Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘B’

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Introducing an exploration into the realm of timeless names with deep biblical roots—Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘B’. In the pages of sacred texts, the Bible unveils a rich tapestry of names that carry profound meanings, stories, and connections to faith. This collection delves into a curated list of names that begin with the letter “B” each with its own significance and origin. From the strength embodied in “Benjamin” to the resonating call of “Bartholomew,” these names bear a legacy that transcends generations. Join us as we uncover the beauty and history behind these names, reflecting the enduring influence of the Bible on namesakes throughout history.

30 + Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘B’

Name Meaning Origin Detail
Baako Baby first born Biblical Baako is a name of biblical origin that conveys the meaning of “baby first born.”
Babtunde Return of the father Biblical Babtunde is a name from biblical sources, representing the concept of “return of the father.”
Bacchus Make a loud noise Biblical Bacchus is a biblical name that translates to “make a loud noise.”
Baily Governor, bailiff Biblical Baily is a name with biblical roots, associated with the roles of “governor” or “bailiff.”
Bain White Biblical Bain is a biblical name that simply means “white.”
Bainbridge Useful bridge Biblical Bainbridge is a name originating from the Bible, suggesting the notion of a “useful bridge.”
Baines White Biblical Baines is a biblical name denoting the attribute of being “white.”
Baired Mintrel Biblical Baired is a name mentioned in biblical context, with a connection to the term “mintrel.”
Baker In charge of royal kitchen Biblical Baker is a biblical name reflecting the responsibility of being “in charge of royal kitchen.”
Balazs Stammering, stuttering Biblical Balazs is a biblical name that signifies “stammering” or “stuttering.”
Balder Bearer of light Biblical Balder is a name with biblical origins that holds the meaning of “bearer of light.”
Baldrick Bold ruler Biblical Baldrick is a biblical name embodying the quality of a “bold ruler.”
Balduino Bold friend Biblical Balduino is a name derived from biblical sources and signifies a “bold friend.”
Baldwin Bold friend Biblical Baldwin is a biblical name that embodies the trait of being a “bold friend.”
Bale Living near the castle wall Biblical Bale is a biblical name connected to residing “near the castle wall.”
Balendin Physically powerful, healthy Biblical Balendin is a biblical name suggesting physical strength and health.
Balfour Pasture land in a village Biblical Balfour is a biblical name describing “pasture land in a village.”
Balint Hale and healthy Biblical Balint is a biblical name signifying qualities of being “hale and healthy.”
Ballard Bald man Biblical Ballard is a biblical name referring to an individual who is “bald.”
Balazac Horse with white spots on its legs Biblical Balazac is a biblical name referring to a “horse with white spots on its legs.”
Bancroft Village on a hillside Biblical Bancroft is a biblical name indicating a “village on a hillside.”
Bandi Virile, manly Biblical Bandi is a biblical name denoting attributes of being “virile” and “manly.”
Banks From a hillside or riverbank Biblical Banks is a biblical name associated with residing “from a hillside or riverbank.”
Baptist Dipping in water Biblical Baptist is a name derived from biblical context, symbolizing the act of “dipping in water.”
Baptiste Dipping in water Biblical Baptiste is a biblical name representing the idea of “dipping in water.”
Baraz High Biblical Baraz is a name found in the Bible and means “high.”
Barchlay Wood from a birch tree Biblical Barchlay is a biblical name tied to the concept of “wood from a birch tree.”
Bard Battle against peace Biblical Bard is a biblical name embodying the notion of “battle against peace.”
Barden From the valley of barley Biblical Barden is a name with biblical origins referring to someone “from the valley of barley.”
Baldemar Brave and wise Biblical Courageous and wise individual.
Baltasar God or lord protect the king Biblical A name that invokes divine protection for a ruler.
Balthasar God save the king Biblical A wish for God’s preservation of a king.
Banagher Pointed Hill Biblical Referring to a geographical feature.
Banaing The slayer’s son Biblical A son with a strong and fierce nature.
Bancrofft Field rich of pasture Biblical Indicating fertile land for grazing.
Bancroft Bean field, Gardener Biblical Suggesting involvement in agriculture.
Band Hill covered with broom Biblical Descriptive of a hill’s vegetation.
Banjo Old English musical instrument Biblical Named after a traditional musical instrument.
Bankole Build a home for me Biblical Carrying the desire for a welcoming abode.
Bankroft Pasture field Biblical Referring to a field suitable for grazing animals.
Bannan Commander Biblical Signifying a leader or person in charge.
Banny Petite and good-looking person Biblical Describing an individual’s appearance and stature.
Banquo Shakespearean name used in Macbeth Biblical A character name in Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth”.
Baptist One who has been baptized Biblical Relating to the Christian rite of baptism.
Baptiste Baptized with Holy Water Biblical Connecting to the spiritual act of baptism.
Barabas Barabba Biblical A possible variant or misspelling of the name.
Barabbas Son of Abba Biblical Reflecting a familial connection.
Barak Lightning, Success Biblical Associating with quick success and triumph.
Baram Son of the people / Son of the nation Biblical Indicating lineage or heritage.
Baranan Variant name for the Hindu god Ram Biblical Sharing a name with a deity from Hindu mythology.
Baranar Strange, foreign traveler Biblical Suggesting an unfamiliar journey or traveler.
Baraz Regarded as high Biblical Implying a person of high status or esteem.
Bardalph Strong and courageous person Biblical Describing someone brave and powerful.
Bardan Lives Near the Boar’s Den Biblical Alluding to a specific location or habitat.
Bardarik Bold ruler Biblical Representing a ruler with confidence.
Barde Ballad singer Biblical Referring to someone who sings traditional songs.
Bardi Bearded man Biblical Signifying a man with facial hair.
Bardon Singer and/or poet Biblical Describing a person who creates or performs art.
Bardou Bright and smart wolf Biblical Portraying a wolf with intelligence and vitality.
Bardulf A clever, shrewd wolf Biblical Someone who possesses keen wolf-like traits
Barend Bearlike Biblical Resembling the characteristics of a bear
Baret As strong as a bear Biblical Signifying strength like that of a bear
Barivendus An idealistic person Biblical Describing someone with lofty ideals
Barley A barley seller by occupation Biblical Referring to one who sells barley
Barlowe A hill filled with barley Biblical Indicating a hill abundant with barley
Barnab Son of consolation Biblical A comforting presence like a son
Barnabas Seer, Comforter Biblical A visionary and consoling individual
Babasolaf Father’s property has been inherited Biblical Denoting inheritance of father’s property
Babatunji My father returns Biblical Representing a return of the father
Babis Analytical person from the legends Biblical A person with analytical qualities
Bachir Oldest son, Reliable Biblical Depicting an eldest and dependable son
Badada Person with a big heart Biblical Describing someone with a kind heart
Badrick Axe ruler Biblical Symbolizing leadership with an axe
Bail A form of vail Biblical Variant of “vail,” suggesting modesty
Baily Fortification, Able Biblical Signifying strength and capability
Baker Cook Biblical Referring to someone who cooks
Balakumar Biblical
Barnabe One who consoles Biblical Offering comfort and solace
Barnaby Companionable Biblical Friendly and easy to get along with
Barnardo Courageous as a bear Biblical Brave and bold like a bear
Barner Mercurial Biblical Displaying quick and changeable moods
Barnes Powerful, Bear Biblical Strong and resilient, like a bear
Barnett Leader of men Biblical Leading and guiding others
Barnim Protective person Biblical Watching over and safeguarding
Barnum Safe, Barn Biblical Indicating a place of safety
Barocunas Practical natured person Biblical Someone with a practical disposition
Baron Noble leader Biblical Guiding and leading with nobility
Bartle Intuitive and careful thinker Biblical Possessing intuition and careful thought
Bartleah Traditional name from Bart’s Meadow Biblical A name linked to Bart’s Meadow
Bartleigh An old English name from Bart’s Meadow Biblical Name originating from Bart’s Meadow
Bartlet A form of bartholomew Biblical Variant of Bartholomew
Bartley From Bart’s meadow Biblical Denoting origin near Bart’s Meadow
Barto Upward Biblical Suggesting movement or direction
Bartold Being like a Furrow Biblical Resembling a furrow in the field
Bartolmeu Taimai’s son Biblical Referring to being the son of Taimai
Bartolom A variation of Bartholomew Biblical Variant form of the name Bartholomew
Bartolomej Another name for ploughman Biblical Indicating occupation as a ploughman
Bartolomeu Son of the great Taimai Biblical Signifying parentage from Taimai
Barton Persistent man Biblical Representing a determined individual
Bartram Intelligent Biblical Describing someone with intelligence
Bartt The son of the farmer Biblical Indicating familial connection to a farmer
Bartulme Tulme’s son Biblical Showing parentage from someone named Tulme
Baruti Teaches, Be humble Biblical Suggesting qualities of teaching and humility
Barwick Lives near a corn farm Biblical Indicating proximity to a corn farm
Barwolf Equivalent to a bear Biblical Likening someone’s traits to a bear
Barwon Lover of nature and other beings Biblical Indicating affection for nature and others
Barwyn White haired person Biblical Describing someone with white hair
Baronet Survived from the burnt land Biblical Implying survival through adversity
Baronett Survives through problems Biblical Signifying overcoming challenges
Barra Fair-haired Biblical Referring to someone with fair hair
Barratt Strong by mind Biblical Denoting strength of mind
Barrclay Valley filled with birches Biblical Depicting a valley with birch trees
Barrey Rough and brave like a bear Biblical Resembling a bear in ruggedness and bravery
Barric Grain farm Biblical Suggesting involvement in grain farming
Barrlow Lives by the hillside Biblical Indicating residence near a hillside
Barron A form of baron Biblical Variant form of the name Baron
Barrow Lives by the grove Biblical Residing near a grove
Barrton Settled near a field full of barley Biblical Living close to a barley-filled field
Bart Persistent Biblical Reflecting a quality of persistence
Barth Protective Biblical Indicating a protective nature
Barthelemy Son of a farmer Biblical Designating a parent’s occupation as farmer
Barthelmy A farmer’s son Biblical Representing a son of a farmer
Bartholemew Hill, furrow Biblical Symbolizing a hill or furrow
Bartholomeus Father farms by occupation Biblical Indicating a father’s occupation as farmer
Bartholomew Son of Talmai, Friendly, Earthy Biblical Signifying parentage and qualities
Bartilmew A logical person Biblical Describing someone with logical traits
Bartimaeus Son, Honourable Biblical Reflecting honorable sonship
Basa Wood or the forest Biblical Referring to wood or the forest
Base Works with resources at hand Biblical Indicating utilization of available resources
Bash Party-loving Biblical Describing a fondness for parties
Basil Regal, The one who is king Biblical Indicating kingly or regal qualities
Basilus Leadership qualities Biblical Signifying leadership traits
Basse Fierce as a Wild boar Biblical Depicting fierceness like a wild boar
Basset Short and sweet person Biblical Describing someone with a sweet demeanor
Bassett Small man Biblical Indicating a diminutive stature
Bastin Biblical Not specified
Bate Variation of Bartholomew Biblical Variant form of the name Bartholomew
Beacher Pale-skinned, Beech tree Biblical Suggesting skin color and tree association
Beachy Variant of beacher Biblical A variant form of the name Beacher
Beada Group of cows Biblical Denoting a collection of cows
Beagmund Shares peace with everyone Biblical Indicating a peaceful and sharing nature
Beagnoth Traditional name in England Biblical A name traditionally used in England
Beaman Tends bees Biblical Signifying beekeeping
Beamann Looks after bees Biblical Indicating care for bees
Beamen Makes honey from bees Biblical Suggesting honey production from bees
Beanburh Strong fortress Biblical Signifying a resilient fortress
Beanie Cat-like behavior Biblical Referring to behavior resembling a cat
Beard Loves his beard Biblical Reflecting affection for one’s beard
Beardsley Famous for his beard Biblical Known for a distinctive beard
Beasley Nurturing, Pea field Biblical Suggesting care and connection to nature
Beat Blessed Biblical Reflecting a sense of blessing
Beate Serious Biblical Portraying a serious demeanor
Beattie Happy Biblical Describing a joyful personality
Beaudean Place of protection Biblical Indicating a protective location
Beaumund Protected one Biblical Signifying protection and safety
Beauvivant Boy of divine beauty Biblical Depicting a boy with divine-like beauty
Beauxregard Graceful look Biblical Indicating a graceful appearance
Bates Romantic Biblical Suggesting a romantic nature
Battah Popular name in Lebanon Biblical A commonly used name in Lebanon
Batte Brazilian name indicating elephant Biblical Signifying an elephant in Brazilian culture
Baudelaire Small but sharp sword Biblical Referring to a small yet sharp sword
Baudet Always joyous Biblical Portraying a perpetually joyful demeanor
Baudkin Self-assured and independent Biblical Suggesting self-assuredness and independence
Baudoin Winning Biblical Reflecting a sense of victory
Baudoyn Loved for individualistic character Biblical Signifying appreciation for individuality
Baul Slow like a snail Biblical Describing a slow-paced individual
Baumer Renowned in tribe Biblical Indicating renown within a tribe
Bawden Dwells at the top of the hill Biblical Residing at the hilltop
Bawer Faithful citizen Biblical Denoting faithfulness as a citizen
Baxter Tenacious Biblical Depicting tenacity
Bayode Pleases himself Biblical Suggesting self-contentment
Bayowa Shares joy with everyone Biblical Indicating a joyful, sharing nature
Bayron A form of baron Biblical Variant form of the name Baron
Bayu Force of wind Biblical Referring to the power of wind
Bazyl Royal character Biblical Signifying regal or royal qualities
Bazyli From the king’s heritage Biblical Denoting a heritage associated with kings
Bazzy Loud Biblical Describing a loud personality
Beaver Tenacious Biblical Reflecting tenacity
Beaw Beautiful man Biblical Describing a beautiful man
Bebak Daring lad by character Biblical Portraying a daring and bold nature
Beceere Lived beside Beech tree Biblical Living beside a beech tree
Becher Firstborn Biblical Indicating firstborn status
Beck Stream, Laid-back Biblical Reflecting characteristics of a stream
Becker Calm Biblical Depicting a calm demeanor
Beckett Methodical Biblical Indicating a methodical approach
Beckham Biblical Not specified
Bedel Holy messenger of people Biblical Representing a messenger of holiness
Beldane Lives by Beautiful Valley Biblical Living near a beautiful valley
Beldin Settles by the valley Biblical Residing by the valley
Belgr Ambitious, independent Biblical Portraying ambition and independence
Bell Handsome man Biblical Describing a handsome man
Bellamey Good-looking, perfect companion Biblical Depicting a handsome and compatible person
Bellangere Represents Alexander’s son Biblical Indicating representation of Alexander’s son
Belladon Lives by peaceful vale Biblical Residing near a peaceful valley
Bellinor Dark beauty Biblical Reflecting a dark and beautiful appearance
Beloc Lives by the barn Biblical Residing near a barn
Beltrano Sharp like a raven Biblical Indicating sharpness like a raven
Bemelle Strong like a young bear Biblical Portraying strength like a young bear
Bemot Shows bravery like a bear Biblical Indicating bravery resembling a bear
Ben Wonderful Biblical Reflecting a sense of wonder
Benadict Biblical Not specified
Benaiah God-built, Wars Biblical Signifying being built by God and wars
Benajah Built by the power of God Biblical Indicating being constructed by God’s power
Bence Good Biblical Portraying goodness
Bency Biblical Not specified
Bender Tweaker, Diplomatic Biblical Describing a diplomatic and adaptable nature
Bendiks Blessed Biblical Reflecting a sense of blessing
Bedenis Resourceful boy for family Biblical Depicting resourcefulness within a family
Bedfrith Restless, active character Biblical Depicting restlessness and activity
Bedgeat Commands the crowd Biblical Indicating the ability to command
Bedhelm Leader in battle Biblical Signifying leadership in warfare
Bedla Name of a town Biblical Referring to a town by name
Bedric Capacity to command well Biblical Indicating good command capabilities
Bedrisek Just and peaceful ruler Biblical Reflecting just and peaceful rule
Bedros Sturdy as stone Biblical Portraying sturdiness like stone
Bedwig Dictates the war Biblical Indicating war leadership
Beebe Tending bees, Tenacious Biblical Reflecting beekeeping and tenacity
Beechy Lives by the beech trees Biblical Residing near beech trees
Beeman Beekeeper occupation Biblical Indicating occupation of a beekeeper
Behrtferth Brings peace Biblical Portraying a bringer of peace
Behrtwald Everlasting rule Biblical Signifying enduring rule
Beini Smith occupation Biblical Depicting the occupation of a smith
Beirne Name means a brook Biblical Referring to a brook by name
Bejit Developed in Denmark Biblical Indicating a Danish origin
Bejoy Biblical Not specified
Bekkr Lives by narrow river Biblical Residing near a narrow river
Beldan Lives by Beautiful Glen Biblical Residing near a beautiful glen
Bendo Soothing, seeks fame Biblical Suggesting a soothing and fame-seeking nature
Benecroft Lives near field of beans Biblical Residing near a bean field
Benedict Blessed man Biblical Reflecting a blessed individual
Benes Blessed Biblical Depicting a state of blessing
Beniah Articulate Biblical Describing articulate qualities
Benito Blessed Biblical Signifying a state of blessing
Benjamen Son of my right Biblical Indicating being a son of the right hand
Benjammin Son of my right hand Biblical Indicating being a son of the right hand
Benjiro Promotes peace Biblical Indicating a promoter of peace
Benn Son of the south, right hand Biblical Denoting a southern or right-handed son
Bestin Biblical Not specified
Beval Vivacious Biblical Depicting vivacity
Bezaleel Under God’s shadow Biblical Reflecting being under God’s protection
Bibin Biblical Not specified
Binky Familiar form of Bancroft, Vincent Biblical Informal name variation
Bino Biblical Not specified
Binto Biblical Not specified
Birtle From hill of birds, Natural Biblical Indicating a natural setting
Bishop Supervisor, serving bishop Biblical Describing a supervisor or serving bishop
Bjergen Movie name Biblical Referring to a movie
Blain Source of a river Biblical Signifying the source of a river
Blane Yellow Biblical Describing the color yellow
Boat Sea-loving Biblical Indicating a love for the sea
Boaz Strong, Swift Biblical Signifying strength and swiftness
Bob Bright, Outstanding Biblical Portraying brightness and distinction
Bobby Bright, Outstanding Biblical Reflecting brightness and distinction
Bobby-Wayne Small-town boy Biblical Depicting a boy from a small town
Bobbydee Country boy Biblical Indicating a boy from the countryside
Bobbymack Jovial Biblical Suggesting a jovial personality
Boby Biblical Not specified
Bennett Blessed Biblical Reflecting a state of blessing
Bennjamin Son of my right hand Biblical Indicating being a son of the right hand
Benno Wonderful, Best Biblical Signifying wonder and excellence
Benoit Growing and flourishing Biblical Depicting growth and prosperity
Benoni Sorrow Biblical Signifying a state of sorrow
Benssen Child of Ben Biblical Indicating a child of someone named Ben
Benz Upscale Biblical Reflecting an upscale quality
Benzi Blessed Biblical Signifying a state of blessing
Beri Man of the well Biblical Portraying a man associated with a well
Beriah In fellowship Biblical Suggesting a sense of fellowship
Berman Steady Biblical Depicting a steady and stable nature
Bernabe Bold Biblical Indicating boldness
Bernal Bearlike Biblical Resembling a bear
Bernard Brave and dependable Biblical Portraying bravery and reliability
Bernardo Brave, Bear Biblical Combining bravery and bear symbolism
Bernave Smart Biblical Indicating intelligence
Bernd Bear-like Biblical Resembling a bear
Berne Courageous Biblical Describing courage
Berry Botanical, Flourishing Biblical Reflecting botanical and flourishing qualities
Bert Shining example Biblical Portraying a shining example
Bocheru First born Biblical Indicating first born
Bodhi Biblical Not specified
Bohan In them Biblical Suggesting inclusion or unity
Boniface Doer of good Biblical Reflecting goodness
Booz In strength Biblical Signifying strength
Boris Warrior, Combative Biblical Depicting warrior-like and combative qualities
Bosco Biblical Not specified
Bose Biblical Not specified
Bosley Thriving, Grove Biblical Indicating thriving or grove-related characteristics
Bosor Burning, Mad, Foolish Biblical Reflecting burning or foolish qualities
Brandin A form of branden Biblical Variant form of the name Branden
Brandonn Beacon hill Biblical Referring to a hill with a beacon
Brannndon Beacon hill Biblical Referring to a hill with a beacon
Bransen A form of Branson Biblical Variant form of the name Branson
Brantley Proud Biblical Indicating a sense of pride
Brantly A form of Brant Biblical Variant form of the name Brant
Branton Sword blade Biblical Describing a blade of a sword
Braulio One who burns, Ardent Biblical Suggesting burning ardor
Braxxton Brock’s town Biblical Referring to a town named after Brock
Braydenn Resembling salmon / from the wide valley Biblical Indicating a resemblance to a salmon or wide valley
Braydon Effective Biblical Suggesting effectiveness
Braylon Biblical Not specified
Brayton A form of Brighton Biblical Variant form of the name Brighton
Breeze Happy Biblical Indicating a state of happiness
Brendan Armed Biblical Signifying being armed
Brendon A form of Brandon Biblical Variant form of the name Brandon
Brendyn A form of Brendan Biblical Variant form of the name Brendan
Brenen A form of Brendan Biblical Variant form of the name Brendan
Brenndan Born to royalty ; a prince Biblical Suggesting royal birth
Brennden Born to royalty ; a prince Biblical Suggesting royal birth
Bourne Planner, Boundary Biblical Indicating planning or boundary-related qualities
Bracken Plant name, Debonair Biblical Reflecting plant-related or debonair qualities
Bradd Broad Biblical Suggesting width or breadth
Bradden Resembling salmon / from the wide valley Biblical Indicating a resemblance to a salmon or wide valley
Bradey A form of Brady Biblical Variant form of the name Brady
Bradlee A form of Bradley Biblical Variant form of the name Bradley
Bradly A form of Bradley Biblical Variant form of the name Bradley
Bradyn From the broad meadow Biblical Indicating origin from a broad meadow
Braedan A form of Braden Biblical Variant form of the name Braden
Braeden He Descends from the One as Swift as a Salmon Biblical Indicating a swift descent like a salmon
Braedon A form of Bradon Biblical Variant form of the name Bradon
Braedyn A form of Braden Biblical Variant form of the name Braden
Braiden A form of Braden Biblical Variant form of the name Braden
Braidon A form of Bradon Biblical Variant form of the name Bradon
Brainard Princely Biblical Signifying princely characteristics
Bramwell Bramble spring Biblical Referring to a spring near brambles
Brandan Sword blade Biblical Describing a blade of a sword
Branddon Beacon hill Biblical Referring to a hill with a beacon
Branden He Is a Wheat-Covered Hill Biblical Indicating being associated with a wheat-covered hill
Brandenn From the broom or gorse hill Biblical Indicating origin from a broom or gorse hill
Brenndon Born to royalty ; a prince Biblical Suggesting royal birth
Brennen Prince Biblical Indicating princely characteristics
Brenner A form of Brendan Biblical Variant form of the name Brendan
Brennon Prince Biblical Indicating princely characteristics
Brenten A form of Brenton Biblical Variant form of the name Brenton
Brentley A form of Brantley Biblical Variant form of the name Brantley
Brentt From the hill Biblical Indicating origin from a hill
Brentton From the hill Biblical Indicating origin from a hill
Bret He Is Bretagne, France Biblical Signifying a connection to Bretagne, France
Brewster Creative, Brewer Biblical Reflecting creativity or brewing qualities
Brysonn Grandson of a nobleman ; son of Bryce Biblical Indicating noble heritage or son of Bryce
Bryton Hill town Biblical Indicating origin from a hill town
Buford Diligent Biblical Reflecting diligence
Bundy Free Biblical Suggesting freedom
Burdan Birch valley Biblical Referring to a valley with birch trees
Burford Birch ford Biblical Indicating a ford near birch trees
Burnaby Brook man Biblical Signifying a person living by a brook
Burne Lives by the brook Biblical Indicating a person living by a brook
Burnett By the small brook Biblical Indicating a person living by a small brook
Butcher Worker Biblical Indicating a worker
Buzi My contempt Biblical Reflecting contemptuous feelings
Byran A form of Byron Biblical Variant form of the name Byron
Brian Strong man of honor Biblical Suggesting strength and honor
Bridger Makes bridges Biblical Reflecting the skill of bridge-making
Brighton From the shining town Biblical Indicating origin from a shining town
Brinley Of the joyful meadow, Sweet Biblical Suggesting a joyful meadow or sweetness
Bristol He Is the Community Where the Bridge Stands Biblical Indicating origin from a community with a bridge
Britt Humorous Biblical Reflecting a sense of humor
Broc A form of Brock Biblical Variant form of the name Brock
Brod A short form of Broderick Biblical Variant form of the name Broderick
Brodderick Broad ridge Biblical Signifying a broad ridge
Brodie Builder Biblical Reflecting building or construction qualities
Brodrick A form of Broderick Biblical Variant form of the name Broderick
Brogan Sturdy shoe, Dependable Biblical Suggesting sturdiness or dependability
Bronson Brown’s son Biblical Indicating being the son of someone named Brown
Bruno Brown-skinned Biblical Reflecting brown skin
Brunon Brown-haired Biblical Indicating brown hair
Bryan Ethical, Strong Biblical Reflecting ethical qualities and strength
Bryant Honest, Strong Biblical Indicating honesty and strength
Bryden A form of Braden Biblical Variant form of the name Braden
Bryon Bear Biblical Reflecting the concept of a bear
Bryson Smart Biblical Indicating intelligence or cleverness

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The Significance of Choosing Biblical Boy Names Starting with ‘B’

Choosing a biblical baby boy name starting with the letter “B” carries profound significance rooted in the teachings and stories of the Bible. These names not only reflect the age-old traditions of faith but also hold a deeper connection to spirituality and values. Opting for a name from the Bible can symbolize a desire to infuse the child’s life with qualities and virtues exemplified by biblical figures.

By selecting a name like “Benjamin,” parents might seek to convey the message of being a “son of the right hand,” signifying honor and prominence. Names such as “Bartholomew” or “Barnabas” might emphasize a sense of community, loyalty, and discipleship—qualities embodied by early followers of Christ.

Moreover, biblical names often come with stories that can inspire, providing a foundation for the child’s growth and character development. These names are a tribute to heritage and faith, and they can help create a sense of identity that resonates with spiritual teachings.

Ultimately, choosing a biblical baby boy name starting with ‘B’ is a way to honor tradition, instill values, and carry forward a timeless connection to the teachings and stories that have shaped countless lives for generations.

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