300+ Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘A’

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In the world of baby names, the timeless appeal of biblical names continues to captivate parents seeking names with deep meanings and historical significance. Among the treasure trove of biblical names, those starting with the letter ‘A’ hold a special place. These names not only carry a sense of tradition but also offer a connection to ancient stories and values. In this article, we explore a curated list of biblical baby boy names that begin with the letter ‘A’ delving into their origins, meanings, and cultural importance.

300+ Biblical Boy Names Starting with A

No. Name Meaning Origin Detail
1 Abel Breathing Biblical Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve in the Bible. He was a shepherd who offered a pleasing sacrifice to God. His story is found in the Book of Genesis.
2 Aapeli Breathing Biblical Aapeli is a variant of Abel, which means “breathing.”
3 Aapo Father of many nations Biblical Aapo is a Finnish form of Abraham, which means “father of many nations.” Abraham is a significant figure in the Bible, known for his covenant with God.
4 Aart As powerful as an eagle Biblical Aart is a variant of Arthur, which means “bear.” While not directly biblical, it has historical and legendary associations.
5 Aatami Man Biblical Aatami is the Finnish form of Adam, meaning “man.” Adam is the first man in the Bible and represents humanity’s creation.
6 Abbe Nobleman Biblical Abbe is a variant of Abraham, which means “father of many nations.” Abraham is a prominent figure in the Bible and the ancestor of many nations.
7 Abbott Father Biblical Abbott is an occupational surname meaning “father.” While not directly biblical, it carries a religious connotation as a respectful term for a clergyman.
8 Abdiel Servant Biblical Abdiel is a name that means “servant of God.” It has biblical origins and represents devotion and obedience to God.
9 Abelardo Breathing Biblical Abelardo is a variant of Abel, which means “breathing.” It is derived from the Hebrew name Hevel, a biblical figure known for his offering to God.
10 Abelino Bird Biblical Abelino is a name that means “bird.” While not directly biblical, it carries symbolic associations with freedom and flight.
11 Abioye The son of royalty Biblical Abioye is a name of African origin that means “born into royalty.” While not directly biblical, it reflects themes of honor and nobility.
12 Abner My father is luminous Biblical Abner is a name that means “my father is a light.” It is of Hebrew origin and is associated with wisdom and enlightenment.
13 Abraham Father of many nations Biblical Abraham is a prominent biblical figure known for his covenant with God and his role as the father of many nations. His story is told in the Book of Genesis.
14 Abrams Father of many nations Biblical Abrams is a variant of Abraham, meaning “father of many nations.” It emphasizes the significance of Abraham’s role in biblical history.
15 Abramson Abraham’s son Biblical Abramson is a name that means “son of Abraham.” It reflects a connection to the biblical patriarch Abraham.
16 Abu Father of a child Biblical Abu is a name of Arabic origin that means “father of.” While not directly biblical, it carries a similar meaning of fatherhood.
17 Acamapichtli Handful of reeds Biblical Acamapichtli is a name of Aztec origin and is not directly biblical. It carries associations with nature and the environment.
18 Latin The best one Biblical The name “Latin” is not directly biblical but may be used metaphorically to indicate excellence or superiority.
19 Achilles Warrior Biblical Achilles is a legendary Greek hero known for his strength and valor. While not directly biblical, it reflects heroic qualities.
20 Achim Constructed by God Biblical Achim is a name that means “God will establish.” It has biblical origins and reflects divine guidance.
21 Achmed Praiseworthy Biblical Achmed is a name that means “praiseworthy” or “commendable.” While not directly biblical, it carries positive connotations.
22 Acke Peace of father Biblical Acke is a name of Scandinavian origin that means “peace of father.” While not directly biblical, it reflects concepts of peace and family.
23 Ackerley Garden of oak trees Biblical Ackerley is a name that means “meadow or garden of oak trees.” While not directly biblical, it carries nature-related symbolism.
24 Acton From an oak tree town Biblical Acton is a name that means “from an oak tree town.” While not directly biblical, it carries associations with nature and place names.
25 Adair Oak tree crossing Biblical Adair is a name that means “oak tree crossing.” While not directly biblical, it carries nature-related symbolism.
26 Adalberto Aristocratic and bright Biblical Adalberto is a name that means “noble and bright.” While not directly biblical, it reflects qualities of nobility and excellence.
27 Adam Man Biblical Adam is the first man created by God in the Bible. His name means “man,” and he symbolizes humanity’s origins.
28 Adamo Man Biblical Adamo is an Italian variant of Adam, meaning “man.” It reflects the biblical figure who represents humanity.
29 Adams From Adam Biblical Adams is a name that means “son of Adam.” It reflects a connection to the biblical figure Adam, the first man.
30 Adao Man Biblical Adao is a Portuguese variant of Adam, meaning “man.” It is associated with the biblical figure who symbolizes humanity.
31 Abiathar Father of Abundance, of Plenty Biblical Abiathar means “father of abundance” or “of plenty.”
32 Abie Father or Mother of Many Biblical Abie signifies “father or mother of many.”
33 Abiel My Father is God Biblical Abiel translates to “my father is God.”
34 Abiezer Father’s Light Biblical Abiezer means “father’s light.”
35 Abihu God is Mine Biblical Abihu signifies “God is mine.”
36 Abijah Gift of God Biblical Abijah means “gift of God.”
37 Abiram High Father Biblical Abiram translates to “high father.”
38 Abiyram The Lord is My High Esteem Biblical Abiyram means “The Lord is my high esteem.”
39 Abner Father of Light, Cheerful Leader Biblical Abner signifies “father of light” or “cheerful leader.”
40 Abraam Father of a Multitude, Father of Nations Biblical Abraam means “father of a multitude” or “father of nations.”
41 Abraham Fathering Multitude Biblical Abraham signifies “fathering multitude.”
42 Abrahem Father of a Mighty Nation Biblical Abrahem means “father of a mighty nation.”
43 Abram A Form of Abraham Biblical Abram translates to “a form of Abraham.”
44 Absalom Peaceful, Handsome Biblical Absalom signifies “peaceful” or “handsome.”
45 Absolom My Father is Peace Biblical Absolom means “my father is peace.”
46 Acacio Of the Thorny Tree Biblical Acacio signifies “of the thorny tree.”
47 Ace One, Unity Biblical Ace means “one” or “unity.”
48 Achaicus Sorrowing Biblical Achaicus signifies “sorrowing.”
49 Achim Preparing, God Will Judge Biblical Achim means “preparing” or “God will judge.”
50 Achish Angry Biblical Achish signifies “angry.”
51 Addai Man of God Biblical Addai means “man of God.”
52 Addam Of the Earth Biblical Addam signifies “of the earth.”
53 Addan Of the Earth Biblical Addan signifies “of the earth.”
54 Adden Fiery, Little Fire Biblical Adden means “fiery” or “little fire.”
55 Addis Masculine Biblical Addis signifies “masculine.”
56 Addo Happy, Ornament Biblical Addo means “happy” or “ornament.”
57 Addonis Loved by Aphrodite in Mythology Biblical Addonis signifies “loved by Aphrodite in mythology.”
58 Ade Noble Man, Crown, Royal Biblical Ade means “noble man,” “crown,” or “royal.”
59 Aden Bold Spirit, Handsome and Adorned Biblical Aden signifies “bold spirit,” “handsome,” or “adorned.”
60 Adenn Fiery, Little Fire Biblical Adenn means “fiery” or “little fire.”
61 Adino Spear Biblical Adino signifies “spear.”
62 Adlai Ornamented, Refuge of God Biblical Adlai means “ornamented” or “refuge of God.”
63 Adlay God’s Haven Biblical Adlay signifies “God’s haven.”
64 Adley Just Biblical Adley means “just.”
65 Adli Just, Wise Biblical Adli signifies “just” or “wise.”
66 Adney Noble’s Island Biblical Adney means “noble’s island.”
67 Adolfo He Is a Courageous Wolf Biblical Adolfo signifies “he is a courageous wolf.”
68 Adonai My Lord Biblical Adonai means “my lord.”
69 Adonijah Believer Biblical Adonijah signifies “believer.”
70 Adonis The Lord, A Handsome Young Man Loved by Aphrodite Biblical Adonis signifies “the Lord,” or “a handsome young man loved by Aphrodite.”
71 Ackerley Born of the Meadow, Nature-Loving Biblical Ackerley means “born of the meadow,” “nature-loving.”
72 Ackley Meadow of Oaks Biblical Ackley signifies “meadow of oaks.”
73 Adaiah Witness of God Biblical Adaiah means “witness of God.”
74 Adaikala nathan Biblical Adaikala nathan
75 Adaikala Raj Biblical Adaikala Raj
76 Adaikala sami Biblical Adaikala sami
77 Adaikalam Biblical Adaikalam
78 Adamm Of the Earth Biblical Adamm signifies “of the earth.”
79 Adamson Adam’s Son Biblical Adamson signifies “Adam’s son.”
80 Adan Bold Spirit Biblical Adan signifies “bold spirit.”
81 Adonnis Loved by Aphrodite in Mythology Biblical Adonnis signifies “loved by Aphrodite in mythology.”
82 Adriaan A Man from Hadria Biblical Adriaan means “a man from Hadria.”
83 Adrianno Dark, Rich Biblical Adrianno signifies “dark,” “rich.”
84 Adriano Wealthy Biblical Adriano means “wealthy.”
85 Adriell Of God’s Congregation Biblical Adriell signifies “of God’s congregation.”
86 Adrien He Is Hadria, Italy Biblical Adrien means “he is Hadria, Italy.”
87 Aedus Fire Biblical Aedus signifies “fire.”
88 Aeneas Worthy of Praise Biblical Aeneas means “worthy of praise.”
89 Agil Biblical Agil
90 Agilan Biblical Agilan
91 Agnal Biblical Agnal
92 Agnello Biblical Agnello
93 Agustin Dignified Biblical Agustin signifies “dignified.”
94 Ahab Father’s Brother Biblical Ahab means “father’s brother.”
95 Ahasuerus Mighty Biblical Ahasuerus signifies “mighty.”
96 Ahaziah Beloved Biblical Ahaziah means “beloved.”
97 Ahia Brother of Jehova Biblical Ahia signifies “brother of Jehova.”
98 Ahijah Biblical Ahijah
99 Ahiman Son of Anak Biblical Ahiman means “son of Anak.”
100 Ahimelech Of the King Biblical Ahimelech signifies “of the king.”
101 Aidden A Fiery Young Man Biblical Aidden signifies “a fiery young man.”
102 Aiden Fiery, Little Fire Biblical Aiden signifies “fiery, little fire.”
103 Aidenn A Fiery Young Man Biblical Aidenn signifies “a fiery young man.”
104 Aiiden A Fiery Young Man Biblical Aiiden signifies “a fiery young man.”
105 Aitan Fights of Possession Biblical Aitan signifies “fights of possession.”
106 Aju Biblical Aju
107 Aksel Calm, Small Oak Tree Biblical Aksel signifies “calm, small oak tree.”
108 Alaan Handsome Biblical Alaan signifies “handsome.”
109 Alaguraj Biblical Alaguraj
110 Alan Handsome, Harmony, Precious, Resembling a Little Rock Biblical Alan signifies “handsome boy,” “harmony,” “precious,” or “resembling a little rock.”
111 Alann Handsome Biblical Alann signifies “handsome.”
112 Alasdair Highbrow Biblical Alasdair signifies “highbrow.”
113 Alastair Strong Leader Biblical Alastair signifies “strong leader.”
114 Alaster Staunch Advocate Biblical Alaster signifies “staunch advocate.”
115 Alban White or Fair, Man from Alba Biblical Alban signifies “white or fair,” “man from Alba.”
116 Albin Biblical Albin
117 Aldo Older One, Jovial Biblical Aldo signifies “older one,” “jovial.”
118 Aldous Wealthy Biblical Aldous signifies “wealthy.”
119 Aldrin Biblical Aldrin
120 Alec High-Minded Biblical Alec signifies “high-minded.”
121 Ahimeleka Biblical Priest Biblical Ahimeleka signifies “Biblical priest.”
122 Ahimoth Brother of Death Biblical Ahimoth signifies “brother of death.”
123 Ahira Brother of Iniquity, Brother of the Shepherd Biblical Ahira signifies “brother of iniquity,” “brother of the shepherd.”
124 Ahiram Of a Tall Man Biblical Ahiram signifies “of a tall man.”
125 Ahitub Of Goodness Biblical Ahitub signifies “of goodness.”
126 Ahlai Sweet Biblical Ahlai signifies “sweet.”
127 Ahmaad Most Highly Adored, Most Praised; Variation of Muhammad Biblical Ahmaad signifies “most highly adored,” “most praised.”
128 Ahmik Strength of God’s Flock Biblical Ahmik signifies “strength of God’s flock.”
129 Aidann A Fiery Young Man Biblical Aidann signifies “a fiery young man.”
130 Aiddan A Fiery Young Man Biblical Aiddan signifies “a fiery young man.”
131 Alek Brilliant Biblical Alek signifies “brilliant.”
132 Aleksandar Defending Men Biblical Aleksandar signifies “defending men.”
133 Alessandro Helpful, Defender Biblical Alessandro signifies “helpful,” “defender.”
134 Alex joseph Biblical Alex Joseph
135 Alexander Defender of Men, Helper of Mankind, Great Leader Biblical Alexander signifies “defender of men,” “helper of mankind,” “great leader.”
136 Alexandro Defending Men Biblical Alexandro signifies “defending men.”
137 Alexandros Helpful, The Defender of Men Biblical Alexandros signifies “helpful,” “defender of men.”
138 Alexxander A Helper and Defender of Mankind Biblical Alexxander signifies “a helper and defender of mankind.”
139 Alfeus Follower Biblical Alfeus signifies “follower.”
140 Alfonso Bright, Prepared, Prepared for Battle, Cager and Ready Biblical Alfonso signifies “bright,” “prepared,” “prepared for battle,” “cager and ready.”
141 Alford Wise Biblical Alford signifies “wise.”
142 Algie A Familiar Form of Algernon Biblical Algie signifies “a familiar form of Algernon.”
143 Alian Tall Biblical Alian signifies “tall.”
144 Alias Biblical Alias
145 Alii The Highest, Greatest, Excellent, Noble Biblical Alii signifies “the highest,” “greatest,” “excellent,” “noble.”
146 Alijah The Lord Is My God Ameel – God of My People Biblical Alijah signifies “The Lord is my God Ameel – God of my people.”
147 Allec A Helper and Defender of Mankind Biblical Allec signifies “a helper and defender of mankind.”
148 Allen Handsome Biblical Allen signifies “handsome.”
149 Allex A Helper and Defender of Mankind Biblical Allex signifies “a helper and defender of mankind.”
150 Allexander A Helper and Defender of Mankind Biblical Allexander signifies “a helper and defender of mankind.”
151 Amaari Having Great Strength; A Builder Biblical Amaari signifies “having great strength,” “a builder.”
152 Amahl Hard Worker Biblical Amahl signifies “hard worker.”
153 Amal Raj Biblical Amal Raj
154 Amalan Biblical Amalan
155 Amalek Dweller in the Valley Biblical Amalek signifies “dweller in the valley.”
156 Amasa Carries a Heavy Load Biblical Amasa signifies “carries a heavy load.”
157 Amasai Strong Biblical Amasai signifies “strong.”
158 Amazu Burdened Biblical Amazu signifies “burdened.”
159 Ambrose Everlasting, Immortal Biblical Ambrose signifies “everlasting,” “immortal.”
160 Amiir Prince Biblical Amiir signifies “prince.”
161 Amila Biblical Amila
162 Amirr Prince Biblical Amirr signifies “prince.”
163 Amittai True Biblical Amittai signifies “true.”
164 Amman Peace Biblical Amman signifies “peace.”
165 Ammiel God of My People Biblical Ammiel signifies “God of my people.”
166 Ammon Hidden Biblical Ammon signifies “hidden.”
167 Amos Strong Biblical Amos signifies “strong.”
168 Amsterdam Name of a Place Biblical Amsterdam signifies “name of a place.”
169 Amuthan Biblical Amuthan
170 Amzi My Strength Biblical Amzi signifies “my strength.”
171 Allijah The Lord Is My God Ameel – God of My People Biblical Allijah signifies “The Lord is my God Ameel – God of my people.”
172 Allister A Form of Alistair Biblical Allister signifies “a form of Alistair.”
173 Allonzo Prepared for Battle; Eager and Ready Biblical Allonzo signifies “prepared for battle,” “eager and ready.”
174 Allwyn Biblical Allwyn
175 Alonzo Enthusiastic Biblical Alonzo signifies “enthusiastic.”
176 Aloysious Biblical Aloysious
177 Aloysius Famed Biblical Aloysius signifies “famed.”
178 Alphaeus Changing Biblical Alphaeus signifies “changing.”
179 Alpheus Follower, The One Who Is the Alpheus River Biblical Alpheus signifies “follower,” “the one who is the Alpheus River.”
180 Alphonse Distinguished Biblical Alphonse signifies “distinguished.”
181 Anakin In Sanskrit, it means warrior Biblical Anakin signifies “warrior.”
182 Anamim Flight Biblical Anamim signifies “flight.”
183 Ananaias The Lord Is Gracious Biblical Ananaias signifies “The Lord is gracious.”
184 Ananias Gift of the Lord Biblical Ananias signifies “gift of the Lord.”
185 Ananthan Biblical Ananthan
186 Anbaiya samuel Biblical Anbaiya Samuel
187 Anbalagan Biblical Anbalagan
188 Anburose Biblical Anburose
189 Anddy Manly Biblical Anddy signifies “manly.”
190 Anderson He Descends from the Powerful Man Biblical Anderson signifies “he descends from the powerful man.”
191 Andersson Son of Andrew Biblical Andersson signifies “son of Andrew.”
192 Andras Masculine Biblical Andras signifies “masculine.”
193 Andre Masculine Biblical Andre signifies “masculine.”
194 Andreas Masculine, The Strong Man Biblical Andreas signifies “masculine,” “the strong man.”
195 Andres Macho Biblical Andres signifies “macho.”
196 Andrew Strong, Manly, Brave Biblical Andrew signifies “strong,” “manly,” “brave.”
197 Andrews Biblical Andrews
198 Andronicus Clever, Excelling Others Biblical Andronicus signifies “clever,” “excelling others.”
199 Andros Masculine Biblical Andros signifies “masculine.”
200 Andru Masculine Biblical Andru signifies “masculine.”
201 Anthoni Biblical Anthoni
202 Anthonny A Flourishing Man; Of an Ancient Roman Family Biblical Anthonny signifies “a flourishing man,” “of an ancient Roman family.”
203 Anthony Outstanding, Flourishing Biblical Anthony signifies “outstanding,” “flourishing.”
204 Anthony muthu Biblical Anthony Muthu
205 Anthony mutthu Biblical Anthony Mutthu
206 Anthony pillai Biblical Anthony Pillai
207 Antionne A Flourishing Man; Of an Ancient Roman Family Biblical Antionne signifies “a flourishing man,” “of an ancient Roman family.”
208 Anto Biblical Anto
209 Antoine Worthy of Praise Biblical Antoine signifies “worthy of praise.”
210 Antoinne A Flourishing Man; Of an Ancient Roman Family Biblical Antoinne signifies “a flourishing man,” “of an ancient Roman family.”
211 Anton Outstanding Biblical Anton signifies “outstanding.”
212 Antoney Biblical Antoney
213 Antonio Superb, The One Who Is a Flower Biblical Antonio signifies “superb,” “a flower.”
214 Antonnio A Flourishing Man; Of an Ancient Roman Family Biblical Antonnio signifies “a flourishing man,” “of an ancient Roman family.”
215 Antonny Priceless Biblical Antonny signifies “priceless.”
216 Antony Good Biblical Antony signifies “good.”
217 Anurathan Biblical Anurathan
218 Apelles Separation Biblical Apelles signifies “separation.”
219 Apollo Masculine, A God in Mythology, The Father of Light, The Mighty Destroyer Biblical Apollo signifies “masculine,” “a god in mythology,” “the father of light,” “the mighty destroyer.”
220 Apollos Destroyer Biblical Apollos signifies “destroyer.”
221 Andy Masculine Biblical Andy signifies “masculine.”
222 Ang Red Biblical Ang signifies “red.”
223 Angello A Messenger of God Biblical Angello signifies “a messenger of God.”
224 Angelo Angelic Biblical Angelo signifies “angelic.”
225 Angus Standout, Important, Exceptional Biblical Angus signifies “standout,” “important,” “exceptional.”
226 Anndy Manly Biblical Anndy signifies “manly.”
227 Anparasan Biblical Anparasan
228 Anpu Biblical Anpu
229 Anpumani Biblical Anpumani
230 Ansel Creative, Divine Helmet Biblical Ansel signifies “creative,” “divine helmet.”
231 Appuraj Biblical Appuraj
232 Aquila Eagle-Eyed, Eagle Biblical Aquila signifies “eagle-eyed,” “eagle.”
233 Aran Chest, As in Box, Wild Goat Biblical Aran signifies “chest,” “as in box,” “wild goat.”
234 Aravinth Biblical Aravinth
235 Archelaos Lord of the People Biblical Archelaos signifies “lord of the people.”
236 Archelaus People’s Chief Biblical Archelaus signifies “people’s chief.”
237 Archer Athletic, Bowman Biblical Archer signifies “athletic,” “bowman.”
238 Archie Bold Biblical Archie signifies “bold.”
239 Archippus Master of the Horse Biblical Archippus signifies “master of the horse.”
240 Ard Fugitive Biblical Ard signifies “fugitive.”
241 Ardley With Dedication Biblical Ardley signifies “with dedication.”
242 Areli Lion of God Biblical Areli signifies “lion of God.”
243 Arieh Lion Biblical Arieh signifies “lion.”
244 Arkhippos Ruler of the Horses Biblical Arkhippos signifies “ruler of the horses.”
245 Arlappan Biblical Arlappan
246 Arledge Lives by a Lake Biblical Arledge signifies “lives by a lake.”
247 Arles Promise Biblical Arles signifies “promise.”
248 Arley Meadow-Loving, Outdoorsy Biblical Arley signifies “meadow-loving,” “outdoorsy.”
249 Arlis Dedicated, In Charge Biblical Arlis signifies “dedicated,” “in charge.”
250 Arman Army Man, Defender Biblical Arman signifies “army man,” “defender.”
251 Arod Wild Ass Biblical Arod signifies “wild ass.”
252 Arokiaraj Biblical Arokiaraj
253 Arri Resembling a Lion or an Eagle Biblical Arri signifies “resembling a lion or an eagle.”
254 Arric Ruler of All Biblical Arric signifies “ruler of all.”
255 Arron Revered, Sharer Biblical Arron signifies “revered,” “sharer.”
256 Arsenio Macho, Virile Biblical Arsenio signifies “macho,” “virile.”
257 Artemas Whole Biblical Artemas signifies “whole.”
258 Artemus Gifted Biblical Artemus signifies “gifted.”
259 Arturo Talented Biblical Arturo signifies “talented.”
260 Arul Joseph Biblical Arul Joseph
261 Arul Nathan Biblical Arul Nathan
262 Arul Raj Biblical Arul Raj
263 Arulnithi Biblical Arulnithi
264 Arulraj Biblical Arulraj
265 Arumai Nayagam Biblical Arumai Nayagam
266 Arumai Raj Biblical Arumai Raj
267 Arwen Friend Biblical Arwen signifies “friend.”
268 Aryaan Of the Aryan Race Biblical Aryaan signifies “of the Aryan race.”
269 Asahel Creature of God Biblical Asahel signifies “creature of God.”
270 Asaiah Yahweh Has Made Biblical Asaiah signifies “Yahweh has made.”
271 Armann Wish Biblical Armann signifies “wish.”
272 Armoni My Palace Biblical Armoni signifies “my palace.”
273 Armstrong Strong-Armed Biblical Armstrong signifies “strong-armed.”
274 Arnar Warrior Biblical Arnar signifies “warrior.”
275 Arnaud Strong Biblical Arnaud signifies “strong.”
276 Arnie Ruler Biblical Arnie signifies “ruler.”
277 Arnold Ruler, Strong Biblical Arnold signifies “ruler,” “strong.”
278 Arnon Eagle, Roaring Stream Biblical Arnon signifies “eagle,” “roaring stream.”
279 Arnulfo Strong Biblical Arnulfo signifies “strong.”
280 Arockiaraj Biblical Arockiaraj
281 Asaph To Gather Biblical Asaph signifies “to gather.”
282 Asgard City of Gods from Norse Mythology Biblical Asgard signifies “city of gods from Norse mythology.”
283 Ashbel Fiery God Biblical Ashbel signifies “fiery God.”
284 Ashkenaz Son of Gomer Biblical Ashkenaz signifies “son of Gomer.”
285 Atanase Romanian Variant of Athanasius Biblical Atanase signifies “Romanian variant of Athanasius.”
286 Athelstan Noble Stone Biblical Athelstan signifies “noble stone.”
287 Athisaya Raj Biblical Athisaya Raj
288 Athisayam Biblical Athisayam
289 Atkins From the Home of the Relatives Biblical Atkins signifies “from the home of the relatives.”
290 Atley From the Meadow Biblical Atley signifies “from the meadow.”
291 Atli Little Father Biblical Atli signifies “little father.”
292 Atputha Raj Biblical Atputha Raj
293 Atputham Biblical Atputham
294 Atticus Ethical Biblical Atticus signifies “ethical.”
295 Attwell Lives by a Water Source Biblical Attwell signifies “lives by a water source.”
296 Auber Reminds of the Aesir’s Bear Biblical Auber signifies “reminds of the Aesir’s bear.”
297 Aubin Ruler, Elfin Biblical Aubin signifies “ruler,” “elfin.”
298 Audric Wise Ruler Biblical Audric signifies “wise ruler.”
299 August Determined Biblical August signifies “determined.”
300 Augusto Respected, Serious Biblical Augusto signifies “respected,” “serious.”
301 Augustus Highly Esteemed, Exalted, Revered Biblical Augustus signifies “highly esteemed,” “exalted,” “revered.”
302 Aumont Protected by God Biblical Aumont signifies “protected by God.”
303 Aurelio Gold Biblical Aurelio signifies “gold.”
304 Aurelius Golden Son Biblical Aurelius signifies “golden son.”
305 Austin Ingenious, Southwestern Biblical Austin signifies “ingenious,” “southwestern.”
306 Austinn Venerable, Majestic Biblical Austinn signifies “venerable,” “majestic.”
307 Axeel Source of Life, Small Oak, Peace Biblical Axeel signifies “source of life,” “small oak,” “peace.”
308 Axel Divine Source of Life, Peaceful Biblical Axel signifies “divine source of life,” “peaceful.”
309 Axell Source of Life, Small Oak, Peace Biblical Axell signifies “source of life,” “small oak,” “peace.”
310 Axl Source of Life Biblical Axl signifies “source of life.”
311 Axxel Source of Life, Small Oak, Peace Biblical Axxel signifies “source of life,” “small oak,” “peace.”
312 Aydann A Fiery Young Man Biblical Aydann signifies “a fiery young man.”
313 Aydden A Fiery Young Man Biblical Aydden signifies “a fiery young man.”
314 Aydeen A Fiery Young Man Biblical Aydeen signifies “a fiery young man.”
315 Ayden Biblical Ayden
316 Ayers Heir to a Fortune Biblical Ayers signifies “heir to a fortune.”
317 Aylmer Of Noble Birth Biblical Aylmer signifies “of noble birth.”
318 Azel Noble Biblical Azel signifies “noble.”
319 Azuriah Aided by God Biblical Azuriah signifies “aided by God.”
320 Azzan Very Strong Biblical Azzan signifies “very strong.”

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In conclusion, the world of biblical baby boy names starting with the letter “A” offers a remarkable collection of choices that hold both spiritual significance and historical depth. These names have traversed time, cultures, and languages, carrying with them stories of faith, resilience, and virtue.

By considering names like Aaron, Adam, Asher, and more, parents are not only bestowing their children with timeless appellations but also connecting them to a heritage that stretches back to ancient times. These names encapsulate virtues such as strength, wisdom, and devotion, making them an enduring choice for modern families seeking names with profound meanings.

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