50 Ancient Hindu Names for Girls with Meanings

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Exploring the rich heritage of ancient Hindu culture, this article delves into meaningful and beautiful names for girls, each with a unique significance. From timeless classics to lesser-known gems, these names carry the essence of tradition and spirituality, making them a delightful choice for modern parents seeking profound and culturally rooted names for their daughters. Join us on a journey through the captivating world of ancient Hindu names, where each name tells a story and bestows a blessing upon its bearer.

50 Ancient Hindu Names for Girls with Meanings

No. Name Meaning
1 Aaradhya Worshipped, adored
2 Ananya Unique, incomparable
3 Aishwarya Wealth, prosperity
4 Bhavna Meditation, contemplation
5 Charul Beautiful
6 Devika Goddess-like
7 Eshita Beloved, desired
8 Falguni Beautiful, born in spring
9 Gauri Fair, goddess Parvati
10 Hamsika Swan-like
11 Ishika Paintbrush, radiant
12 Jyotsna Moonlight
13 Kanika Small, little one
14 Lavanya Grace, beauty
15 Meenal Precious gem, fish
16 Nandini Delightful, motherly
17 Ojaswini Lustrous, bright
18 Poonam Full moon
19 Roshni Light, brightness
20 Shreya Auspicious, best
21 Trisha Thirst, desire
22 Urvi Earth, goddess Prithvi
23 Vanya Gracious, forest
24 Yashika Successful, famous
25 Zara Blossom, flower
26 Aanya Inexhaustible, limitless
27 Ishani Goddess Parvati
28 Charvi Beautiful, lovely
29 Diya Lamp, light
30 Grishma Summer
31 Harsha Happiness, joy
32 Isha Goddess, divine
33 Kavya Poem, poetry
34 Manya Respected, honorable
35 Neela Blue, sapphire
36 Oishi Divine, precious
37 Pari Fairy, angel
38 Riddhi Prosperity, wealth
39 Simran Meditation, remembrance
40 Tanvi Beautiful, slender
41 Urvashi Heavenly, celestial
42 Vrinda Basil, goddess Radha
43 Yamini Night, nocturnal
44 Anika Grace, brilliance
45 Eesha Goddess Parvati
46 Gitanjali Song offering, melody
47 Ila Earth, daughter of Manu
48 Kashish Attraction, affection
49 Meher Compassion, grace
50 Niharika Dew drops, nebula

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30 Famous Hindu Queens and Princesses

From the revered goddesses like Lakshmi, Parvati, and Saraswati, who embody divine qualities and are revered in Hindu mythology, to historical figures like Rani Padmini, who displayed immense courage and resilience during times of conflict, this collection celebrates the diversity and strength of Hindu women throughout the ages.

These queens and princesses were not only symbols of beauty but also of power, wisdom, and grace. Their stories inspire us with their devotion, leadership, and unwavering commitment to their people and beliefs. “Famous Hindu Queens and Princesses” is a testament to the rich heritage and legacy of these extraordinary women who continue to influence and inspire us today.

Name Title Meaning
Draupadi Queen Daughter of Drupada
Sita Princess Furrow (from the earth)
Radha Princess Successful, prosperous
Devaki Queen Mother of Lord Krishna
Ahilyabai Queen In the presence of Lord
Rukmini Princess Adorned with gold
Mira Bai Princess Devotee of Lord Krishna
Gandhari Queen Fragrant
Tara Queen Star
Kunti Queen Sincere
Meera Princess Ocean, sea
Shakuntala Princess Brought up by birds
Urmila Princess Enchanting
Savitri Princess Sun-like
Subhadra Princess Auspicious
Ambika Queen Mother
Karuna Queen Compassion
Yasodhara Queen Jasmine
Mandodari Queen Soft-bellied
Damayanti Princess Subduer of destiny
Annapurna Goddess Provider of food
Uttara Princess Daughter of King Virata
Chitrangada Princess Beautifully colored
Padmavati Princess Goddess Lakshmi
Hemalata Princess Golden creeper
Sharmishtha Princess Daughter of Vrishaparva
Kausalya Queen Mother of Lord Rama
Damayanti Princess Subduer of destiny
Sanyogita Princess One who achieves union
Rohini Princess Ascending

How Widely Are Ancient Hindu Names for Girls Used?

The usage of ancient Hindu names for girls varies considerably and is influenced by factors such as cultural background, regional traditions, and personal preferences.

In India, where Hinduism is the predominant religion, ancient Hindu names for girls continue to be widely used. Many parents choose these names to honor their cultural and religious heritage, and they often have deep spiritual and mythological significance. Names like Radha, Lakshmi, Sita, and Parvati, for example, are common choices for girls in Hindu-majority regions.

Outside of India, the use of ancient Hindu names for girls is less common but not unheard of. Some parents from diverse cultural backgrounds may choose these names because they appreciate their beauty and meaning. Additionally, as the world becomes more interconnected, there is a growing interest in and appreciation for names from various cultures, including Hindu names.

In summary, the usage of ancient Hindu names for girls is most prevalent in regions with a significant Hindu population, where they hold cultural and religious significance. However, these names can also find appreciation and usage in other parts of the world as people embrace the diversity and rich heritage of Hindu names.

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