400+ Best English Names Starting with ‘R’ for Boys and Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Do you have a name starting with ‘R,’ and are you looking for an English name starting with ‘R’ for your child? Or perhaps you simply love English names like that? Here, we offer a wide range of choices for you. These names are commonly used by foreigners and hold various meanings. Explore them with us and find a truly wonderful name for yourself! (Suitable for both male and female choices)

200+ Best English Names Starting with ‘R’ for Girls

English names for girls starting with the letter ‘R’ are incredibly diverse and carry many meanings. We reveal the top 200+ best English names for girls right here:

No. Name Meaning
1 Rae A short form of Rachel, meaning “ewe”
2 Ran Orchid
3 Rea Flow
4 Ren Lotus
5 Ria A Spanish-origin name meaning “small river”
6 Rain Blessings from above
7 Rana Sparkling, eye-catching
8 Rani Queen, joyful songs
9 Reed Red hair
10 Reha Star
11 Reia Queen
12 Rema White deer
13 Remy Precious
14 Rena Joy
15 Rene Rebirth
16 Resa Reliable, kindness
17 Rhea Flow, river
18 Riki Strength
19 Rily Extraordinary perfection
20 Rima White antelope
21 Rimi Sweet, beautiful, affectionate
22 Rina Joy or melody
23 Risa Smile, happiness
24 Rita Pearl
25 Ritu Season, weather
26 Riwa Beauty, pure water
27 Riya Graceful, singer
28 Riza Satisfied
29 Robi Fame
30 Roma From Rome (Italian)
31 Romi Health, wealth
32 Rona Light, joy, wisdom
33 Roni Joyful, singing
34 Rora Dawn
35 Rosa Rose
36 Rose Rose
37 Rosi Rose
38 Ross Flower
39 Rosy Deep pink, like a rose
40 Rubi Red gemstone
41 Ruby Red gemstone
42 Rumy Beautiful, peaceful
43 Runa Secret
44 Ruth Companion, friendship
45 Ryia Flower, graciousness
46 Ryna Night
47 Raeli Radiant
48 Raina Queen
49 Raine Queen
50 Rainy Rain
51 Raisa Rose, leader, composed
52 Raiya Paradise
53 Randi Admirable, excellent
54 Raney Queen
55 Reena Joy
56 Reeny Rebirth
57 Regia / Regie Queen
58 Reida Red hair
59 Reign Power, beauty
60 Reima To satisfy, wise protector
61 Reina Queen
62 Reise Enthusiasm
63 Renee Rebirth
64 Renie Peace
65 Rensi Sparkling, shining
66 Rhena Graceful, charming
67 Rhesa Beloved
68 Rheya Flowing stream
69 Riana Love, happiness
70 Ricky Peaceful ruler
71 Rikia Ruler
72 Rikki Mighty ruler
73 Rilea Brave, courageous
74 Rilee Brave, courageous
75 Riley Descendant of Roghallach
76 Rilie Star
77 Rilye Brave, courageous
78 Rinah Joyful song
79 Rincy Happy
80 Rinku Good, pure nature
81 Rinol Beautiful
82 Rinta Beautiful, sweet
83 Riona Queen, royal
84 Ritty Dearest beloved
85 River Stream
86 Roase Beloved, brave
87 Robbi/ Robby/ Robee Famous
88 Robin Famous
89 Ronia Joy, brightness
90 Roomi Peaceful, wealthy
91 Rosee Rose
92 Rosey Rose
93 Rosia Rose
94 Rosie Rose
95 Rossy Beautiful
96 Roxcy Sunrise
97 Roxie Star of magnificence, dawn, pure light
98 Royce Son of the king
99 Royel Royal
100 Roysa Colorful
101 Rozzy Lucky
102 Rubea Red color
103 Rubel Light
104 Rucha Bright, glorious
105 Rusha Peaceful, unique
106 Racheal Ewe (gentlewoman)
107 Rainbow Rainbow
108 Randall Shielded
109 Ranelle Queen
110 Rasmine Rainbow color
111 Ravette Friendly, amiable
112 Rayanna Rainbow, rain
113 Rhianna Great queen, goddess
114 Rihanna Great queen
115 Robenia Famous
116 Roberta/ Roberto Bright, famous
117 Robinet Famous
118 Romilly Wanderer
119 Rosabel Rose
120 Rosalee Rose
121 Rosalia Brilliant rose
122 Rosalie Rose, rose garden
123 Rosanna Graceful rose
124 Rosebel Beautiful rose
125 Roselie Rose
126 Rosella Beautiful rose
127 Roselle Rose
128 Rosetta Little rose
129 Roylene Vision, dream
130 Rozlynn Beautiful
131 Rumaisa Bouquet
132 Rilletta Small stream
133 Rosalynn Rose, beautiful
134 Roseline/ Roselyne Beautiful
135 Rosemari / Rosemary Herb
136 Roswitha Strong and famous
137 Rosabella Beautiful rose
138 Rosabelle Beautiful rose
139 Rennie Brave ruler
140 Retina God’s strength
141 Revika Like a ray of sunlight, princess
142 Revina Beauty of the sun
143 Rexlin Queen, protector
144 Reylin Queen
145 Rezina Queen
146 Rhiana Great queen
147 Rianna Good-hearted, caring
148 Ribeca Variant of Rebecca
149 Rickie Wealthy, peaceful
150 Ridita Prosperity
151 Rikmai Bringer of victory
152 Rilley Blackbird’s meadow
153 Rinali Implies discipline, determination, and depth
154 Rinika Love for others
155 Rinncy Lucky
156 Rinsha Beautiful, sweet-hearted
157 Robbee Famous
158 Robbey Famous
159 Robbin Famous
160 Roesia Rose
161 Ronnie Bringer of victory
162 Rosana Rose, fervor
163 Roseia Beautiful, rose
164 Rosita Little rose
165 Roslyn Beautiful rose
166 Rossie Beautiful, like a rose
167 Rouzia Rose
168 Rowana Little, pretty redhead girl
169 Royala Royalty
170 Rubina Red gemstone
171 Ruella Road
172 Ryanna Great queen
173 Rachael Little lamb (gentlewoman)
174 Rusti Red-haired
175 Rusty Red-haired
176 Ryley Smart, courageous
177 Rylie Beautiful
178 Rachal Ewe (gentle, merciful)
179 Rachel Ewe (Hebrew name)
180 Rafida Helper, supporter
181 Rahina Soft, merciful
182 Raiana Talent
183 Rainee Queen
184 Rainie Charming
185 Randie Admirable, excellent
186 Raveen Beautiful, blackbird
187 Ravena Light, beauty of the sun
188 Rawnie Lady
189 Rayana Rainbow, rain, ray of light
190 Rayven Blackbird
191 Reagan Little king, king, impulsive
192 Rebecca To join, to tie
193 Rebeka Variant of Rebecca
194 Rebora Bringer of victory
195 Reeree Pearl
196 Regina Queen, purple flower
197 Reiley Blackbird’s meadow
198 Reinie Dearest, loved one
199 Rejina Queen
200 Remmie Peace, love
201 Renana Song
202 Renita Love, reborn

100+ Best English Names Starting with ‘R’ for Boys

Not only for girls, but English names starting with the letter R are also highly sought after for boys. Each name carries its unique personality, and here are some examples we’d like to introduce:

No. Name Meaning
1 Rinku Sweet boy
2 Rizal Brave, warrior
3 Robbi/Robby/Robie Famous
4 Roger Renowned warrior
5 Romeo From Rome (Italian origin)
6 Ronny “Counsel of the ruler.” Behind every great ruler is wise advice
7 Rubin Means “behold, son of the mother” — a proud statement to welcome your baby boy.
8 Ruddy Decorated with color
9 Rabbie Radiant
10 Rabert The very special one
11 Radley From the red meadow, red field. Radley is a name of an English boy with ancient English countryside scene.
12 Radney Earth
13 Raejin God of thunder
14 Rafael Healer
15 Raider Explorer
16 Renald Means skilled adviser of a ruler.
17 Renato Reborn
18 Reniel Kingly, powerful, mighty
19 Ricard Strong ruler, powerful leader
20 Richer Great person
21 Riyaan Ryan is an Irish-origin name from the Gaelic words “righ” and “an,” combined meaning “little king.”
22 Robbin An alternative spelling of Robin
23 Robert Name created from two elements: “Hrod” meaning “fame” and “Beraht” meaning “bright.”
24 Rodger Famous warrior
25 Ronald Wise counsel, rules and regulations
26 Ronney Brings victory
27 Ronnie Ronnie means “ruler,” “advice,” and “decision,” signifying a decisive and leadership-driven nature.
28 Robbert Robbert means “bright shining fame” or “glorious splendor.”
29 Robbins Bright shining
30 Roberto In Portuguese baby names, the meaning of the name Roberto is: Famous; bright, shining
31 Roberts Radiant
32 Ronaldo “Counsel of the ruler” -> represents someone feeling encouraged when they become a presence of support in the lives of those around them.
33 Robinson Means “son of Robin”
34 Radcliffe Red cliff
35 Redcliffe From the red cliff
36 Robbinson Son of Robert
37 Richardson The prefix Richard is an Old English name, where “ric” -> power + “hard” -> brave, hard + “son” -> son/descendant of.
38 Reyd Red-haired
39 Reyn A gift from God
40 Rhun Legendary son of Beli
41 Rian Kingly
42 Rike Strong and powerful man
43 Rino Daytime, sunlight
44 Rite Craftsman
45 Roam Wanderer
46 Robb Famous, bright
47 Robi Bright
48 Rody Famous, powerful
49 Rohn Advancing, going up
50 Rolo Wise, strong
51 Rome Power, authority
52 Ronn Mighty
53 Rush Red-haired
54 Ryan Leader
55 Radin Young gentleman
56 Raley Field for deer
57 Rally Field for deer
58 Ralph Wolf’s counsel -> the name suggests strength
59 Ramon Wise protector
60 Ramos Inspirational
61 Rayno Happy
62 Revan Love, something wonderful
63 Rhett Counsel, speaker
64 Riaan Little king, kingdom
65 Ricco Leader, powerful
66 Richy Means a very strong and wise ruler at an older age
67 Ringo Apple (Japanese name)
68 Raaj Kingdom
69 Radd Counselor
70 Rady Name of an angel
71 Raff Red wolf
72 Raji Shining one
73 Ralf Red wolf
74 Rali A person with great enthusiasm
75 Rami Rami is a name derived from the verb “to throw” and literally means “arrow thrower.” It can also signify ambition or aspiration (figuratively), someone with ambitions.
76 Ramm Male sheep
77 Raph God heals
78 Raya Flowing river
79 Rayn Brave guide
80 Redd Red-haired
81 Reed Red-haired
82 Rein Guide, counsel
83 Remi Healer
84 Remo Name Remo in Italian, meaning a boatman
85 Rene Rebirth
86 Reod Rosy color
87 Reve Manager, dreamer
88 Rab Famous, bright
89 Rad Abbreviation of Radley (meaning: from the red meadow)
90 Rai Strong protector
91 Raj Empire, royalty
92 Ray Protector
93 Red Red
94 Rex King
95 Rey King
96 Ric Eternal ruler
97 Rik Strong and courageous, ruler for peace
98 Rio River
99 Ris Leader
100 Rob Shining, famous
101 Roe Red-haired
102 Ron Mountain of strength, counselor for rulers
103 Row Red-haired
104 Roy Red
105 Rye Gentleman
106 Ryn Ruler

English Names Starting with ‘R’ for Both Boys and Girls

The following names can be used for both boys and girls.

No. Name Meaning
1 Ricki Power, courage
2 Roe Red, river
3 Rosslyn Rose
4 Rida Pious, obedient
5 Roni My song, my joy
6 Radha Success
7 Roddie Famous power
8 Reine Queen
9 Robby Shining fame
10 Raja King
11 Robi Excellent
12 Reilley Brave
13 Roshawn Bright light
14 Riki Power, strength, strong leader
15 Robbin Famous, radiant
16 Ruel Friend of God
17 Romaine Man from Rome
18 Runo Poem
19 Racer Racer, competitor
20 Raleigh Deer meadow
21 Ridley Reed meadow
22 Raine Queen
23 Roslyn Graceful, kind to others
24 Ross The name Ross is of Scottish origin, meaning “headland, peninsula”.
25 Regan Kingly, royal
26 Reilly Courageous, brave
27 Reggie Kingly
28 Robbie Famous
29 Rilee Brave
30 Rooney Descendant of the champion
31 Rye King
32 Rei Companion
33 Rana Beautiful or captivated; king; queen; little frog
34 Rikke / Rikki Forever or alone
35 Robinson Son of Robert
36 Ryen King
37 Roshan Daylight, bright light
38 Riley Courageous, brave
39 Ryan Little king
40 River A flowing body of water
41 Rowan Originates from the name Ruadhán in Irish, meaning “little red-haired one”.
42 Ryder Horseman
43 Rylee Courageous, brave
44 Remi Remi is a gender-neutral name of French origin, meaning “oarsman”.
45 Ryker Rich
46 Rory Red king
47 Reign Rule, sovereignty
48 Rylan Blackbird, a clearing where rye is grown
49 Reid Red-haired
50 Royce Famous
51 Raven A large black bird
52 Reed Red-haired
53 Reece Energetic
54 Robin Bright, shining, famous
55 Rio A river
56 Rayne Helpful friend, song
57 Rey King
58 Ray Protector
59 Ronnie Ruler; advice, decision; bringer of victory
60 Rian Little king
61 Ren Lotus
62 Randy Shield, wolf
63 Rene Reborn
64 Robyn Shining fame. Robyn is a gender-neutral name, suitable for anyone.

English Names Starting with ‘R’ Like Famous Personalities

Discover right away the famous personalities around the world with names starting with the letter ‘R’!

No. Name Meaning Profession
1 Robin Williams Bright fame Actor, Comedian
2 Robert Downey Jr. Bright fame Actor
3 Ryan Reynolds Little king Actor
4 Rowan Atkinson Red-haired Comedian, Actor
5 Roman Reigns Roman Professional Wrestler
6 Rihanna Basil Singer
7 Robert Pattinson Bright fame Actor, Singer
8 Roger Federer Renowned spear Tennis player
9 Reese Witherspoon Enthusiasm Actress
10 Rachel McAdams Ewe Actress
11 Ray Charles Counselor Singer, Musician
12 River Phoenix River Actor, Musician
13 Rupert Grint Bright fame Actor (portrayed Ron in Harry Potter)
14 Ray Kroc Renowned ruler McDonald’s CEO
15 Ryan Gosling Little king Actor (known for roles in ‘Notebook’, ‘La La Land’, and “The Big Short”)
16 Ringo Starr Ring Drummer of ‘The Beatles’
17 Rick Astley Brave ruler Singer
18 Richard Branson Brave ruler Founder of ‘Virgin Group’
19 Ronaldo Advice, counsel Soccer player
20 Renee Zellweger Reborn Actress
21 Reba McEntire Bright fame Singer
22 Ronald Reagan Counselor, Ruler 40th President of the United States
23 Ronaldinho Little Ronaldo Footballer (Soccer player)
24 Robert Lewandowski Bright, Famous Glory Footballer (Soccer player)
25 Rebel Wilson Rebel Actress
26 Ronda Rousey No meaning First American woman to win an Olympic medal in Judo
27 Robert F. Kennedy Bright, Famous Ruler U.S. Senator, brother of President John F. Kennedy
28 Roseanne Park No meaning South Korean singer, member of Blackpink
29 Rachel Weisz Ewe Actress
30 Rita Ora Pearl Singer, Actress

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Above is the top 400+ English names starting with the letter “R,” which are the best and most widely used. Hopefully, readers have chosen a name that reflects their personality and suits themselves.

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