50+ Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘J’

by Sophia Roberts

In the timeless pages of the Bible, names carry profound meaning and significance, and among the most revered are those that begin with the letter “J”. These biblical baby boy names have stood the test of time, weaving their way through the tapestry of history and faith. From the mighty “Jacob,” whose name means “supplanter,” to the noble “Joseph,” signifying “God will increase,” each name is a doorway to a rich narrative of faith, courage, and divine providence.

In this exploration of biblical baby boy names starting with “J,” we delve into the stories and symbolism behind these timeless appellations. These names not only encapsulate the virtues and values cherished in Judeo-Christian traditions but also offer a sense of connection to a heritage that spans millennia. Join us on a journey through the sacred and meaningful world of biblical “J” names for baby boys.

50+ Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘J’

Name Meaning Detail
Jacob Supplanter Patriarch of the 12 tribes of Israel
Joseph God will increase Son of Jacob and Rachel
Joshua The Lord is salvation Led the Israelites into Canaan
Jonathan God has given Close friend of David
James Supplanter Brother of Jesus and apostle
Jude Praised Author of the Epistle of Jude
Jeremiah The Lord will exalt Prophet who wrote the Book of Jeremiah
Joel The Lord is God Minor prophet in the Old Testament
Jared Descendant Lived for 962 years (Genesis 5:20)
Jesse God’s gift Father of King David
John God is gracious Baptized Jesus and wrote Gospel of John
Jason Healer Mentioned in Acts and Romans
Jethro Excellence Father-in-law of Moses
Jabin He perceives Opponent of Israel in Judges
Jehu The Lord is God King of Israel in the 9th century BCE
Jairus God enlightens Synagogue ruler in the New Testament
Japheth Enlargement Son of Noah
Job Persecuted Suffered trials, book of the Bible
Judah Praised One of Jacob’s sons, ancestor of Jews
Jonah Dove Prophet who survived in a great fish
Jotham The Lord is upright King of Judah in the Old Testament
Josiah The Lord supports Righteous king of Judah
Jael Mountain goat Killed Canaanite general Sisera
Jezebel Unexalted Wicked queen of Israel
Jesus God saves Central figure of Christianity
Joab The Lord is father Nephew of King David, military commander
Jedidiah Beloved of the Lord Another name for Solomon
Justin Just, fair Derived from the Latin name “Justus”
Jericho City of the moon An ancient city in Canaan
Jephthah He will open A judge of Israel, known for his vow
Joash Given by God King of Judah and Israel
Johnathan God has given Close friend of David
Jehoshaphat The Lord has judged King of Judah in the Old Testament
Jair He shines Judge of Israel in the Bible
Jamin Right hand Mentioned in the book of Numbers
Jubal Ram’s horn Skilled musician and father of music
Jabez Pain Prayed for blessings (1 Chronicles 4:9)
Jehoram The Lord is exalted King of Judah and Israel
Jochebed God is glory Mother of Moses
Joktan Small Descendant of Shem in the Bible
Jalon Tarrying Mentioned in the book of Numbers
Jered Descendant Ancestor of Enoch in the Bible
Jokshan Snarer Son of Abraham in the Bible
Jephunneh Behold, a face A scout sent by Moses to Canaan
Jahleel God waits Son of Zebulun in the Bible
Jeconiah God establishes King of Judah in the Old Testament
Jobab He that cries Descendant of Esau in the Bible
Jehoshua The Lord is salvation Variant of Joshua
Jeduthun Praising Chief musician in the Bible
Jerubbaal Let Baal contend Another name for Gideon
Jekuthiel God is obedient Name mentioned in the book of Numbers
Jokneam Possession A city in the tribe of Zebulun

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What is the meaning of boy names in the Bible that start with the letter ‘J’?

In conclusion, boy names in the Bible that start with the letter ‘J’ hold profound meanings deeply rooted in faith, heritage, and tradition. These names have transcended centuries, carrying with them a timeless connection to the stories and values of the Judeo-Christian tradition. From the powerful “Jacob,” symbolizing one who strives and prevails, to the benevolent “Joseph,” which signifies “God will increase,” each name encapsulates a narrative of resilience, devotion, and divine promise.

These names are not just labels; they are windows into the spiritual and historical journey of humanity. They evoke the strength of biblical figures like Joshua, the wisdom of Solomon, and the righteousness of John the Baptist. Choosing a ‘J’ name from the Bible for a boy is not only an expression of faith but also a way to embrace the enduring legacy of these biblical characters, instilling a sense of purpose and heritage in the child’s identity.

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