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Here you can find a list of biblical baby names. These are names from the Bible, Hebrew and Jewish names. You will be able to know the meaning of any biblical name along with all the information in the story, its anosmatic date and names of famous characters. If you are looking for a Biblical tradition name for your baby, we show you unique biblical boy names for children with the date of the saints. Find the etymological meaning of the most common names of saints and their date of celebration. Choose the name of your baby, consulting our list of biblical and Christian names, if you want to keep the Biblical customs and culture in the family. They are names that appear in the Bible, which begin with the letter E to K, and can be consulted when choosing the name for the baby.

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If you already know that you want to give your baby girl and baby boy a Bible name and that you also want it to be a name that begins with the letters E, F, G, H, I, J and K, you can find inspiration in our list of names of biblical characters for boys and girls. Here are the most popular: Are you thinking what name to give your baby and you can't think of any? If you like biblical and historical names, in this article you will find a list with the biblical names for prettier children, and not only for their meaning, but also for their harmonic sonority. We hope you like them! Choosing a name well is one of the most important decisions that parents make during the pregnancy, since that name will accompany the child for the rest of his life. Sometimes, choosing the name is not so easy, we may think of a thousand names but we are not sure if it is the right choice, right?

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The truth is that when choosing the name, you have to keep in mind that you must honor the cultural and family identity, which is original, and above all, that allows your child to feel proud of him over the years. It is important to know that, according to Article 54 of the Civil Registry Law and Article 192 of the Civil Registry Regulations, "names that objectively harm the person" or "diminutive or colloquial family variants that make identification confusing, are prohibited. or those that lead to error as a whole as regards gander".

Baby names in Bible

If you are looking for a beautiful and elegant name, it is interesting to know that the Christian tradition has put many of the names in the Bible into fashion, and some of them are very common. We will make a list with biblical names for children that you will surely love for how good they sound, and above all, for the etymological and historical significance they have.

Biblical baby names 6 time use in Bible

  • Abel: Of Assyrian origin, it means "He who is a son" He is one of the two sons of Adam and Eve, and according to Old Testament Genesis, he offered his flock to God to honor him, Cain felt anger over the rejection of his offer (the first fruits of planting), and blinded by the Envy killed him. According to the Israelite tradition, this story tells us that the life of the shepherds pleases God more than the sedentary life of the farmers.
  • Adam: It is a name of Hebrew origin that means "He who is a man" and denotes much strength and spirituality. This is the first man on Earth, and together with Eva, they were the first parents of the human race. It was created with dust from Earth and Eve from a rib of Adam. Once created, they were located in the garden of Eden. God expelled them from paradise when Eve fell into temptation and ate the forbidden fruit.
  • Abraham: Name of Hebrew origin that means "Father excelso" or "He who is the father of many peoples." According to the Bible, God asked him to go to the Promised Land and promised that he would bless him and all his offspring, which he would turn into a great and important nation. According to legend, Abraham lived 175 years.
  • Caleb: Name of Hebrew origin, it means bold and courageous, and was one of the twelve messengers that Moses sent from the desert to explore Canan. He was the only one who managed to enter the promised land. Its meaning is "bold", and by its terminology it is interpreted as "impetuous", capable of an effective and instantaneous reaction.
  • Uriel: Name of Hebrew origin that means "He who bears the Light of God." It is the name of the archangel of purity and perhaps the most powerful of the seven archangels, only Michael can be compared in strength. According to the writings of rabbinical Judaism it is known as "The flame of God."
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