100+ Best English Names Starting with ‘U’ for Boys and Girls

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A meaningful name accompanies you throughout life’s journey, boosting your confidence in communication. In the following article, we’ve compiled the most significant English names that begin with the letter ‘U’ for both you and your child. Let’s explore!

5 Simple Ways to Choose English Names Starting with ‘U’

When selecting an English name for yourself or your beloved child, it’s helpful to recognize some of the prevailing naming trends:

Choosing Names by Gender: Assigning names based on gender is the most common approach as it immediately indicates the individual’s gender upon hearing the name.

  • For Females: Urenna, Ubah, Ulyssa, Universe,…
  • For Males: Uri, Unkisin, Ulisse, Ulfhrafn,…

Names with Meanings: Choosing names based on parents’ desires and aspirations holds significant meaning.

For example: Udele (Child of wealth and prosperity), Ula (A great gem), Ulrica (Beautiful and gentle girl), Usha (Radiant like the sun),…

Names Based on Birth Date: Naming the child after the birthdate is a wonderful idea that fosters a special connection to the moment they entered the world.

  • For instance: Ulva, Uda, Urith, Urbana, Udella,…

Names Inspired by Famous Individuals: Naming after renowned and accomplished figures across different fields is a way to show admiration and appreciation.

  • For example: Uzziah, Usama, Usamah, Uzair, Uvaldo,…

Incorporating these methods can lead to a name that resonates with significance and personal connection, enriching the individual’s identity and journey.

English Names that Begin with ‘U’ for Girls

Various ways to choose meaningful English names that start with the letter ‘U’ for baby girls.

No. Name Meaning
1 Unique Unique, singular love
2 Uma Tranquility, freedom
3 Una Little adorable lamb, one of a kind
4 Ursula Little bear
5 Unity One of two, unity
6 Uriah The Lord is my light of life
7 Ulani Optimistic, cheerful little one
8 Ulyana Youthful, energetic
9 Uriel Descendant of Levi, light of life
10 Urvi Earth
11 Ummi Loving mother
12 Uri The Lord is my light
13 Umaima Belonging to the Lord
14 Uliana Heavenly beauty bestowed
15 Umi Joyful
16 Ubah O Father, God
17 Ulla Petite version of Ulrike
18 Uranina Blue sky
19 Urmi Ocean waves
20 Ursa Cute and chubby little bear

English Names that Begin with ‘U’ for Boys

Let’s join us in exploring some of the most suitable English names that start with the letter ‘U’ for boys.

No. Name Meaning
1 Uriel The Lord is my light
2 Uriah The Lord is my light
3 Urijah The Lord is my light
4 Umar Long-lasting peaceful life
5 Ulices Kind-hearted
6 Unknown Knowledgeable, more understanding
7 Uziel Strength of God
8 Uzziah Trust in the Lord
9 Usher Protector, escort
10 Usman Little bird
11 Urban City
12 Uri Light, warm ray of light
13 Uhuro Child of freedom
14 Uthman Young bird
15 Ubaldo Bold imagination, powerful
16 Uzziel Strength of God
17 Uwizeye Trust in God’s arrangement
18 Unique Different, unlike others
19 Ugra Strong, somewhat fierce
20 Umar Long-lasting, stable life
21 Urijah The Lord is light
22 Urowo Tall, robust
23 Ulric Ruler of wolves
24 Ulrich Prosperity and power, leader

Stylish English Names Starting with ‘U’ for Distinguished Males

Let’s explore the best English names that begin with the letter ‘U’ for classy and distinguished gentlemen.

No. Name Meaning
1 Urowo Tall, robust
2 Uri Light
3 Ubaldo Bold imagination, powerful
4 Ulric Ruler of wolves
5 Unique Different, not like others

Strong and Unique English Names Starting with ‘U’ for Bold Females

Discover the empowering English names that begin with the letter ‘U’ for strong and distinctive females!

No. Name Meaning
1 Udele Child with a prosperous and abundant life
2 Ula Child is a great gem
3 Ulrica Beautiful and gentle girl
4 Usha Radiant like the sun
5 Una Embodiment of truth and graceful beauty

Some English Names Starting with ‘U’ for Both Genders

Explore a few English names that begin with the letter ‘U’ and can be used for both males and females, in case you’re still uncertain and searching for a name you truly like:

No. Name Meaning
1 Uzo Good path, favorable life journey
2 Udell From the Yew tree valley
3 Uaine Freshness, green color
4 Uchu Good road
5 Ufuk New horizon, new opportunity
6 Ugur Fortune, good luck
7 Ull Strength of the wolf
8 Umi Caretaker, protector
9 Umut Hope, expectation
10 Underwood Beneath the trees of the forest
11 Unique Different, not like others

English Names Starting with ‘U’ Similar to Famous Individuals

No. Name Profession Meaning
1 Uma Thurman Actress “Uma” means “splendid”
2 Usain Bolt Athlete (Sprinter) “Usain” has Arabic origin, meaning “beautiful”
3 Usher Raymond Singer “Usher” refers to a church official
4 Urijah Faber Mixed Martial Artist “Urijah” is a variant of “Uriah”, meaning “God is my light”
5 Uma Bharti Politician “Uma” is another name for Goddess Parvati
6 Uri Geller Illusionist “Uri” is a shortened form
7 Uzo Aduba Actress “Uzo” is short for “Uzoamaka”, meaning “the road is good”
8 Urvashi Rautela Actress “Urvashi” is a mythological character
9 Ulysses S. Grant Politician Derived from the Latin name “Ulixes”
10 Uday Chopra Actor, Producer “Uday” means “to rise, ascend”
11 Ursula K. Le Guin Author “Ursula” is a diminutive of the Latin name “Ursus”
12 Usher (musician) Singer “Usher” refers to a church official
13 Uriah Heep Musician “Uriah” is a Biblical name, meaning “God is my light”
14 Uma Pemmaraju Journalist “Uma” means “splendid”
15 Urvashi Sharma Actress “Urvashi” is a mythological character
16 Udonis Haslem Basketball Player “Udonis” is of African origin
17 Ugo Monye Rugby Player “Ugo” is a short form of “Hugo”
18 Uche Jombo Actress “Uche” means “God’s will”
19 Urs Fischer Artist “Urs” is a variant of “Ulrich”, meaning “prosperity”
20 Umut Bulut Footballer “Umut” means “hope”

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Above is the compilation of the most popular English names starting with the letter ‘U’. We hope you’ll find the suitable name for yourself and your beloved ones!

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