百龙
68 Baiyuan Hundred Origins 百源
69 Bomei Broad and Beautiful 博美
70 Boshan Broad and Mountain 博山
71 Boyang Broad and Ocean 博洋
72 Baimao White Fur 白毛
73 Boquan Broad and Complete 博全
74 Baihua Hundred Flowers 百花
75 Bosong Broad and Respected 博颂
76 Baixiang Hundred Fragrances 百香
77 Baocheng Treasured Accomplishment 宝成
78 Baiyong Hundred Brave 百勇
79 Boxiang Broad and Auspicious 博祥
80 Baitian White Sky 白天
81 Baozhu Precious Pearl 宝珠
82 Baijin Hundred Gold 百金
83 Bingquan Ice Spring 冰泉
84 Bailing Hundred Spirited 百灵
85 Baili Hundred Miles 百里
86 Boqin Broad and Diligent 博勤
87 Baitong White Bronze 白铜
88 Boyan Broad and Eloquent 博言
89 Binghui Ice Brightness 冰辉
90 Baozhai Precious Dwelling 宝宅
91 Bosen Broad and Virtuous 博森
92 Baolai Broad and Prosperous 博赖
93 Baiyang Hundred Suns 百阳
94 Bochen Broad and Profound 博臣
95 Baoxin Treasured Heart 宝心
96 Baining Hundred Peaceful Years 百宁
97 Bofei Broad and Abundant Harvest 博丰
98 Boqiang Broad and Strong 博强
99 Bozong Broad and Revered 博宗
100 Bailiang Hundred Brightness 百亮
101 Boliang Broad and Auspicious 博良

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In conclusion

In the symphony of Chinese baby boy names, those beginning with the letter ‘B’ resonate with a unique blend of tradition, meaning, and cultural significance. As we conclude our exploration into these names, we find ourselves immersed in a sea of linguistic elegance and historical depth. From Bai, meaning “white” or “pure,” to Bao, symbolizing “treasure” or “precious,” each name carries a story, a legacy waiting to unfold. In the selection of a name, Chinese parents weave together aspirations, cultural values, and ancestral connections, creating a tapestry that spans generations. The journey through Chinese baby boy names starting with ‘B’ not only reveals the beauty of the language but also underscores the enduring importance of tradition in shaping the identity of the next generation. As we bid farewell to this exploration, we leave with a greater appreciation for the profound significance encapsulated in each carefully chosen character. These names are more than just labels; they are whispers of the past, promises for the future, and threads that connect the present to the rich cultural tapestry of China.

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