90+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with A

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In the intricate tapestry of Chinese culture and tradition, the art of naming holds a special significance. For parents embarking on the exciting journey of welcoming a baby boy into their lives, the quest for a name rich in meaning and cultural resonance is a cherished endeavor. In this exploration of “Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with A,” we delve into a collection of names that not only reflect the linguistic beauty of the Chinese language but also carry profound meanings rooted in the rich heritage of China. Each name, carefully selected and steeped in cultural significance, weaves a story of tradition, family, and aspirations for the newest member of the family. Join us as we uncover the charm and depth behind these names that celebrate both the past and the promising future of a beloved baby boy.

90+ Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with A

No. Name Meaning Chinese (Name)
1 Anwei Peaceful greatness 安威
2 Aiden Little fire 艾登
3 Anshun Calm and smooth 安顺
4 Anxin Peaceful heart 安心
5 Anjun Calm and handsome 安君
6 Anlong Peaceful and prosperous 安隆
7 Anran Peaceful and graceful 安然
8 Anqi Peaceful and outstanding 安奇
9 Aochi Proud and wise 奥迟
10 Aofei Proud and flying 奥飞
11 Aohan Proud and grand 奥汉
12 Aojun Proud and handsome 奥俊
13 Aolong Proud and dragon 奥龙
14 Aoshi Proud and lion 奥狮
15 Aoyu Proud and jade 奥玉
16 Aowei Proud and extraordinary 奥威
17 Ansheng Peaceful and prosperous 安盛
18 Aoxiang Proud and auspicious 奥祥
19 Aoyang Proud and sun 奥阳
20 Aozhou Proud and continent 奥洲
21 Anfu Peaceful and wealthy 安福
22 Anliang Peaceful and good 安良
23 Anming Peaceful and bright 安明
24 Anshuo Peaceful and clear 安硕
25 Anyu Peaceful and jade 安玉
26 Anzhe Peaceful and virtuous 安哲
27 Anzhou Peaceful and continent 安舟
28 Axiang Proud and auspicious 奥祥
29 Ayong Proud and brave 阿勇
30 Aqiang Proud and strong 阿强
31 Aokai Proud and triumphant 奥凯
32 Aorui Proud and sharp 奥锐
33 Aofeng Proud and vigorous 奥风
34 Aojie Proud and outstanding 奥杰
35 Aoshan Proud and mountain 奥山
36 Aoxi Proud and happy 奥喜
37 Aoyi Proud and righteous 奥义
38 Antong Peaceful and prosperous 安通
39 Anxi Peaceful and joyous 安喜
40 Anze Peaceful and graceful 安泽
41 Anzhi Peaceful and stable 安稳
42 Anzuo Peaceful and composed 安佐
43 Aokun Proud and firm 奥坤
44 Aolei Proud and thunderous 奥雷
45 Aoheng Proud and vigorous 奥恒
46 Aoxin Proud and trustworthy 奥信
47 Aoyuan Proud and far-reaching 奥远
48 Aozhi Proud and auspicious 奥志
49 Aoli Proud and handsome 奥丽
50 Aoxue Proud and virtuous 奥学
51 Aosheng Proud and victorious 奥胜
52 Aotian Proud and heaven-sent 奥天
53 Aowen Proud and cultured 奥文
54 Aozhan Proud and battle-ready 奥战
55 Aozhong Proud and loyal 奥忠
56 Aoxuan Proud and outstanding 奥璇
57 Aoyong Proud and brave 奥勇
58 Aozheng Proud and righteous 奥正
59 Aoxing Proud and prosperous 奥兴
60 Aozhao Proud and bright 奥昭
61 Aoxun Proud and swift 奥迅
62 Aoyue Proud and harmonious 奥越
63 Aowang Proud and majestic 奥旺
64 Aohui Proud and wise 奥晖
65 Aoliang Proud and bright 奥亮
66 Aowu Proud and martial 奥武
67 Aotao Proud and grand 奥涛
68 Aojin Proud and golden 奥金
69 Aokang Proud and healthy 奥康
70 Aohua Proud and flourishing 奥华
71 Aorong Proud and glorious 奥荣
72 Aohao Proud and heroic 奥豪
73 Aomeng Proud and flourishing 奥蒙
74 Aolin Proud and elegant 奥林
75 Aoteng Proud and vigorous 奥腾
76 Aozhen Proud and sincere 奥贞
77 Aojian Proud and sharp 奥健
78 Aosong Proud and pine 奥松
79 Aohang Proud and grand 奥航
80 Aobin Proud and refined 奥彬
81 Aoyao Proud and distant 奥遥
82 Aocheng Proud and accomplished 奥成
83 Aonan Proud and south 奥南
84 Aozhu Proud and bamboo 奥竹
85 Aosen Proud and virtuous 奥森
86 Aochuan Proud and river 奥川
87 Aoran Proud and peaceful 奥然
88 Aofan Proud and refined 奥凡
89 Aoying Proud and heroic 奥英
90 Aohuan Proud and happy 奥欢
91 Aoshuo Proud and eloquent 奥硕

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In conclusion

In the symphony of linguistic elegance and cultural resonance, our exploration of “Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with A” draws to a close. Each name unfurls a story, a connection to China’s rich heritage, and a tapestry woven with aspirations for the future. As we conclude this journey, may these carefully selected names serve as beacons of tradition and hope for families welcoming a new chapter. Choosing a name is more than a linguistic choice; it’s a cultural embrace and a celebration of the remarkable heritage that resonates through generations. In these names, we find not just letters, but a profound narrative of love, legacy, and a promising future for the little ones who bear them.

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