200+ Best English Names Starting with ‘H’ for Boys and Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Everyone wants to choose the best English name starting with the letter H to make a great impression and be memorable when meeting someone for the first time. Are you struggling to pick the perfect name for yourself? Let sweetbabynames.com help you out with a list of over 200 unique and stylish names with meaningful origins! Here are some of the most popular, unique, and interesting English names for males that begin with the letter H, ranging from classic to cute!

Most Popular English Names for Males Starting with H

Most commonly used English male names start with H

Below are the top 10 most commonly used English names for males starting with the letter H. Take a look and choose the perfect name for yourself!

No. Name Meaning
1 Henry Family ruler (with royal undertones)
2 Hudson Hudde’s son (with a modern look)
3 Hunter Hunter (masculine, strong)
4 Harrison Named after two US presidents, William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison (high leadership)
5 Hayden Hay Valley (strong, resilient)
6 Holden “Deep Valley” (The name of the main character in J.D. Salinger’s 1951 classic novel “The Catcher in the Rye”)
7 Hayes “Protected Area” (Also the name of the US president Rutherford B. Hayes, so it was later chosen widely)
8 Hendrix Like the name of famous rock artist Jimi Hendrix
9 Hector The name of an ancient hero from the Trojan War, meaning great power and strength
10 Harvey Outstanding Warrior

Uncommon English Names for Males Starting with H

Do you want to avoid having the same name as too many people? Are you searching for a truly unique name? Then don’t miss out on these 10 extremely uncommon English names for males that start with the letter H below:

No. Name Meaning
1 Hale Hero
2 Hammurabi Name of the Babylonian king of the eighteenth century BC who brought much of Mesopotamia under Babylonian rule
3 Harlow Rocky hill/army hill (strong, masculine)
4 Harold Military ruler (brave, high leadership)
5 Helvius Honey blonde/blonde (name for blondes)
6 Herschel The name Herschel is primarily a male name derived from the Hebrew word for Deer.
7 Hiawatha Strong and sexy
8 Hilarius Happy
9 Hollis Holly tree (fresh, beautiful)
10 Honorius The name of a Roman Emperor, as well as several saints and popes (Strong, powerful)
11 Hamish Substitute

Ancient English Names for Males Starting with H

For those who love classic names, check out these English names for males that start with the letter H, which have been around for a long time in foreign countries:

No. Name Meaning
1 Hadrian Hadrian is the name of two Roman settlements (meaning rich)
2 Hamilton Meaning from the settlement of Hamela
3 Hank House ruler
4 Harley The name, used for both men and women, comes from the Old English words hara and leah. Hara means rabbit, Harley means meadow of rabbits.
5 Herman People in the army
6 Hilary Popular names among medieval men
7 Hannibal Derived from the Phoenicians, which means the Grace of Ba’al
8 Hroderich Derived from Old German, meaning Famous Ruler
9 Horace People of the times
10 Horatio People of the times

Cute English Names for Males Starting with H

Whether you’re a male or female, there are still some extremely cute names out there. Here are some suggestions to help you easily find a cute English name starting with the letter H:

No. Name Meaning
1 Habib Similar in meaning to “beloved” or “darling” (beloved person)
2 Harper Harp players only
3 Harry Military ruler
4 Hero Names for both men and women. Both brave and cute
5 Hob The name sounds so sweet. Hob is shortened in antiquity from “Robert,” which means “to have a shining reputation”
6 Hugh Heart, spirit, bright mind
7 Hadi Leader
8 Hal Youthful
9 Hani Happy
10 Hardy Brave, tough
11 Hari Brown / Yellow, monkey, lion
12 Howie Guardians
13 Hira Diamond
14 Hye Bright, smart

English Names for Females Starting with H

If you want to stand out from the crowd as a unique and special girl with a meaningful name, you’ll find something special in this detailed list of English names starting with the letter H for females.

Common English Names for Females Starting with H

Don’t stress about selecting an English name; there are numerous popular and meaningful options to consider. We have compiled a list below, so feel free to take a look.

No. Name Meaning
1 Harper Cuteness and bravery
2 Hazel The name is derived from Old English meaning hazel. The meaning is related to the magic wand symbolizing authority.
3 Hannah The name comes from the Old Hebrew Hebrew and means generosity
4 Hailey The name comes from the Old Hebrew Hebrew and means generosity. From Norse origin, it means “hero”, while from Irish origin, it means “wise man”.
5 Hadley Have power
6 Harmony Harmony, harmony
7 Hope Hope, Faith
8 Haven Heaven
9 Harlow The hill of the army
10 Haisley Hazel

Unusual English female names starting with H

Unique English names for girls starting with H will give a mysterious, strong and attractive impression. Check out the list of names that you cannot miss below.

Numer Name Meaning
1 Hecate Distant
2 Hecuba Name of a famous character in Greek mythology
3 Hera Hera was the wife of Zeus and became the goddess of marriage and childbirth.
4 Hefina Summer
5 Heidrun Bright, clear
6 Hemera Daytime
7 Herenui Love
8 Hira Diamond
9 Habiba Dear person, who is very much loved
10 Hadar Splendor, glory
11 Hadia Leader, commander
12 Humayra Màu đỏ (Vietnamese: Red)
13 Hunter Hunter
14 Hurik Small flame

English names for beautiful girls  starting with H

As a girl, who doesn’t appreciate beauty: a beautiful face, a beautiful figure, and a beautiful name? We present to you some English names starting with H that carry such meanings.

No. Name Meaning
1 Helen “Light”, “moonlight”
2 Hadiya Leader or guide
3 Hadriana It means “coming from Hadria” in Latin
4 Hermia Message
5 Haidee Humble, respectful
6 Hala Derived from the Arabic word meaning “halo around the moon”
7 Hathor Hathor is a beautiful Egyptian name that means “house of the god Horus.”
8 Heather The name comes from the English word “heather”, which is a small purple, pink or white flower that grows in rocky areas, such as the Scottish Highlands.
9 Hana In Arabic it means “bliss” or “happiness”, in Japanese it means “flower” and in Korean it means “one”.
10 Haunani Beautiful snowflakes

See more beautiful names from many parts of the world

No. Name Nation Meaning
1 Hikari Japan Light
2 Hilaria Latin Happy
3 Haukea Hawaii White snow
4 Ha-Yun Korea Summer, sunshine
5 Heitiare US Crowns, wreaths, flowers
6 Hazan Jewish Autumn
7 Hasna Arabic Beauty
8 Haneul Korea Heaven, sky
9 Haf Wales Summer
10 Hajnal Hungary Dawn
11 Hallel Jewish Praise
12 Halyna Islamic Calm
13 Hanan Arabic Mercy
14 Hodan Northern Europe Wealthy, healthy

Cute English female names starting with H

Let’s explore and choose some cute English names for girls starting with H, as we have already had some adorable names for boys.

No. Name Nation Meaning
1 Hanako Japan Flower, child
2 Happy American Happy
3 Heli Wales Saltwater
4 Haru Japan Spring
5 Heidi Germany Noble
6 Hermione Greek The enlightener
7 Hillary Greek Happy
8 Holly England or Ireland This cute name comes from the Holly tree, which is derived from the Old English word holen
9 Honey US Honey
10 Hanami Japan Flower scene
11 Hattie Germany Family ruler
12 Hepsie Jewish Fun
13 Hallie Germany Family ruler
14 Hande Persian Smile
15 Hedy Germany War
16 Heli Bible Climbing
17 Helmi Finland Pearl
18 Helvi Germany Battle, fight
19 Huhana Maori Lily
20 Hwan Korea Shine
21 Hanga Hungary Heather
22 Husni Arabic Beauty, excellence
23 Hadiyya Arabic Gift

The English name begins with the letter ‘H’ for both male and female.

You don’t have to think hard about what name to give to a girl or a boy. Because there are now many names suitable for both. Check out the list below right away.

No. Name Meaning
1 Harper Harp player
2 Hayden The valley is surrounded
3 Hailey Old English word meaning dry grassland. Hailey is also of Norse origin, meaning “hero”. And in Irish, it means “wise man.”
4 Hayes Surrounded area
5 Halle Hero
6 Holden Deep valley
7 Harmony Harmony
8 Harley The field stretches
9 Haru Spring
10 Henri House ruler

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English names starting with the letter ‘H’ similar to famous people

Naming after famous people not only gives you more options but also adds an idol factor. Hopefully, in the future, those who bear those names will be as talented, beautiful, and passionate as their namesakes.

No. Name Sex Profession
1 Heath Ledger Male Theater & Film Actors
2 Harry Styles Male Singer
3 Hugh Jackman Male Theater & Film Actors
4 Hailee Steinfeld Female Singer
5 Henry Cavill Female Theater & Film Actors
6 Harriet Tubman Male Political activist
7 Harry Kane Male Athletes
8 Halle Berry Female Theater & Film Actors
9 Henry Ford Male Engineer, CEO
10 H.E.R. Female Singer
11 Henry VII of England Male Historical house
12 Hilary Duff Female Theater & Film Actors
13 Hulk Hogan Male Sport
14 Hayden Christensen Male Theater & Film Actors
15 Hayden Panettiere Female Fashion
16 Hailey Baldwin Female Fashion
17 Harry S. Truman Male Leaders
18 Helen Mirren Female Theater & Film Actors
19 Hilary Swank Female Theater & Film Actors
20 Hans Zimmer Female Theater & Film Actors
21 Henry VII of England Male Historical
22 Hugh Grant Male Theater & Film Actors
23 Hank Williams Male Singer
24 Heidi Klum Female Fashion
25 Holly Hunter Female Theater & Film Actors
26 Hugh Laurie Male Theater & Film Actors
27 Hakeem Olajuwon Female Athletes
28 Hirohito Male Historical house
29 Homer Male Writers
30 Harper Lee Female Writers
31 Henry Winkler Male Theater & Film Actors
32 Hilarie Burton Female Theater & Film Actors
33 Heather Locklear Female Theater & Film Actors
34 Hank Aaron Male Athletes
35 H. P. Lovecraft Male Writers
36 Heather Graham Female Theater & Film Actors
37 Hayley Atwell Female Theater & Film Actors
38 Henry Fonda Male Theater & Film Actors
39 Hayley Williams Female Singer
40 Humphrey Bogart Male Theater & Film Actors
41 Helen McCrory Female Theater & Film Actors
42 Howie Mandel Male Public figure
43 Harvey Cantwell Male Public figure
44 Heraclitus Male Scholar’s House
45 Harold Godwinson Male Historians
46 Hayley Orrantia Female Historians
47 Harry Anderson Male Multi-field
48 Holly Madison Female
49 Holland Roden
50 Harriet Beecher Stowe Female Writers
51 Huey Long Male Leaders
52 Henry IV of England Male Theater & Film Actors
53 Holly Marie Combs Female Theater & Film Actors
54 Hunter King Female Theater & Film Actors
55 Huey Lewis male Theater & Film Actors
56 Huda Kattan Female Youtuber
57 Hilary Farr Female Theater & Film Actors
58 Herman Melville Male Writers
59 Henry Clay Male Leaders
60 Hila Klein Female Youtuber
61 Henrikh Mkhitaryan Male Athletes
62 Humayun Male Historians
63 Henry Rollins Male Public figure
64 Harvey Korman Male Theater & Film Actors
65 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Male Artist, painter
66 Hakim Ziyech Female Theater & Film Actors
67 Hannibal Buress Male Athletes
68 Hulk Male Athletes
69 Hannah Simone Female Theater & Film Actors
70 Harvey Milk Male Actor
71 Haruki Murakami Male Writers
72 Hope Hicks Female Musician
73 Hervé Villechaize Female Athletes
74 Harry Shum Jr. male Dancer
75 Henry Lau male Singer
76 Horatio Nelson Female Scientist
77 Harold Ramis male Theater & Film Actors
78 Hrithik Roshan male Theater & Film Actors
79 Hugh Hefner male Public figure
80 Holland Taylor Female Theater & Film Actors
81 Harry Connick Jr. male Theater & Film Actors
82 Hannibal male Historians
83 Hayley Mills Female Theater & Film Actors
84 Heather O Rourke Female Theater & Film Actors
85 Herodotus male Preacher and scholar
86 Hideki Tojo male Leaders
87 Hank Azaria male Theater & Film Actors
88 Hippocrates male Physicists
89 Hope Solo Female Athletes
90 Hiroyuki Sanada male Theater & Film Actors
91 Henry Golding male Theater & Film Actors
92 Hugo Weaving male Theater & Film Actors
93 Henri Matisse male Artists and Painters
94 Harry Dean Stanton male Theater & Film Actors
95 Henry David Thoreau male Theater & Film Actors
96 Huey P. Newton male Actor
97 Haley Joel Osment male Theater & Film Actors
98 Hatshepsut Female Historians
99 Haley Lu Richardson Female Theater & Film Actors
100 Hayley Kiyoko Female Singer

It is hoped that over 200 English names starting with the letter ‘H’ will help you choose a name that fully expresses your desired meaning and aspirations.

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