Biblical Boy Names Top 10

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Top 10 Biblical Boy Names

Traditions and Customs define people, their thoughts and opinions, their lifestyles. One such lifestyle is choosing a name, and Christian or Biblical boy names are a mirror of the transmission of faith to future younger generations. These names come from two basic sources – the Old Testament and The New Testament. There are other Biblical references to where these names were taken.

Christian names are an enormous collection of Hebrew, Middle Eastern or Islamic names, and they never know they will go out of fashion. Biblical boy names have been popular since they appeared. The only thing that may have changed is their spelling, as people began to spell the same name to make it look modern.

If you’re not a fan of unique or trendy baby boy names and prefer something more meaningful behind them, look no further. These religious nicknames go a little deeper and are rich in Biblical history and tradition. You may be surprised at what you’ve found! Welcome to our ‘biblical boy names’ list.

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Let’s Check Biblical Boy Names List

1- Aaron

In Exodus, Aaron was Moses ‘ brother and acted as his spokesman. He was the first high priest of the Israelites, and the priesthood would pass through his descendants. The name Aaron is a male given name of Hebrew origin, meaning” high mountain; lofty, enlightened”.
The origin of the name Aaron is debated – some say it comes from Hebrew, while others claim it comes from ancient Egypt. In the Old Testament, Moses ‘ older brother Aaron, appointed by God as his brother’s spokesman, was the first abbot of the Children of Israel. Its Hebrew version is Aharon – it may be Aaran in Yiddish – and its name is referred to as Haroun or Haroun in Arabic.

Aaron has been in and around the top 50 for almost half a century at this point and is still an attractive, timeless choice. The softness of Aaron’s first double celebrity gives him an appealing softness.

Notable names include Aaron Burr and composer Aaron Copland, and currently Aaron Eckhart and Aaron Paul. Aaron has appeared in works by Shakespeare, James Fenimore Cooper and George Eliot.

Elvis ‘ middle name was spelled Aron, one of several different forms of spelling, such as Arun.

There are plants known as Aaron’s Rod and Aaron’s Beard. That’s our first name of ‘Biblical Boy Names List’

Aaron (Hebrew) – Exodus. 4:14 – a teacher; lofty; mountain of strength.

2- Adam

Adam is the first human created in Genesis. The name Adam is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “son of the Red World”.
Adam, a primitive Old Testament name, was revived as a 1960s cowboy name. Adam is not as popular as he used to be and feels ready to rest for a while, he has been replaced by new A names such as Aidan / Aiden, Avery and Axel. His current top movers include Adams Sandler, Levine, Brody and Driver, who portrays a character called Adam on Girls.

Of course, Adam is the first man God created. It is also a general term for humanity. Adam did not make the US top 100 chart until 1970, peaking at number 18 in the early 80s.

Adam (Hebrew) – Genesis 3:17 – earthy; red.

3- Caleb

The name Caleb is a child’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “devotion to God”.
Hebrew Hebrew for “dog” has two potential derivations of Caleb; the first is derived from the Hebrew Kelev, meaning “dog”, and the second from the Hebrew components kal and Lev, meaning “whole heart”. In the Old Testament, Caleb is one of only two ancient Israelites (Yusha) who set out from Egypt to finally enter the Promised Land.

Caleb is an attractive Old Testament name that has been among the US top 100 for almost three decades. Julianne Moore chose Caleb for her son, as did Bo Bice. The short form Cale is also growing in popularity, and the current Kaleb spelling takes the initial trend of K-C.

Caleb Garth is a character in George Eliot’s Middlemarch.

Caleb (Hebrew) – Numbers 13:6 – a dog; a crow; a basket.

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4- David

The name David is the name of a child of Hebrew origin, meaning” beloved”.
David derives from the Hebrew name Dawid, which evolved from the element dod, meaning” beloved”. It is the name of the Old Testament of the Second King of Israel, who killed the giant Philistine Goliath with his slingshot when he was a child. He grew up to be a wise and multicultural leader who enjoyed music and became a poet, later inspiring great sculptors such as Michelangelo and Donatello.

David is a classic that does a lot. Although no longer in the top 10, it ranks second among men’s names starting with D, after Daniel.

A sixth-century David was the patron saint of Wales, of which he was always a popular choice. David is a royal name well used in many cultures and is a safe and time-independent choice. The fact that he is still a hugely popular name proves that David is an enduring classic.

There are countless Davids in history, entertainment, sports and fiction, including Copperfield, Crockett, Letterman and Beckham. Celebrities who have chosen her for their baby boy include Jennifer Hudson, Mo’nique and that unique name creator J. K. There’s Rowling. Dawson means “Son of David.”

David (Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 16:13 – well-beloved, dear.

5- Elijah

The name Elijah is the name of a child of Hebrew origin, meaning “Yahweh is God”.
Elijah derives from the Hebrew name Eliyahu, which consists of elements ‘el and yah, both referring to God. In the Old Testament, Elijah was the prophet who went to heaven in a chariot of fire. Elias is the corresponding Greek variation of Elijah.

Elijah became a choice, which was fashionable in the Bible. The name is growing in popularity and could challenge Noah for the No. 1 spot if he gets close to the top of the charts and warms up more.

After a long period of neglect, Elijah suddenly became young, with Cher and Greg Allman giving a gift to their son Elijah Blue in 1976 and receiving another youth serum through young actor Elijah Wood.
Other celebrities who have chosen Elijah for their men include Donnie Wahlberg, James Spader, Tracy Nelson, Wynonna Judd and Bono (her second names are Bob Patricus Guggi G. followed by).

Elijah is involved in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions. There are numerous songs featuring his name, and Elijah also appears in many books and films, including Charles Dickens’s Martin Chuzzlewit.

Elijah (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 17:1 – God the Lord, the strong Lord.

6- Felix

The name Felix is a male given name of Latin origin, meaning” Happy, Lucky”.
Felix was originally a Roman surname, but was adopted by the gods as a pseudonym by Sulla of ancient Rome, who believed it was blessed with particular luck. It is the name of four popes and sixty-seven Saints; in the Bible, Felix is a Roman Regent of Judea.

An energetic and optimistic Felix, with a hit-and-run meaning, eventually overcame his negative relationships with Felix The Cat and the determined Felix Unger.

The name appears in the novel Felix Holt, the protagonist of George Eliot’s The Confessions of Thomas Mann, Felix Krull, Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’urbervilles, Henry James’s Europeans, Kurt Vonnegut’s cat cradle, and as a member as the main character. From the Volturi guards in the Twilight series. In films, Felix has appeared in everything from several James Bond films to Spy Kids and The Hangover.

Gillian Anderson and Elizabeth Banks are two modern celebrities who chose Felix for their baby boy. Felix Frankfurter, a long-term Supreme Court Justice, is a notable namesake.

Popular in the Hispanic community, Felix also celebrates the surge abroad.

Felix (Latin) – Acts 23:24 – blessed; merry; fortunate; good; pleasant, desirable, happy.

7- James

The English Hebrew name of a boy, James, is of English origin and means “the one who takes his place”.
The English Hebrew name Jacob is a derived form of James. It is shared by James in the Bible (the name of the two apostles in the New Testament), royalty (kings of both England and Scotland), presidency (by the name of James (six) of more US chief rulers than any other name), and countless great writers and entertainments.

James is one of the classic Anglo-Saxon names, a name that has been solid throughout the ages and is more popular today than ever, and yes, stylish. He recently came out at number 1 in America’s favorite baby boy names poll. James is also one of the most classic, authentic British names for men.

The name James, who re-entered the top 5 in 2016 for the first time since 1980, is now a favourite of trendy parents looking for a baby name with both style and substance. And James also ranks among the top 10 male names of all time, starting with J.

There are fewer Jimmys, Jimbos and even Jamies these days; the most fashionable form of the name is James himself. Sarah Jessica Parker and several stylish celebrities, including Matthew Broderick, Liz Phair, Colin Farrell and Isaac Hanson, have chosen her for their son in recent years. Brendan Fehr came out of the box and named his daughter James.

James (Hebrew) – Matthew 4:21 – same as Jacob.

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8- Luke

The name Luke is the name of a boy of Greek origin, meaning “the man from Lucania”.
The Latin Greek name Loukas originated as a short form of Lucas, a derivation of the Latin name Loukas. The most famous bearer of the name is the first-century Greek physician, who is also thought to have been a portrait painter, a heraldist and companion of Saint Paul, and the author of the third Bible of the New Testament. He thus became the patron saint of doctors and artists.

Luke is a cool but powerful biblical name with a relaxed cowboy feel and has been on the rise since the emergence of Luke Skywalker.

Later, the Lukes include Luke Duke of The Dukes of Hazzard, one half of the classic soap opera duo Luke and Laura, contemporary actors Luke Wilson and Luke Perry, and a host of star athletes.

Luke is quite popular in the US and even more popular in Ireland.

Other attractive forms of the name are Lucas and French Luc. Lucius and Lucian have a different origin and meaning.

Luke (Greek) – Colossians 4:14 – luminous; white.

9- Peter

The name Peter is a male given name of Greek origin, meaning “rock”.
Peter derives from the Greek Petros, meaning” rock “or” stone”. One of the most important figures in Christian hagiography is Saint Peter, keeper of the gates of Heaven. Born Simon bar Jonah, he was given the nickname Peter by Jesus to indicate that he would be the Rock On which Jesus would build Christianity. Centuries later, there was wed Peter the Great, who developed Russia as a great European power.

For generations, this classic New Testament title has had pleasant childhood relationships with Peter Rabbit, Peter Pan and others. But this, as well as being user-friendly, has a solid and traditional side.

Never as widely used as his more traditional Anglo-Saxon faithful brethren, Peter, with these fine childhood associations, is an enduring appeal to parents looking for a lesser-used classic. There are also some interesting variants of Peter: the English love Piers; The Irish, Piers and Pearse; the Italians, Piero and Pietro; Pedro the Spaniard; Pierre the Frenchman; and the Dutch, Piet.

One potential problem: in some parts of the world, “peter” may be a slang term used for “penis.”

Peter (Greek) – Matthew 4:18 – a rock or stone.

10- Uriah

The name Uriah is the name of a child of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my light”.
A highly regarded Old Testament name is forever ruined by its association with the abominable Uriah Heep in David Copperfield. Some people also find this name too close to the word urine. But these negative connotations may be losing their validity. (Maybe it’s because people don’t read Dickens as much as they used to.) That’s our last name of ‘Biblical Boy Names List’

Uriah (Hebrew) – 2 Samuel 11:3 – the Lord is my light or fire.

Final Thoughts on Biblical Boy Names

The Bible has been an inspiration for thousands of years, so it is not surprising that the Bible has given beautiful boy names. But it’s not your only inspiration when it comes to choosing the perfect Biblical boy names. Take a look at our other favorite articles:

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