100+ Best English Names Starting with ‘N’ for Boys and Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Naming in English starting with the letter ‘N’ can help simplify your choices and easily find meaningful names that suit your family and friends. So, let’s explore the significance of names beginning with ‘N,’ along with naming conventions and a comprehensive list of suggestions for both boys and girls in this article!

The General Meaning of English Names Starting with ‘N’

The general meaning of English names starting with ‘N’ is often associated with certain characteristics:

  • Open-mindedness and a free-spirited nature.
  • Good intuition and instincts.
  • Tendency to be easily provoked or slightly judgmental.

By considering the meaningful traits associated with names starting with ‘N,’ you can choose a name that highlights positive qualities and diminishes any negative aspects. Additionally, the name should be concise, memorable, and leave a lasting impression during communication anywhere you go.

The Shortest Structure of English Names

In countries where English names are commonly used, the structure of a name usually consists of two main parts: the First name and the Last name. Additionally, there may be a Middle name, but this part is often omitted or combined with one of the two main parts. Therefore, when giving an English name, you only need to focus on these two parts.

For example:

  • First name: Nolan
  • Last name: Chad

=> English name: Nolan Chad

Creative Ways to Choose English Names Starting with ‘N’

English names starting with the letter ‘N’ offer a wide variety of options for both boys and girls, allowing you to select a name based on one or multiple criteria:

Choosing English Names Based on Gender

The most crucial factor when selecting a name is the gender of the individual. While there are unisex names in English, opting for a list specifically tailored to each gender can leave a better impression.

For example:

  • English names for girls: Neala, Nancy, Nacie, Nicole,…
  • English names for boys: Neil, Noah, Nicky,…

Selecting English Names Based on Meaning

Besides choosing names based on gender, you may also want to convey a particular message or simply choose a name with a beautiful and meaningful essence. If you wish to retain the significance of your given name by your parents, you can select a name with a similar meaning. Otherwise, feel free to choose any message you want to convey.

For example:

  • English names representing strength and victory: Neil
  • English names symbolizing fame and renown: Nolan

With these creative ways, you can find the perfect English name starting with ‘N’ that holds significance and resonates with the individual’s identity and character.

Top 50+ Best English Names Starting with ‘N’ for Baby Boys

English names beginning with the letter ‘N’ are relatively rare in Western countries. However, you can still choose names with origins from Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, carrying beautiful and noble meanings for your baby boy. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular and meaningful names below to help you in your selection.

No. Name Origin Meaning
1 Nabeel Arabic noble person
2 Nabil Arabic noble person
3 Nacham Hebrew consoler
4 Nachman Hebrew consoler
5 Nachshon Hebrew daring, bold
6 Nachum Hebrew consoler
7 Nadeem Arabic one who makes intimate friends
8 Nadeer Arabic unique
9 Nadeir Arabic number one
10 Nadim Arabic one who makes intimate friends
11 Nardo Italian strong, tough
12 Naren Indian best man
13 Nat Latin clever and always finds a way
14 Nathaniel Hebrew gift of God
15 Nathaniel Hebrew gift from heaven, affectionate boy
16 Neille Irish the champion, the first one
17 Neils Irish the champion
18 Nekrarius Greek loving boy
19 Nektario Greek loving boy
20 Nelson English son of Nell (Neal)
21 Nemesio Spanish just, fair person
22 Nemo Latin no one, nobody
23 Nephthali Hebrew determined, strong-willed
24 Neptune Greek god of the sea
25 Ner Hebrew candlelight, shining candles
26 Nereus Greek the sea
27 Neron Spanish man of the sea
28 Nevada Spanish snowfall
29 Neville French new village
30 Nevin Latin resembling a saint, holy
31 Nevon Latin resembling a saint, holy
32 Newcomb English new valley
33 Newland English new land
34 Nezer Hebrew crown
35 Nial Irish champion
36 Niall Irish one who respects what is right, righteous
37 Nicandero Spanish man of victory
38 Nick Japanese son of Nicholas
39 Nickleby English Nicholas’s village
40 Nicky Greek victory of the people
41 Nicodemo Greek victory of the people
42 Nicolas Greek victory of the people
43 Niel Irish champion
44 Nika Greek strong, kind, and gracious warrior
45 Nisan Hebrew miracle
46 Nissim Hebrew the greatest things
47 Noach Hebrew peaceful
48 Noah Hebrew peaceful, comfortable
49 Noble Latin noble, aristocratic
50 Noe Hebrew peaceful
51 Nolan Irish descendant of a nobleman
52 Nooriel Hebrew light, flame of God
53 Norris English from the North
54 Nuriel Hebrew light, flame of God
55 Nuru African born at night
56 Nye Welsh close friend
57 Nygel Irish one who is number one

50+ Best English Names Starting with ‘N’ for Baby Girls

Just like boy names, girl names starting with ‘N’ are also relatively rare and hard to find. However, you can still choose meaningful names for your daughter from various regions and countries around the world.

No. Name Origin Meaning
1 Naama Hebrew beautiful, pleasant
2 Naavah Hebrew adorable
3 Nabeela Arabic noble
4 Nabila Arabic noble
5 Nabilah Arabic noble
6 Nachmanit Hebrew caring, compassionate
7 Nacola Greek victorious people
8 Nada Russian parents’ wish
9 Nadege Russian parents’ wish
10 Nadette German cute as a bear
11 Nadhifa Arabic pure, clear
12 Neille Scottish the first one
13 Neima Hebrew cheerful, inspiring to others
14 Neiva Spanish snow-white
15 Nekoel Greek victorious people
16 Nelda Greek sunshine, bright light
17 Nell Latin sunshine, radiant light
18 Nellianna Greek sunshine, radiant light
19 Neola Greek youthful girl
20 Neomi Hebrew one who pleases everyone
21 Nericcia Italian dark-haired girl
22 Nerola Italian girl resembling an orange blossom
23 Nerolia Italian girl resembling an orange blossom
24 Nerolie Italian girl resembling an orange blossom
25 Neroly Italian girl resembling an orange blossom
26 Nerys Welsh noble lady
27 Nesi Greek pure, innocent
28 Netanela Hebrew gift from God
29 Netania Hebrew gift from God
30 Nettia Hebrew God has favored me
31 Nibia Spanish gentle girl
32 Nickole Greek victorious people
33 Nico Greek victorious people
34 Noa American everyone is pleased with the child
35 Noami Hebrew everyone is pleased with the child
36 Noele French born on Christmas
37 Noeleen French born on Christmas
38 Noeline French born on Christmas
39 Noeliz French born on Christmas
40 Noella French born on Christmas
41 Noelle French born on Christmas
42 Nolin Irish the champion
43 Norina Greek sunshine, radiant light
44 Norine Latin woman of honor
45 Norry Latin woman of honor
46 Nowell French born on Christmas
47 Nunzia Italian gentle girl
48 Nur Arabic delicate girl
49 Nura Arabic delicate girl
50 Nureen Arabic delicate girl
51 Nurine Arabic delicate girl
52 Nurit Hebrew resembling a yellow-red flower
53 Nyad Greek white water lily
54 Nyada Greek white water lily
55 Nychole Greek victorious people
56 Nykia Greek victorious people
57 Nyquolle Greek victorious people
58 Nysa Greek goal-oriented, ambitious
59 Nyx Greek born during the night

30 Famous English Names Starting with ‘N’

No. Name Origin Meaning
1 Neil Armstrong English Champion, passionate
2 Nelson Mandela English Son of Neil, champion
3 Nicole Kidman English Victory of the people
4 Natalie Portman English Christmas day
5 Nicholas Cage English Victory of the people
6 Naomi Campbell English Pleasant, beautiful
7 Natalie Wood English Birthday of the Lord
8 Norman Reedus English Northman, from the North
9 Natalie Cole English Birthday of the Lord
10 Noel Gallagher English Born on Christmas day
11 Naomi Watts English Pleasant, beautiful
12 Nigella Lawson English Champion, victorious
13 Neil Diamond English Champion, passionate
14 Norah Jones English Light, honor
15 Nina Simone English Little girl
16 Nick Jonas English Victory of the people
17 Nelly Furtado English Light, shining
18 Natasha Bedingfield English Birthday of the Lord
19 Natalie Imbruglia English Birthday of the Lord
20 Nicole Scherzinger English Victory of the people
21 Norman Rockwell English Northman, from the North
22 Neil Patrick Harris English Champion, passionate
23 Natasha Richardson English Birthday of the Lord
24 Nelly English Light, shining
25 Neil Gaiman English Champion, passionate
26 Noah Wyle English Rest, comfort
27 Nia Vardalos English Radiance, brightness
28 Natasha Lyonne English Birthday of the Lord
29 Nancy Sinatra English Grace, favor
30 Nastia Liukin English Birthday of the Lord

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In conclusion, we have explored a diverse collection of English names starting with the letter ‘N’ for both boys and girls. The significance of choosing a name based on gender, meaning, or cultural origin allows parents to find meaningful and suitable names for their children. Whether it’s a name symbolizing victory, light, joy, or any other positive attribute, these names offer a range of options for parents to consider.

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