300+ Best English Names Starting with ‘P’ for Boys and Girls

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If you or your family members, friends want to choose a name starting with the letter “P” and with a meaningful significance, please refer to this article!

Similar to naming with other letters in the Alphabet, you need to follow standard naming conventions and ensure the appropriate meaning that matches the personality traits, appearance, interests, etc., of yourself or the person being named.

Suggested Ways to Choose English Names Starting with ‘P’

In English, the letter “P” is among the most commonly used when it comes to naming, making it a great choice for both boys and girls. You can explore the following suggestions to find meaningful names for yourself and your family.

Naming by Gender

English names also have specific names for males and females. Additionally, some names can be used for both genders. Here are some examples:


  • English names for girls: Pila, Pamela, Pammie.
  • English names for boys: Pit, Penly, Peola, Pascen.
  • Unisex English names: Parker, Phoenix, Presley, Payton.

Meaningful English Names

The most important aspect of choosing an English name is not only to create a unique second name but also to convey beautiful meanings, dreams, hopes, and wishes of good luck within it. Hence, naming based on meanings is even more popular.

Additionally, combining these two naming approaches not only enhances suitability but also helps others to understand your personality even if they have little contact or have not met you.


  • Pearl: a girl’s name with the meaning of beauty, purity, and brightness like a pearl.
  • Peter: a boy’s name meaning strong, rock-like, and steadfast.

Compilation of Beautiful English Names Starting with ‘P’ for Baby Girls

When a baby girl is born, do you wish for her to always be lucky and happy, loved and favored by everyone, and to lead a fortunate life? If so, consider giving her one of the most meaningful and luckiest names from the suggested list below.

No. Name Meaning
1 Pearl Child resembling a gem, as bright as a pearl
2 Prisha Beloved, cherished child
3 Pari Daughter, adorable princess
4 Princy Daughter is a princess, queen in parents’ hearts
5 Prissha Beautiful gift bestowed by God to parents
6 Paula Little girl
7 Perl Child resembling a gem, like a jewel of the sea
8 Pixi Child beautiful and playful like a fairy
9 Pearline Precious child like a pearl of the sea
10 Presh Precious child
11 Pasha Friendly and sociable little girl
12 Pathy Wishing all good things for the child
13 Prianna Beautiful child like a princess
14 Pixy Cute and mischievous little girl
15 Phoebe Bright and pure girl
16 Peri Female version of Perry
17 Paulina Little girl
18 Perin The cherished wish of parents
19 Primrose Child resembling a flower
20 Puck Cute and mischievous little girl
21 Paola Little, fresh and beautiful like a flower
22 Paige Sweet, lovely girl
23 Peggy Pure and bright, like a pearl of the sea
24 Pink Healthy and rosy-cheeked baby girl
25 Pranchal Child is the happiness of parents
26 Pearlie Precious pearl of the sea
27 Pegg Bright as a pearl, small and beautiful
28 Phil Child is the happiness of parents, wishing a bright future
29 Petriana Child resembles the sun’s light
30 Peach Baby girl with a rosy complexion
31 Presley Baby girl protected by a priest
32 Pierce Child is a small and precious gem, strong
33 Pharisa Beautiful girl like an angel
34 Paloma Child like white doves, beautiful and friendly
35 Prisca Simple and easy-going girl
36 Pixie Beautiful like a fairy, mischievous and playful
37 Patricia Child is noble, sincere
38 Phyona Baby girl with fair, beautiful, and just complexion
39 Perla Pure and innocent baby girl
40 Philomena Hoping the child will be cherished
41 Penne Child is the joy of parents
42 Pareise Child is a princess
43 Parli Child is intelligent
44 Pride Child is the pride and joy of the family
45 Petronilla Strong and resilient little girl
46 Pogge Beautiful and shining little girl
47 Puss Wishing the child to be cautious
48 Parsan Happy and playful baby girl
49 Piroete Hoping the child will become a ballet dancer
50 Paulene Modest and unassuming little girl
51 Pierre Little girl with a compassionate heart
52 Perle Child resembles a pearl of the sea
53 Panda Clever, knowledgeable, and diligent little girl
54 Pauee Adorable little girl
55 Peggi Similar to Peggy
56 Petunia Child is as beautiful as a flower
57 Phillida Delicate yet strong girl, resilient like a leaf on a tree
58 Pechel Cute and tiny little girl
59 Peronelle Strong and sturdy girl
60 Pegeen Beautiful and precious like a pearl
61 Pernel Though small, child is valuable
62 Poppi Girl with an irresistible charm
63 Pia A girl loved by many, a name for beloved ones
64 Pax A gentle and peaceful girl
65 Pamela A sweet and lovable girl
66 Pam A sweet and gentle girl
67 Pru A cautious and careful girl
68 Pinky A cute and beautiful girl
69 Paula A small and humble girl
70 Piyona A girl cherished by many
71 Patti A noble and petite woman
72 Patsy A rich and noble lady
73 Prisila A simple and unpretentious girl
74 Parin A gentle and delicate girl
75 Prissy A girl with a demanding and serious attitude
76 Panha A brave girl
77 Pagi An enthusiastic girl who always helps others
78 Pinke A girl who loves the color pink, beautiful
79 Polo A modest girl
80 Pat A sincere and noble girl
81 Perry A beautiful, charming, and kind girl
82 Perci A girl with beauty and charm
83 Patty An elegant and aristocratic lady
84 Priva A girl who is someone’s entire world (lover)
85 Petula A standout and notable girl
86 Payton A noble woman
87 Pace A young and captivating woman
88 Poe A mysterious woman
89 Precilla A simple girl
90 Pexie A girl symbolizing the goddess of love
91 Prue A cautious girl
92 Phira A girl who loves music
93 Pattin A strong lady
94 Polly A strong and rebellious girl
95 Phebe A pure and radiant girl
96 Posy A girl like a small flower
97 Penelope Wife of Odysseus
98 Popy A charming and attractive girl
99 Precious A girl loved and cherished by someone (lover)
100 Poxa A girl who is someone’s love
101 Patsi A sweet girl
102 Pholma A beautiful girl like a dove
103 Pricesa A beautiful girl like a princess
104 Pride A girl of joy and happiness for everyone
105 Pricila A simple girl
106 Precila A simple and traditional girl
107 Parlee A skilled negotiator and communicator
108 Pammie Beloved (someone’s sweetheart)
109 Palma Strong and steadfast like a palm tree
110 Perlie A girl as pure as a pearl
111 Pureza Pure and bright
112 Phillpa Female version of Phillip
113 Phillippe Female version of Phillip
114 Pagent A beautiful girl
115 Pilar The woman who is the pillar of the family
116 Paransa Fresh and tender like silk
117 Placencia A pleasant and agreeable woman
118 Paiton A brave and strong girl
119 Patton A brave and strong girl
120 Preciosa Beloved, dear
121 Pollyana A girl who likes rebellion and difference
122 Poppi A girl with allure and charm
123 Powdy A cheerful woman
124 Pyriya A girl who is cherished and cared for
125 Pinka A girl who loves the color pink
126 Purah A pure-hearted girl
127 Prunella A charming girl
128 Pricilla A simple girl
129 Popee A girl with allure and attraction
130 Pathare A strong and resolute girl

Best English Names Starting with P for Boys

What kind of person do parents want their baby boy to become? What will the future hold for him? Let’s give our baby boy a meaningful name to express our love and wishes for him!

No. Name Meaning
1 Parth The one who is determined and doesn’t give up on goals
2 Pal Protector, reliable
3 Prince Noble boy, rich and affluent
4 Papa Charming and fortunate baby boy
5 Pasha Little adorable son of parents
6 Peter Strong, sturdy
7 Paris Handsome boy
8 Paul Little son
9 Pusa Sweet, cute boy
10 Pati Skilled and leadership qualities
11 Poe The number one, most precious to parents
12 Puna Resolute, never gives up
13 Poras Strong, robust
14 Putta Little baby of parents
15 Princy Noble boy
16 Pascal Born on Easter
17 Puda Sociable, joyful, friendly
18 Parrish Belonging to a church
19 Pagan Perfect, embodying the essence of the birthplace
20 Pat Compassionate heart
21 Parmod Family’s delight
22 Parry Lover of equality and peace
23 Patrick Noble and quick-witted boy
24 Preston Parents’ most valuable asset
25 Phil Lover of freedom
26 Pax Serene and peaceful
27 Philip Eager for battle, mischievous
28 Praen Brave and powerful
29 Pace Compassionate, loving peace and justice
30 Pious Virtuous and kind
31 Pete Strong and robust boy
32 Phillip Industrious and hardworking
33 Pren Small but mighty, can overcome any opponent
34 Paden Noble and majestic boy
35 Percy Noble and majestic boy
36 Pranto Happy and sociable boy
37 Price Enthusiastic and joyful boy
38 Pak Neat and tidy boy
39 Polok Parents’ joy
40 Parish Belonging to a church
41 Perry Living near a pear tree
42 Padda Kind and decisive boy
43 Phineas Wise like a prophet
44 Pias Fun and humorous boy
45 Pierre Strong and sturdy boy
46 Palmer One who holds everything in hand
47 Paxton Peaceful and serene boy
48 Porter Hope for independence and maturity
49 Piers Strong and sturdy boy
50 Parker One who easily achieves goals
51 Pen One who follows the Christian faith
52 Pash Fortunate and divinely protected
53 Pierce As tough as stone
54 Powell Intelligent with a unique path
55 Powle Gentle and compassionate boy
56 Prosper Lucky boy
57 Park Child of the forest
58 Peers Resilient person like stone
59 Pompey Name of a Greek god
60 Paen God’s love
61 Prim Virtuous boy
62 Pers Individual with character
63 Petr Strong and robust person
64 Peton Noble and wealthy person
65 Pearce Strong and robust person
66 Pasco Born on Easter
67 Pervin A boy resembling stars
68 Paxon Sociable and friendly boy
69 Pollard Boy with short hair and small stature
70 Peterkin Strong and robust person
71 Princeton Resembles a prince, noble and wealthy
72 Payne Child bearing the characteristics of their birthplace
73 Perl Resembles a precious gemstone
74 Parle Resembles a small priceless gemstone
75 Paulo Boy with a small stature
76 Paten Strong and courageous boy with a warrior’s spirit
77 Poss Aspires to be a leader and possess everything
78 Puc Mischievous boy
79 Perkyn Resembles a small precious gemstone
80 Pero Strong and sturdy boy like a rock
81 Phoenix Strong and powerful like a phoenix bird
82 Pov Parents’ whole world
83 Puck Playful and mischievous boy
84 Peace Calm and steadfast person
85 Patta Always cheerful and friendly boy
86 Pacca Lovely and adorable boy
87 Pike Sharp and clever person
88 Phillbert Radiant and always brings smiles to people

Unique English Names for Boys Starting with P

Boys often tend to be more reserved about revealing too much about themselves, but if you use the names below, anyone can understand a part of your personality.

No. Name Meaning
1 Paul Little boy who knows how to compromise
2 Phelan Strong and fierce like a wolf
3 Phelim Kind and generous young man
4 Patrick Noble young man
5 Pate A loyal and honest young man
6 Pedro Tough and resilient young man
7 Peden Courageous young man
8 Pears Resilient young man
9 Puta A man with leadership qualities
10 Paxten Friendly and sociable young man
11 Purvan Someone always helpful to others
12 Pero Strong and resilient man
13 Pope Man who resembles a great father figure
14 Pico A man with courage
15 Patryk Sincere and noble young man
16 Pike A virtuous and honorable young man
17 Patten Brave young man like a warrior
18 Penly A fortunate and lucky young man
19 Phee A noble man like a phoenix
20 Probert Famous man pursuing fame
21 Pharrell Wise and clever young man
22 Paxtun Friendly and sociable young man
23 Perenis Handsome man
24 Pratt Suitable for mysterious men
25 Purves Cool and difficult young man
26 Pauloc A young man like a small, strong, and valuable stone
27 Prentiss Learned man
28 Pauli Playful and humorous young man
29 Prasutagus Name of a king
30 Peredur Name of a legendary son of Evrawg
31 Parris Derived from the name of the capital of France, meaning elegant and refined
32 Prospero Lucky, wealthy, and prosperous young man
33 Purvis Cold and aloof young man
34 Powel Small young man
35 Phelot Leader, head of the group
36 Pookie Adorable young man
37 Penley Fortunate, protected young man
38 Peerce Strong and tough like a rock
39 Phelps Name of Philip’s son
40 Parkins Son of Parkin
41 Philemon Affectionate young man
42 Pascoe Born on Easter
43 Porca Noble like a Lord
44 Parnall Small but strong young man
45 Petran Small but strong young man
46 Philly Lover of horses
47 Picton Young man who relentlessly pursues fame and ambitions
48 Pearse A man with leadership qualities
49 Padgett Polite and respectful young man
50 Pennley Protected and sheltered young man
51 Pattan A man with a bald head
52 Pallmer A man who holds everything firmly in hand

Some English Names Starting with P for Both Males and Females

If you find it difficult to choose and do not want to disclose your gender, try the following English names that start with the letter “P” and can be used for both males and females:

No. Name Meaning
1 Pablo A humble and small person
2 Paisley Someone who loves fashion
3 Pamela Someone as sweet as honey
4 Paola A humble and small person
5 Payton A person of noble stature
6 Palmer A gentle person with high qualities
7 Paige A young person who loves literature
8 Paris Refers to elegant beauty like the capital of France
9 Perry Someone who enjoys exploring, going here and there
10 Patricia A person of noble character, independent
11 Pepper A spirited, fiery person
12 Perrin A strong and tough person
13 Payden A brave and strong individual
14 Pauli A small person
15 Paget A young person
16 Paz A friendly, fair, and righteous individual
17 Parris A loyal and upright person
18 Parker A sociable person who enjoys playfully interacting with children

30 Famous English Names Starting with the Letter P

No. Name Profession Meaning
1 Paul McCartney Musician, Singer-Songwriter Small
2 Prince William Royalty, Duke of Cambridge Noble, Resolute
3 Priyanka Chopra Actress, Singer Beloved, Lovable
4 Patrick Stewart Actor Nobleman
5 Pablo Picasso Artist Small, Humble
6 Pink Singer-Songwriter Pink color
7 Pharrell Williams Musician, Producer Son of Pharrell
8 Pamela Anderson Actress, Model Honeyed, Sweet
9 Pierce Brosnan Actor Son of Pierce
10 Paris Hilton Media Personality, Model City of Paris, Elegant Beauty
11 Penelope Cruz Actress Weaver, Silk
12 Paul Walker Actor Small walker
13 Patrick Dempsey Actor Noble, Proud
14 P!nk Singer-Songwriter Pink color
15 Peter Dinklage Actor Rock, Stone
16 Priyanka Gandhi Politician Beloved, Lovable
17 Pablo Neruda Poet, Diplomat Small
18 Pablo Escobar Criminal Small, Humble
19 Peyton Manning Athlete Noble, Mighty
20 Peter Pan Fictional Character Rock, Stone
21 Patrick Mahomes Athlete Noble, Resolute
22 Paul Rudd Actor Small, Humble
23 Pink Floyd Band Pink color, Rock
24 Pablo Sandoval Athlete Small
25 Paul Simon Musician, Singer-Songwriter Small, Listener
26 Phil Collins Musician, Singer-Songwriter Lover of Horses, Son of Colin
27 Pierce the Veil Band Son of Pierce, To Penetrate or Pass Through
28 Paula Abdul Singer, Dancer, Choreographer Small, Humble, Servant
29 Pink Martini Band Pink color, Mixed Alcoholic Beverage
30 Pablo Alborán Singer-Songwriter Small, Humble

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In conclusion, the vast array of English names starting with ‘P’ offers a rich tapestry of options for both boys and girls. From timeless classics to trendy and unique choices, this list provides a diverse selection for parents seeking the perfect name for their child. Whether you prefer names with traditional meanings or those with a modern flair, the possibilities are truly extensive. Take your time exploring the options and find the ‘P’-named gem that resonates most with your family and adds a special touch to your little one’s identity.

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