Baby Names Start With A For Boys

by Sophia Roberts

Top 10 Baby Names That Start With A For Boys

Choosing a baby names can be a difficult decision. Below are some ideas about baby names that start with a for boys, According to data from the Social Security Administration.

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10 Baby Names That Start With A For Boys

1- Abraham

Abraham has no real meaning in Hebrew. The name was given to Abram after God had promised him that he would be the father of numerous nations. The name therefore means the same.

2- Achilles

Achilles was the hero of an epic written by Homer. It is indeed unclear whether the name was in general use before this, and therefore the exact meaning of the name is unknown. But since the character of Achilles is the hero of the poem and is a great warrior, this is the meaning of his name.

3- Adriel

Adriel is a Hebrew name and means “follower of God”. In Latin, however, the name Adriel means “congregation”, and thus the name also means the person who is a member of the congregation of God.

4- Adrian

Adrian derives from the Latin name Hadrianus, meaning” from Hadria”. There is a town in Italy called Hadria, and it is believed that the name was applied as a surname to people there. The Adriatic Sea also gets its name from there. Adrian was a very important name in early Christianity, and there were 6 Popes with this name, including Adrian IV, the only Englishman to have been pope by this name.

5- Aidan

Aidan was born in Welsh and means “like fire.” It is a angular form of the name Aodhan. To this day it functions as a surname and is more popular as a masculine noun than a feminine one. 20 In The United States. it became popular in the century.

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6- Albert

Albert derives from the Old Germanic form’ Adelbracht’, which is a combination of two words:’ adel’, meaning’ noble’, and’ berht’, meaning’ bright’. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the name became very popular as an English name, as the prince consort’s name was Albert.

7- Alan

The exact meaning of the Alan name is unknown. Most sources agree that it is of Celtic origin, meaning both’ rock ‘and’ handsome’. But your name is 4. and 5. there is another view that it is a derivative of the ‘Alans’, a tribal people from the Persian region who moved to Europe over the centuries. His name is 6. it’s been popular for centuries.

8- Alexis

Alexis is a short form of Alexandra or Alexander. Alexandra is of Greek origin and means” protector of mankind”. It is a feminine form of Alexander. Saint Alexandra was a martyr of the persecution of Diocletian. Throughout history, there have been many royals called Alexandra. In Greek mythology, Alexandra was the side name of the goddess Hera. It was popularized by Alexander the great.

9- Alfred

Alfred was born in Germanic languages and Means’ advice from the elves’. Alfred is derived from the Old English name ‘Alvred’, which literally means ‘Elven advisor’. The name became very popular only after Queen Victoria chose one of her sons, Alfred, one of England’s greatest kings.

10- Alfonso

Alfonso is born in Germanic languages and means” noble and prepared”. As a masculine given name, it was formerly very popular in the Spanish royal family. In Modern times, the name itself sounds old-fashioned, and its use is quite rare.

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