100+ Best English Names Starting with A for Boys and Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Currently, there are many parents who aspire to find a beautiful and meaningful English name for their beloved child. Understanding this, we will provide parents with a comprehensive list of the most popular English names starting with the letter ‘A’ in this article.

Naming in English based on favorite letters

To choose a suitable English name for your child—a name that will accompany them throughout their life and reflect their unique identity—parents should consider the following five naming methods:

1. Gender-based English names

The most commonly used method is to choose names based on gender. By using this approach, others can easily determine the child’s gender simply by hearing their name.

For example:

  • For baby girls: Amelia, Aurora, Anna, Arianna,…
  • For baby boys: Anthony, Alexander, Austin,…

2. Naming in English based on personality

Naming based on the child’s unique personality is an interesting option that parents should consider.

For example:

  • Adrienne (a gentle and feminine name for a girl)
  • Amanda (an adorable name for a girl)
  • Aiden (a refined, passionate, and fun-loving name for a boy)

3. English names based on birthdate

Choosing a milestone in the child’s birthdate to name them is certainly a wonderful initiative. This will make the child appreciate and cherish the moment they entered this world even more.

For example:

  • August
  • Albert
  • Ashley
  • Angela

4. Naming in English based on meaning

Naming a child based on the desires and expectations of parents is also a deeply meaningful approach.

For example:

  • Anthony (hoping the child receives praise from others)
  • Avery (hoping the child has a sunny smile and good diplomatic skills)
  • Alina (hoping the child is honest and trustworthy)
  • Audrey (hoping the child is healthy)

5. English names based on famous individuals

Naming a child after famous and accomplished individuals in various fields of society is considered a way to seek blessings for the child.

For example:

  • Anette Norberg (actress)
  • Anette Olzon (singer)
  • Arthur G. Crane (politician)

The Finest English Names Starting with ‘A’

Let’s explore the most beautiful English names starting with the letter ‘A’!

Names for Females

Below is a list of the finest name suggestions for females.

English Names for Girls Meaning
Alva Noble
Ada Having a comfortable and happy life
Abbey Being an intelligent girl
Aboli Flower
Adrienne A gentle, feminine girl
Ariadne/Arianne Being someone with a pure soul
Adelaide Desiring a wealthy and fulfilled life for the child
Agatha This is the best thing
Adela/Adele A girl of high nobility and righteousness
Andrea A gentle, feminine girl
Alda Wealthy and prosperous
Alina Living truthfully and straightforwardly
Ariana Blessed
Ann, Anne Graceful

Names for Males

Let’s take a look at some really great names for males.

English Names for Males Meaning
Alexandra Protector
Atticus Strong
Arlo The dinosaur
Alfred Wise
Andrew Brave
Aiden Refined, passionate, and fun-loving boys
Anthony A child who is highly praised by many
Anselm Protected by God
Anatole Sunrise
Angel Inspiring messenger
Aidan Fire
Albert Noble and bright-minded
Abraham Leader

Compilation of Common English Names Starting with ‘A’

There are plenty of common names starting with ‘A’ for you to choose from. Explore now!

Common English Names for Girls Starting with ‘A’

Below is a list of common names for girls starting with ‘A’.

Name Meaning
Agnes Pure, holy
Abigail Brings joy to others
Antaram Eternal flower
Ariel Lion of God
Aretha Outstanding, excellent
Azura Vast sky
Annabella Like a beautiful flower
Aurora Dawn
Aileen Gentle, ethereal
Alana Light, radiance

Common English names for boys starting with ‘A’

Let’s explore the following names for boys starting with the letter ‘A’:

Name Meaning
Azaria Divinely helped
Avery Someone with a sunny smile and excellent interpersonal skills
Alan Indicates handsome and charming individuals
Abe Father of many people
Adam Popular names for boys
Abel Son of the breath
Alex Warrior
Avis Hope

English Names for Females and Males Starting with ‘A’ and Their Meanings

Here are some English names with special meanings for both males and females starting with the letter “A”:

Meaningful English Names Starting with ‘A’ for Males

Let’s explore some wonderful English names for boys!

Name Meaning
Altair A star in the constellation Aquila
Alvise The name of a famous battle
Amand Worthy of love
Anand Happiness
Antares The brightest star in the constellation Scorpius
Asim The protector
Adi The precious gemstone
Ajit Invincible
Akamu This is the Hawaiian form of the name Adam
Akira Radiant
Akram Generous
Albie Noble and radiant
Almas Diamond, your precious child
Amani Wish
Ari Courageous
Armas Beloved

English names with the meaning starting with ‘A’ for girls

Here are some English names for girls starting with ‘A’ that you shouldn’t miss.

Name Meaning
Amabel/Amanda Lovely, adorable
Aurelia Golden-haired girl
Alice Joyful delight
Amber Precious gemstone
Ada Prosperity and happiness
Adelaide Content, wealthy
Adrienne Feminine
Agatha Good, beautiful
Aimee Beloved
Atlanta Straightforward
Alarice Measure for all
Alda Rich
Alexandra Humanity’s savior
Alina Honest, without deceit
Alma Caring for others
Amaryllis Joy
Anastasia Resurrection
Andrea Gentle, feminine
Angela Angel
Angelica Italian form of Angela, meaning angel
Anita Graceful and elegant
Ann, Anne Graceful, charming
Annabelle Joyful celebration
Annette A variant of the name Anne

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Naming in English after famous people starting with the letter A

Referring to the names of famous individuals starting with the letter A can be an interesting way to choose a name.

Name Profession
Aneta Corsaut Actress
Angelina Jolie Actress
Ava Lane Actress
Alec Baldwin Actor
Anette Norberg Actress
Anette Olzon Singer
Aneurin Barnard Actor
Arthur G. Crane Politician
Anis Romdhane Actor
Anea Garcia Model
Ane Dahl Torp Actress

Above is the article compiling the most popular English names starting with the letter “A”. I hope you will find a suitable name for your little one!

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