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When choosing the name of the baby there is not always agreement between families. Some prefer traditional names that are always a success, while others look for a name with more personality and original. The latest trends in names for children point to names of Chinese origin because they are exotic, original and very novel. In addition, Chinese names have very eloquent meanings and many of them are gender names. This is our list of 10 Chinese names for your baby.

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Latest Chinese baby names

If so, you should take note of the most popular Chinese baby names for baby boys and baby girls. Discover our list with the most popular Chinese girl names! The choice of a child's name always requires a lot of responsibility and can be cause for disagreements among parents, who may not agree to choose the perfect name for the child. Among the names given to babies are classic names, modern names and rare and original names. Beyond these, there are also names that come from other countries and are very successful, such as the English, Italian or the Greeks. Regarding the names of Chinese origin, it should be noted that the Chinese alphabet is different from ours, so the Chinese names that we detail below are English. When speaking of Chinese we refer to Mandarin, although there are many more dialects. The names of Chinese origin are short or formed by two words and are characterized by having a positive meaning, often referring to elements or animals important to this culture, such as the hummingbird.

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Choosing the name of a baby is usually a beautiful and exciting task, implies responsibility and there must be a mutual agreement between the parents.Choosing a name from a culture as striking and special as China is, is an exciting idea. They are usually short and always have a positive meaning. For this reason if you love this country, here you will find what you need to choose a name with this origin.

Unique Chinese boy names and girls names

      Dalai: this name of beautiful pronunciation, which can also be written Dalay, means "looking towards the ocean".
      Ming: one of the most common and popular names for men in China, which refers to a clear, wise and bright man.
      Shaoran: this name, whose variant is Shayoran, symbolizes the representation of a small wolf.
      Shui: gender name used for boys and girls, very popular and whose meaning is "water".
      Yan Yan: popular oriental name that means "elegant, kind and handsome man". It is a name that, due to its meaning, has been used by Eastern royalty as a prince's name.
      Akame: This beautiful Chinese name represents the beauty, mischief, beauty and beauty of the eastern woman.
      Hui ying: this name composed of two words means "bright, intelligent, enlightened and wise".
      Jia li: among the Chinese names of women, this name appears, whose meaning is "good, brave, honest and beautiful woman".
      Kumiko: This name, very popular in China, symbolizes the beauty of the girl and its meaning is "girl of eternal preciousness".
      Li: This popular Chinese name means "strong, brave" and "beautiful woman."

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