440+ Best English Names Starting with ‘K’ for Boys and Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Are you searching for a beautiful and meaningful English name for your baby, but feeling unsure about which name is suitable for your precious little one?

Look no further! Explore our carefully curated list of unique and meaningful English names starting with ‘K’ for both boys and girls. This list will help you find the perfect name that resonates with your values and preferences. Browse through our extensive collection of ‘K’ names for inspiration and discover the ideal name for your bundle of joy.

190+ Best English Names Starting with ‘K’ for Girls

When it comes to girls, we often prioritize cute and gentle names. Parents can choose from the following meaningful English names starting with ‘K’ for girls:

No. Name Meaning
1 Kal Most beautiful, short form of Callie
2 Kat Pure, cat, short form of Catherine
3 Kay Happiness, short form of Katherine
4 Kem Sunshine, courageous
5 Kia Cute, talented, feminine
6 Kim Royal lineage
7 Kya Meticulous, delicate, diamond-like
8 Kaia Pure, steadfast, oceanic
9 Kain Brave
10 Kali Graceful, beautiful, art-loving, goddess Parvati, great goddess Kali
11 Kaly Loving, beautiful girl, flower
12 Kami Young heir, short form of Kamelia and Kamille, ruler
13 Kara Graceful, beautiful, pure, friendly, beloved
14 Kari Gentle, pure, strong wind, feminine, short form of Katherine
15 Kary Pure, clear
16 Kate Pure, refined, beautiful, Virgo
17 Kath Short form of Catherine or Kathleen, pure
18 Katy Pure, short form of Katherine, Virgo
19 Kaye Joyful, pathmaker, short form of Catherine
20 Kels Beautiful
21 Keni Supreme, great champion
22 Keny Bright
23 Kera Pure, night, black hair
24 Keri Fairness, blessed verse
25 Keva Cute child, feminine version of Kevin, lotus flower
26 Kier Darkness, black
27 Kiko Princess, hope
28 Kila Pleasing to the eye, beautiful, radiant
29 Kima Sunshine
30 Kimmi Reserved, straightforward, right, enthusiastic
31 Kimm Brave king, sunshine
32 Kimn Ruler
33 Kimy Right
34 Kina Little one, petite, courageous
35 Kira Light, solar, reflection, ray of light
36 Kiya Sound of a bird, jovial lady
37 Klea Snowflake
38 Klen Cute
39 Kobi Woman from California
40 Koby Woman from California
41 Kody Helper, pillow
42 Krin Beautiful, graceful, perfect
43 Kurt Charming
44 Kyla Lovely, crown, meticulous
45 Kyna Intelligent, wise, adorable
46 Kyra Princess, sunlight, noble
47 Kaala Descendant of Caollaidhe, church
48 Kacia Brave-hearted, determined, strong
49 Kacie Brave, resolute, strong, careful
50 Kadyn Warrior
51 Kahli Most beautiful, modern variant of Callie
52 Kaidi Pioneer
53 Kaila Laurel, trailblazer, pure, modern variant of Katherine
54 Kaira Sweet, peaceful, pure, unique
55 Kaise Determined, strong, flexible
56 Kaity Pure, short form of Catherine
57 Kaiza Pure, pristine
58 Kalan Stream, path opener, pure
59 Kalen Stream, path opener, pure
60 Kaley Bright, pure, female warrior, spring farm
61 Kalia Beauty
62 Kalie Laurel, lovely, flower, delicate
63 Kalin Combination of Caleb and Colin, pure, devotion to God
64 Kalli Most beautiful, nightingale, vibrant
65 Kally Most beautiful, fortress, modern variant of Callie, fair, nightingale, lovely
66 Kalyn Bright, path opener
67 Kammi Young leader, ruler
68 Kandi Sparkling, pure, modern variant of Candace
69 Kandy Radiant, clear, pure
70 Karan Pure, sweet melody, vibrant
71 Karas Beautiful, graceful
72 Karbi Energetic girl
73 Karen Pure, pristine, bright, queen
74 Karin Transparency, summer forest, short form of Katherine
75 Karla Genuine, strong, small, feminine, independent girl
76 Karly Feminine, strength, petite, female version of Karl
77 Karol Strong and masculine, female version of Charles
78 Karon Bright, short form of Katherine / Catherine
79 Karry Beloved
80 Karyn Pure, short form of Katherine / Catherine
81 Kasey Determined, diligent, strong, cautious, courageous
82 Kathi Pure, a form of Katherine
83 Kathy Bright, virgin, pure
84 Katie Pure, a form of Katherine, virgin
85 Katty Pure, righteous
86 Kaydi Pioneer
87 Kayla Pure, innocent, laurel, crown, fair
88 Kayli Bright, guiding
89 Kayly Delicate
90 Kayra Princess, unique, prayer of God
91 Kayte Pure
92 Keala Path, fragrance
93 Keanu Cool, chill, cold
94 Kecia Strong
95 Keely Graceful, elegant, delicate
96 Keina Prosperity
97 Keira Enchanting, dark
98 Kelis Cute
99 Kelle Fairness, slender
100 Kelli Bright-minded, variant of Kelly, descendant of Ceallach, spring field
101 Kelly Brave warrior, bright, church
102 Kelsa Brave-hearted
103 Kelsy Courageous, spring fountain
104 Kelva Full of dreams, precious
105 Kelvi Precious, dreamy
106 Kemel Confident person
107 Kemma Longing
108 Kenda High position
109 Kenna Handsome, beautiful, understanding, intelligent
110 Kenni Beautiful
111 Kenny Stubborn, cute
112 Kenza Treasure
113 Kenzy Sincere, short form of Mckenzie / Kenzie
114 Kerin Maiden
115 Kerri Dark-haired
116 Kerry Queen
117 Ketty Ruler, pure
118 Kevia Beautiful child
119 Khaki Good character
120 Khara Clear
121 Khaye Extraordinary
122 Khian Bright
123 Khloe Shining
124 Kiana Gentle, soft, loyal
125 Kiara Transparent
126 Kiena Warm
127 Kimby Beautiful
128 Kinna Wise
129 Kinzi Fair
130 Kisha Great joy
131 Kitty Little kitten
132 Kiyan Divine, bright
133 Kogie Confident girl
134 Kreni Capable girl
135 Krynn Thoughtful, rich in love
136 Kyira Intelligent and beautiful
137 Kymme Brave king
138 Kysha Princess, treasure
139 Kailee Bright, graceful
140 Kailey Crown, lovely
141 Kallie Most charming
142 Kalynn Combination of Kay and Lynn
143 Kamini Worthy, beautiful
144 Kamira Covered with glory
145 Kammie Heir
146 Karima Generous
147 Karina Flower
148 Karley Small but mighty
149 Karlie Feminine
150 Karren Bright
151 Karrin Pure
152 Katima Energetic girl
153 Katina Pure
154 Katlin Innocent
155 Katrin Pure
156 Kaylee Pure, combination of Kay and Lee
157 Kaylin Leader
158 Keiley Warrior
159 Keisha Precious, unique
160 Kelita Most beautiful
161 Kenley Land of the king
162 Kennis Intelligent, beautiful
163 Kenyon Blond hair
164 Keonna Radiant
165 Kerina Blessing
166 Kesley Victory
167 Kevina Beauty
168 Kianaa Holy, princess
169 Kierra Dark
170 Kinsey Victory
171 Kitten Kitten
172 Konnie Firm
173 Krison Lord Krishna
174 Krista Flower of God
175 Kristi God
176 Krysta Similar to Krista
177 Kallita Cute
178 Kamaria Adorable, moonlight
179 Kamelia Flower
180 Kameron Long-nosed boy
181 Kamilla Perfect
182 Kamille Perfection
183 Kariana Pure
184 Karinda Virgin
185 Karisma Gift
186 Karleen Little, strong
187 Karmela Orchard
188 Kathryn Pure
189 Katlynn Pure
190 Katrina Pure
191 Katrine Variation of Catherine
192 Kennice Beautiful
193 Kirsten Stone church
194 Kirstie Follower of Christ

With our list of English names starting with the letter ‘K’ for girls provided above, parents will surely find a suitable name for their little princess.

130 Best English Names Starting with ‘K’ for Boys

English nicknames are popular not only for girls but also for boys, and families often choose meaningful and unique names for their children.

Let’s take a look at the list of English names starting with ‘K’ for boys below:

No. Name Meaning
1 Kai Ocean, earth
2 Kal Strong
3 Kay Burst of joy, pure, rejoice, love and cherish
4 Kem Sun
5 Ken Handsome, a variation of Kenneth
6 Kim Noble, chief, royal
7 Kade Circular shape
8 Kail Extraordinary
9 Kale Tranquil, fair, ocean
10 Kane Son of a warrior, bright
11 Kare Large, grand
12 Karl Free man, strong
13 Karr From the marsh
14 Kase Descendant of Cathasaigh
15 Kayn Small
16 Kean Sharp, warrior, eye
17 Kenn Handsome
18 Keya Speed
19 Kian King, royal, ancient, distant
20 Kim Lord
21 Kion Rebirth, born good, noble
22 Kirk Church
23 Kiva Protector
24 Knox Hill
25 Kody Helper
26 Kohl Victory
27 Kole Genuine
28 Koty Pillow, different
29 Kris Follower
30 Kurt Wise, polite
31 Kush Son of Lord Rama, powerful
32 Kyle Channel, piece of wood, church, narrow
33 Kyne Royal, wild goose
34 Kadim Ancient tree, prominent
35 Kadin Friend, confidant
36 Kalem Honest man
37 Kalen Warrior
38 Kamil Perfect
39 Kanon Priest
40 Kappy Bright future
41 Karan Light, nobleman
42 Karen Pure
43 Karin Being completed, praise
44 Karry Cute
45 Kasia Strong, modern
46 Kavin Handsome
47 Kayen Strong existence, lovable
48 Kayle Loyal
49 Kayon Strong, enduring
50 Keane Son of a warrior
51 Keene Wise, ancient
52 Keith Wood, forest
53 Kelin Small, delicate
54 Kelly Lively, fierce
55 Kelsi Transport
56 Kempe Champion
57 Kenli Loyal
58 Kenly From the King’s meadow
59 Kenny Handsome, Kent valley
60 Keran Wood
61 Keyan Heart, God is merciful, present
62 Kieth Windy place, forest
63 Kimon King, magnificent man
64 Kiran Ray of sunlight, beam of light
65 Kirin Poem, praise, honor
66 Kolby Dark, black-skinned
67 Kolin Young
68 Krish Attention-grabbing, talented
69 Kriss Flower of God
70 Kunal Anything, everything
71 Kynan Leader, wise and intelligent
72 Kyran Dark hair, dark
73 Kyren Light
74 Kyron Victory
75 Kyros Leader
76 Kaiden Friend
77 Kaish Dream
78 Kaizer Long-haired, alternative name for Caesar
79 Karina Pure
80 Karine Variant of Karen
81 Karrie Melody
82 Karsen Swamp dweller
83 Karson Resident of the marsh
84 Kayden Complete, Gentle, Companion
85 Kaylah Guide
86 Kaylin Delicate, precious to God
87 Kaylyn Combination of Kay and Lynn
88 Kayzer Long-haired, king
89 Kelsey Brave, ship
90 Kelson Sea port
91 Kendel Valley of the River Kent, royal
92 Keneth Handsome
93 Kenlie From the King’s meadow
94 Kennan Variation of Keene, Wise
95 Kenney Diminutive of Kenneth
96 Kenrik Royal leader
97 Kerwin Small
98 Kesley Transport
99 Kieren Ray of light
100 Knight Soldier
101 Korban Bitter
102 Kurian Gift from God
103 Kurtis Polite, lawyer, courageous
104 Kailene Pure, variant of Kay and Kayla
105 Kamaraj King of love
106 Kamaran Happiness
107 Kamraan Victory
108 Keithan Forest
109 Kelvish Ambitious person
110 Kenichi Strong, healthy
111 Kennard Brave, powerful, royal guard
112 Kenneth Brave, royal oath
113 Kenrich Royal principles
114 Kenrick Hero
115 Kerrick Ruling king
116 Kerwinn Dark-colored
117 Kimball Warrior, noble, brave
118 Kingdon From the King’s hall
119 Kingman Man of the King
120 Kinslie From the King’s meadow
121 Kristen Flower of God
122 Kendrick Fearless leader, son of…
123 Kennaird Brave and strong
124 Keyshawn Compassionate
125 Kimberly Ruler
126 Kristian Follower of Christ
127 Krystine Variant of Christine
128 Katherine Pure
129 Kristanna Gentle
130 Konstantin Stable, unchanging

130+ English Names Starting with ‘K’ for Both Males and Females

In addition to English names starting with ‘K’ specifically for either males or females, you can also consider gender-neutral names that can be used for both boys and girls. Here are some suggestions from us.

No. Name Meaning
1 Kai Ocean, Earth
2 Kinsley King’s meadow
3 Kennedy Helmeted chief
4 Kaiden Companion, friend
5 Karter Cart driver
6 Kyrie Lord
7 Kimberly From the wood of the royal fortress
8 Kendall Valley of the River Kent
9 Karson Son of Carr
10 Kalani The heavens
11 Kameron Crooked nose
12 Kyle Narrow channel
13 Kamryn Crooked nose
14 Kade Round, barrel-shaped
15 Kason Pure
16 Kenzie Fair, favored one
17 Kyla Victorious
18 Kora Maiden
19 Kylo Sky, water
20 Kylan Narrow land
21 Kaycee Watchful, alert
22 Kari Pure
23 Kenya Animal horn
24 Kylin Golden
25 Kashmir From Kashmir, a region in South Asia
26 Kristen Follower of Christ
27 Karmen Song
28 Kamron Crooked nose
29 Kalea Brightness, beauty
30 Kaci Alert, vigilant
31 Kalen Mighty warrior
32 Kelsie Ship victory
33 Keller Cellar, basement
34 Kirby Church village
35 Korey Dweller on the hill
36 Keelan Slender, fair
37 Kinsey King’s victory
38 Kendal Valley of the River Kent
39 Keeley Slender, graceful
40 Karli Womanly
41 Kaley Slim and fair
42 Kiley Beautiful
43 Kamara Moon
44 Keely Beautiful
45 Kellin Slender
46 Kris Follower of Christ
47 Kayley Pure, slender
48 Kendyl Valley of the River Kent
49 Karol Free man, strong
50 Kerry Dark-haired, son of Ciarán
51 Kory Hollow
52 Kodie Cushion, helpful
53 Kam Sweet, lovable
54 Kayde Fighter, warrior
55 Kay Rejoice
56 Kim Noble, brave
57 Karsten Follower of Christ
58 Kalei The flower wreath
59 Kerrigan Descendant of Ciarán
60 Kelley Warrior, lively
61 Kanoa Free one, independence
62 Kendell Valley of the River Kent
63 Kelby Farm near the spring
64 Kiko Rebel, short for Francisco
65 Kulture Culture
66 Kaili Beautiful, sea
67 Kacy Vigilant in war, watchful
68 Kalan Mighty warrior
69 Keeva Gentle, beautiful
70 Keilan Slender, fair
71 Kaylan Slim and fair
72 Kodey Cushion, helpful
73 Kendyll Valley of the River Kent
74 Kaelin Pure, slender
75 Kerrey Dark-haired, son of Ciarán
76 Kalin Mighty warrior
77 Katlin Pure
78 Kimberley From the wood of the royal fortress
79 Kelli Descendant of Ciarán
80 Kealy Beautiful, lovely
81 Kalle Free man, strong
82 Krystyn Follower of Christ
83 Kelsy Victorious
84 Koren Maiden, pure
85 Kealey Slender, graceful
86 Korry Hollow
87 Korrey Dark-haired, son of Ciarán
88 Kevyn Gentle, handsome
89 Karan Pure
90 Kasee Watchful, alert
91 Kavanaugh Descendant of Caoimhín
92 Kelle Descendant of Ciarán
93 Kei Reverence, respect
94 Kristien Follower of Christ
95 Kala Princess
96 Kiri Beam of the sun, mist
97 Keri Dark-haired, son of Ciarán
98 Keelie Beautiful, graceful
99 Kaye Pure
100 Kasi Favored
101 Kincaid Battle
102 Kahlo Fortunate
103 Kasie Pure
104 Kary Beloved
105 Kas Fire
106 Kerri Dark-haired
107 Kristan Follower
108 Kramer Peddler
109 Kimberleigh Meadow
110 Korrin Spear
111 Kerrie Dark-haired
112 Kass Pure
113 Karman Song
114 Karlin Free man
115 Karel Strong
116 Kaipo Sweetheart
117 Korin Maiden
118 Kelcey Brave
119 Karmel Garden
120 Kaile Laurel
121 Kalidas Devotee
122 Kavanagh Handsome
123 Kelbey Farm by the spring
124 Keyne Fighter
125 Kordelle Cord maker
126 Kosma Order
127 Kun Noble
128 Kurri Rejoice
129 Kimahri Swift
130 Kamon Wished-for
131 Kinipela Wave
132 Kenese King
133 Kahurangi Precious
134 Kahurangi Precious

English Names Starting with K Similar to Famous Individuals

Names starting with the letter ‘k’ in English also have another option, which is using the names of famous people for their beloved babies. This is a preference of many young parents who are interested in the showbiz industry today.

Here are some notable names you can consider:

For baby girls:

No. Name Profession
1 Kim Kardashian TV Personality
2 Kate Winslet Actress
3 Katy Perry Singer
4 Kylie Jenner TV Personality
5 Kristen Bell Actress
6 Keira Knightley Actress
7 Kristen Stewart Actress
8 Kendall Jenner Model
9 Kaley Cuoco Actress
10 Kate Beckinsale Actress
11 Karen Gillan Actress
12 Kat Dennings Actress
13 Kristin Chenoweth Actress
14 Katheryn Winnick Actress
15 Karen Carpenter Singer
16 Kehlani Singer-Songwriter
17 Katherine Langford Actress
18 Krysten Ritter Actress
19 Kelsea Ballerini Singer-Songwriter
20 Katherine McNamara Actress

For baby boys:

No. Name Profession
1 Kobe Bryant Basketball Player
2 Keanu Reeves Actor
3 Kanye West Musician
4 Kylian Mbappé Footballer
5 Kevin Hart Comedian
6 Khabib Nurmagomedov Mixed Martial Artist
7 Kendrick Lamar Rapper
8 Kevin Durant Basketball Player
9 Kyrie Irving Basketball Player
10 Kawhi Leonard Basketball Player
11 Kane Brown Singer
12 Khalid Singer
13 Khabane Lame Internet Personality
14 Kevin De Bruyne Footballer
15 Karim Benzema Footballer
16 Kodak Black Rapper
17 Kid Cudi Rapper
18 Kaká Footballer
19 Kevin Garnett Basketball Player
20 Kim Taehyung Singer

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Parents have chosen an English name starting with the letter ‘K’ to name their little ones or suggested it to their loved ones, haven’t they? Through this article, we hope to bring you the most meaningful and unique name lists, especially for those parents who are preparing to welcome their little angels.

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